How Qaddaffi Lost Libya

...most Libyans live in deplorable conditions. The state provides little by way of civil society and does not take care of even the most basic government obligations. There are police to control people who stray from supporting the Leader, but there is little else. As a housing crisis has escalated in the past few years, the regime has made no effort to provide adequate public accommodation. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of the very few. It would have been easy for Qaddafi to raise the standard of living for the population as a whole either by creating a sustainable non-oil economy or simply by distributing some portion of oil revenues, but he chose to do neither.

How Qaddaffi Lost Libya

via News Desk: How Qaddafi Lost Libya : The New Yorker.

I disagree with the level of pessimism in that article. People who have been locked in under Qaddaffi have been resigning. It shows that if they were out from under, they would be looking to implement a regime not willing to repeat the huge mistakes of Qaddaffi and sons. The article does help to correct mis-impressions that Qaddaffi was running a "socialist" regime. With all that oil and so few people, they all could have been living like rich royalty, not that that's what they should have done with the oil money. Certainly though, the overall quality of life could have been much, much higher.

One wonders where Qaddaffi has stashed his wealth. We know about some of it, but the banksters will have to cough up the rest for the Libyan people.

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