Twitter Digest: February 15, 2011

  1. "New Gaza factory, jobs destroyed in Israeli attack" Zionist regime monstrous, must go. US, End Support NOW! #

  2. Twitter Digest: February 11, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  3. If the Egyptian military behaves itself, there will be an increase in civility & stability in Egypt. Egypt will be a light to the nations. #

  4. Down with the "stability" of the Plutocracy! Down with austerity. Up with prosperity for the global masses. #

  5. RT @johnballsghost: God Bless Egypt & its people. ...light that has shown humanity the way & path. Beware, tyrants & enemies of humanity. #

  6. There will be a heartfelt monument in Tahrir Square to the fallen who rose to the occasion braving death for peace & freedom for all. #egypt #

  7. The Egyptian people are helping to liberate the world. Those who were against those in Tahrir Square who want peace & decency are wicked. #

  8. FANTASTIC! RETWEET! "Monsanto Nation: Exposing Monsanto's Minions" #

  9. Video: #WikiLeaks : Frankly, the Guardian doesn't like Assange's "Libertarianism," whatever that is in Julian's... #

  10. "Did Wikileaks Just Confirm Peak Oil?" No. They reported what some have said in #Cablegate #

  11. "Special Relationship" refers to US-UK. " #WikiLeaks , the Daily Telegraph and the 'Special Relationship'" #

  12. U.S. military funding to #Egypt is not conditioned "on human rights." Well, it better be now! #WikiLeaks #Cablegate #

  13. #Gaza is not #Israel 's. #Egypt should move right now to take Gaza off that "diet" the #Zionists have been inflicting on the Gazans. #

  14. Did #Domscheit Berg say Israel Shamir's character is dubious, or is this just the articles author's characterization? #

  15. Interesting: "Paranoid" (anti-virus program) to eliminate threats at the Kernel using BPM (Behavioral Patterns Map). #

  16. Glenn Beck preaches against "social justice" in #Egypt against a just society. He's a throwback connecting non-existent dots. Turn him off! #

  17. An open society will not be a party to restoring the caliphate. Freedom of religious choice is to spread everywhere. #

  18. #Egypt didn't need to be invaded by the US. It didn't need covert operatives creating death squads. It needed moral & intellectual backing. #

  19. Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee, & Newt Gingrich have it wrong. If the US & EU treat Egypt fairly, Egypt will not be belligerent toward anyone. #

  20. This is a fairly well-thought-out article. "Wikipedia Is Male-Dominated. That Doesn't Mean It's Sexist." #

  21. While dynamics are different in nations, freedom cuts across borders. "Protest Shockwaves Slam Algeria And Yemen" #

  22. "Napolitano Warns of Increased Terror Threat." Janet, the threat is down. Wake up! #

  23. #WikiLeaks : #Cablegate "U.S. spied on NATO's top official" The US doesn't trust NATO Sec. Gen. Anders Fogh Rasmussen . #

  24. @Rushlimbang "@TomUsher if you really think that you are pretty gullible. like Donald Rumsfeld says 'weakness is provocative'" Think what? #

  25. Worth Reading: Keystone Cops Run #WikiLeaks as a Psy-Op? Not! #

  26. "The CIA came under some heavy fire in recent days from policy-makers for missing (completely) the uprising in Egypt"? #

  27. "Government-caused Uncertainty Continues to Depress Jobs" Yes, if peoples' gov. does full-employment New Deal, there won't be uncertainty. #

  28. There weren't many unemployed in WWII, so go to war for environmental reclamation, clean energy, new infrastructure, whatever needs doing. #

  29. Remember #Egypt Hillary Clinton said the Mubaraks are family friends & Tony Blair said Mubarak is a "force for good." Watch your backs. #

  30. @eel_deal Ethanol for fuel is crap - a waste of land that should be for food. Electric from geothermal, solar, wind, etc. is the way to go. #

  31. @oyeniyib "I said it yesterday but I was called a conspiracy theorist! USA and co are not your friend, oh Egypt!" Most Americans are though. #

  32. @YunMontrossQIQN "@TomUsher A Solar powered charger is a good present-"..... Just make sure it's all eco-friendly. #

  33. @oyeniyib "@TomUsher ...The leaders to the left, the people to the RIGHT." Americans are much more leftist than they realize. #

  34. Human Rights Watch (HRW) report "Torture in #Egypt quot;: "beatings, electric shocks, suspensi... (cont) . #

  35. @oyeniyib "350 million with no health plan, yet the ppl still vote Rep who will unplug the bill." It's about 40 mil., and they're misled. #

  36. @stacyherbert @maxkeiser @billstill @ellenhbrown @michaelwhudson About "Dirty #Gold quot;: . htt... (cont) . #

  37. @GreeGreece You might be particularly interested in this Tweet on Dirty Gold:!/TomUsher/status/36575930344275968 #

