Twitter Digest: February 16, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: February 15, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. Good! "Tantawi...perceived...privatization policies of a..."new imperialism"...draining Egypt's ownership of its resources." AP #

  3. Killed during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution against the fascist & imperial-puppet Mubarak regime . #

  4. "Extraordinary Rendition": The International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance. #

  5. Apartheid Israel, non-signatory: International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid #

  6. Bahrain Uprising, Major teargassing: #

  7. Bahrain Uprising, huge crowd of protesters, Pearl Roundabout in Manama, Feb. 15, 2011: . #

  8. The US should absolutely not be focused on spinning Iran's nuclear-energy ambitions as a weapons program but on its theocratic dictatorship. #

  9. Mr. Obama, if you want the US to be loved, not hated in the world, you tell Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen to go now, while he can still walk. #

  10. Iranian Uprising (2/2011), protesters, teargas, etc.: . #

  11. Yemeni Uprising: Protesters, chanting, iffy commentary, etc.: . #

  12. Fwd: "The leaked documents provided key fuel for the pro-democracy movement" . #

  13. Obama to dictators: "The world is changing.... You've got to get out ahead of change. You can't be behind the curve." Sack cloths & ashes! #

  14. "The Green Movement that does not belong to Moussavi but to the people"? Obama, CIA covert-ops on this will backfire. #

  15. Yemen protests enter fifth day - Middle East - Al Jazeera English #

  16. "Knesset committee approves bill allowing Israel boycotters to be fined" Stupid fascists, "freedom not to buy" isn't? #

  17. Ivins framed by FBI? No mention of anti-Anthrax CIPRO antibiotic White House on (for no other reason) before attacks #

  18. Mr. Ahmadinejad, if any nation has a right to nuclear energy so does Iran; however, you serve a theocratic dictator, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. #

  19. Mr. Ahmadinejad, if you believe in God, then know that God does not want forced people but rather free-as-free-can-be changed hearts. #

  20. Mr. Obama, are you going to come to merit that Peace Prize they gave you? Begin by earnestly telling all dictators to step down right now. #

  21. Uprisings: Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Morocco.. #

  22. Just asking...who's ultimately behind this site? Front-sites could be set up to obtain a revolutions plans. #

  23. Simple question: Who's ultimately behind this site? Front-sites could obtain some peaceful-revolutionaries' plans. #

  24. David Cameron, world unity is the wave of the future; but you won't be there by refusing peaceful dialog across multicultural lines. #

  25. " is panicking...strikes have...spread even after Mubarak's exit." "Egypt: 18 days that shook the world" #

  26. The revolution will not be organised: 2/13/2011: Dearden, World Social Forum, Dakar, Senegal. [Organization is key.] #

  27. Nearly brilliant: "A better way to push democracy, but the west's love-bombing has risks too" (cont) . #

  28. Economic austerity is a banksters' scam. What happened to Mubarak must happen to all banksters. Usury is from the dark side. Abolish it. #

  29. To have hi-tech, hugely polluting laissez-faire slave plantations, Economic Royalists trick the peoples' government into total deregulation. #

  30. Trotsky's followers like "Trotskyists" rather than "Trotskyites"? Okay, but why? Trotskyite sounds stronger. #

  31. Global class-consciousness and struggle and worldwide general strikes and peaceful revolutions equals humanity seeking proper redressing. #

  32. "Iran MPs want death penalty for opposition leaders" Ah, yes, the Golden Rule, not — not too bright MP's — in fact, very, very dark side! #

  33. Accept for CIA propaganda (al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Anwar al-Awlaki, & Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab), not bad: #

  34. Mr. Obama, immediately and totally back the Democracy Movement in Yemen. Be smart. Then the whole people there will handle any "al Qaeda." #

  35. Muammar Qaddaffi, Libya, you abuse brothers & sisters, having thugs shoot & run them down. Time for you to go! . #

  36. Hey, Iranian protesters, people around the world want to support you; so knock off the "Death to the dictator... (cont) . #

  37. Egyptian military, if you have any brains, you will allow people to strike as long as they want. Focus on bringing free & fair elections! #

  38. "The Supreme Council [of Egypt] is aware of the economic and social circumstances society is undergoing, bu... (cont) . #

  39. Ten days to edit the Egyptian Constitution is more than enough time, but six months to elections is at least twice the time it should be. #

  40. Italy, please choose someone who isn't sexually immature and immoral as your Prime Minister. #

  41. The World Bank says unregulated hot money in commodity speculation has caused food-price inflation to push som... (cont) . #

  42. "What we didn't do was pretend that we could dictate the outcome in Egypt, because we can't," Obama said. That depends. #

  43. The Palestinian Authority has no legal right to sign deals with Israel for the Palestinians. The one-state solution is the way forward now. #

  44. Andrew Breitbart showed a video of Shirley Sherrod that was deliberately chopped to make her appear racist whe... (cont) . #

  45. Richard Dawkins claims a belief in Theistic Evolution while holding that there are "significant scientific pro... (cont) . #

  46. "Republicans to probe Fannie, Freddie executive pay" Don't forget to check out the pay at the top banks. It comes from taxpayers too. #

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