  38. @GeneMcVay Your profile says you're a "#Christian #Conservative " A main point against #Huckabee is #Zionism Are you one too? #Peace #

  39. Stop US Chamber of #Commerce They're opposed to #sanctions on #Iran for lying #Zionists not that #sharia is right. #

  40. "EXCLUSIVE: US Chamber's Lobbyists Solicited Hackers To Sabotage Unions, Smear Chamber's Political Opponents" #

  41. How far should people go? Emails reveal, US Chamber's lobbyists has firm investigate opponents' families, children #

  42. @Rushlimbang "you said countries in the middle east will act responsibly is just treated 'fairly'." You've twisted it. . #

  43. US Food Stamp Cards should be produced in the US by US government employees. JPMorgan Chase outsources it to India. #

  44. Loan sharking (lending money at exorbitant interest) used to be scandalous. Now it's "legal." It's scandalous, but crooks own the MSM. #

  45. #Neoliberal "#laissez-faire" #capitalism killed #Latvia #Banksters call it better than #socialism @michaelwhudson #

  46. @GeneMcVay So, you are not a Zionist. Good! But do you understand economics? "Why America Had A 90% Income Tax" #

  47. Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, PATRIOT Act #

  48. Palestinian Authority chief negotiator Saeb #Erakat quits due to Al-Jazeera #Palestine Papers. #

  49. Egyptians are coming together. Zionists are coming apart. It's class-warfare. The Egyptian & Jewish poor & working class are rightly one. #

  50. The real road to stability runs through peaceful, worldwide revolution, not puppet dictators or imperial tyrants. #

  51. Oh Yes! "Israel staggered by Egypt protests, social tensions at home" The Empire fears Socialism more than "Islamists." #

  52. Benjamin Netanyahu said if Mubarak were to fall, Egypt would fall into chaos. The exact opposite will happen if the spooks stay out of it. #

  53. Egypt has no desire to make war on Jews but does want fairness for the Palestinians. Jews, it is more blessed to give than to receive. #

  54. Mr. Obama, what position are you going to take upon the next revolution against a US-puppet dictator? Will you blow it again and again...? #

  55. Why, Mr. Obama, have you sent your military to Jordan to reassure the monarch? If Jordanians want him, let him win free & fair elections. #

  56. Why, Mr. Obama, have you sent your military to Israel to reassure the fascists? Why haven't you told them to give up their evil nationalism? #

  57. Mr. Obama, lift the sanctions on Cuba. Open up to them. They will open up to the US. Let them be a mixed-economy to the degree they choose. #

  58. Very interesting developments: "Two Firms That Plotted Against @wikileaks Finally Apologize ! : The Hacker News" #

  59. "Tit for Tat and Hack for Hack," by Digby: hacking, Anonymous, WikiLeaks, Bank of America, Assange, Glenn Greenwald #

  60. David Cameron is obscene/stupid. "UK About to Implement Massive Tax Break for Banks; Is the US Far Behind?" Yves Smith. #

  61. "60% Recognize That Government Spending Has Increased Every Year Since 1954" That's spinning for morons. The population has increased too. #

  62. "Just 45% Know That U.S. Has World's Biggest Economy." The EU economy is bigger though. #

  63. sure needs updating now. #egypt #

  64. 6 April Youth Movement, We Are All Khaled Said Movement, National Association for Change, 25 January Movement, and Kefaya. Peace to you all. #

  65. @GeneMcVay You wrote, "I worked for the fed govt. My people wanted me to hire temps to do their work, I wante... (cont) . #

  66. If true (it is), ElBaradei was always behind the Revolution. Note: Socialists know the Muslim Brotherhood has changed. #

  67. @solomonsydelle @Chude Chude, you quoted me "The real road to stability runs through peaceful, worldwide revol... (cont) . #

  68. "Congressman Ron Paul booted from conservative group for anti-war views" The Republican Party will fall over violence. #

  69. Graham Foulkes, elaborate. RT @guardiannews: Jihadi who helped train 7/7 bomber freed by US after just five years #

  70. Qaddaffi rightly calls for peaceful Palestinian protests but draws a global divide at Islam. Does he support sharia or freedom of religion? #

  71. Egypt's "leaders": Mohamed Hussein Tantawi Farouk Sultan Sketchy! We need ideological positions. #

  72. Golda Meir: A bigoted, extremist, Jewish-Zionist racist who took part in genocide & ethnic cleansing since the 1880's. #

  73. Money Hosni Mubarak pilfered from Egypt's coffers must be returned to Egypt via the International Community. End the banksterism. No cover. #

  74. Egypt's PM Ahmed Shafiq said restoring security is government's main priority. I say the way to do that is via consistent signs of fairness. #

  75. @GeneMcVay Was the video's content too cerebral for you? It's clear to me. "Why America Had A 90% Income Tax" #

  76. @GeneMcVay You wrote,"I know the rich. ...WORK & SACRIFICE, beans & rice." Mubarak didn't make billions that way, but you don't know him. #

  77. "Assange hails WikiLeaks role...tide of popular discontent with autocratic regimes...'extremely gratifying'." . #

  78. RT @GreeGreece: Egypt's Military...six months until elections... . Have elections within no more than 90 days! #

  79. RT @USRealityCheck: The GOP's Pauline [Ron, not Saul of Tarsus] conversion tg #

  80. @GreeGreece "Probably too late. Best...solution...civil council...Brothers, ElBaradei leaders pro tem." It's partly why Mubarak's out now. #

  81. @GreeGreece The focus is to hold Obama's, Clinton's, & the military's feet to the fire, so to speak. Obama's future must hinge on Egypt +. #

  82. @GreeGreece The senior military officers in Egypt must come to understand that everyone will be vastly better off with a non-fascist Egypt. #

  83. @GreeGreece Selfishness is circular-shortsightedness. The heart is the head! "Wealthy Egyptians fear change @TomUsher"..... #

  84. RT @NoamShelef_APN: NYT: As Egypt Calms Down, So Do Israeli Nerves [There's still stupid hand-wringing going on.] #

  85. I didn't fully analyze this (linking is not endorsing). "Israel's first official reaction to changes in Egypt is terse" . #

  86. #Egypt "When will Obama start talking to Hamas and Hezbollah?" Look, you don't "do whatev... (cont) . #

  87. Egypt: Form a broad-based, interim, secular, civilian government. Redraft the Constitution per fundamental rights. . #

  88. "Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood" [It's not your father's Muslim Brotherhood anymore.] . #

  89. "a paranoid Assange disguising himself as an old escape an imagined CIA tail." Oh, and just how do you know it was "imagined"? #

  90. Begin & Sadat signed Camp David. Israel promised withdrawal from territories & independence for Palestinians in 5 yrs. #

  91. "76% Say Its Good for America When Dictators Replaced by Leaders Chosen in Free Elections" The other 24% are stupid or insane or both. #

  92. Democracy is an American instinct when America is loaded with immigrants... #

  93. ...Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria will come together but not under Zionism (or Islam). re: #

  94. @support The New Twitter won't let me see anything below the tool bar unless I'm on the secure server. I switched back to the old for now. #

  95. Egypt, open Gaza's border. Be strong for what's right. #

  96. Ali Saleh of Yemen, it's time to go before things turn very ugly. #

  97. Calls rise for Egypt media freedoms Freedom of the press means cronies of... #

  98. Huge damning projects such as this one have always been a bad idea. #

  99. Ireland, say no to your further rape by the international banksters. #

  100. Fracking should not be allowed anywhere under any circumstances. #

  101. Climate Denial Crock of the Week - How to Pick a Cherry #

  102. "Marine Reserves for Taiwan." Stupidly & evilly, Humans kill our home planet. #

  103. European, Jewish atheists moved in & stole Palestinian land via terrorism... #

  104. Remembering the Real Ronald Reagan, from 'Capitalism: A Love Story' #

  105. Cop threatens to Taser [torture] handcuffed man's "f___ing nuts" to get info. #

  106. Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria, it's time for you to leave before you die. #

  107. 2010–2011 Algerian protests #

  108. Obama should have said these things publicly while telling Mubarak to go. #

  109. Peru: WikiLeaks, Mining Companies and Embassies #

  110. Banksters Exposed (too politely?): Are British banks getting billions in hidden subsidies? new economics foundation . #

  111. John Kenneth Galbraith and Marriner Eccles Explained 50 Years Ago that Inequality Causes Crashes via @AddToAny #

  112. Taming the Vampire Squid: Take back our banks #

  113. Small business owners back state [publicly owned, not bankster owned!] bank, survey says: #

  114. Inflation=Cost of Living increases. Address commodity speculation w/... #

  115. W/ caveats, redistribute wealth, enact monetary/land reform. "It's a Myth that Conservatives Accept Rampant Inequality" . #

  116. April 6th Movement objectives: The Real Deal - Egyptian Revolution #

  117. Youssef Elbaz, April 6th Mvmnt: On the untrusted Republican Guard #Egypt #

  118. Gold is absolutely not the answer. The problem is banksterism. Get rid of banksterism, and most other obstacles will all but disappear. #

  119. Keiser Report: Corrupt Kleptocracy (E114) #

  120. Stiglitz Expects 2 Million U.S. Foreclosures This Year #

  121. How could Facebook's financial/legal team not know what Goldman Sachs was... #

  122. Iceland Shows Ireland Did 'Wrong Things' Saving Banks [It's still not too late for the US or Ireland to claw back, etc.] #

  123. @stacyherbert @yvessmith @ellenhbrown @nomiprins @maxkeiser @billstill @michaelwhudson @Dennis_Kucinich The fo... (cont) . #

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