Twitter Digest: February 26, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: February 21, 2011 #

  2. Mohamed ElBaradei is a New World Order goon? via @AddToAny #

  3. Alex Jones, Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, et al.: George Soros & Barack Obama part of a collectivist-dictatorship plan? #

  4. I wrote several hours ago that Monsanto is liable. Their contract is crap, but I agree with G. Edward Griffin: #

  5. I liked a YouTube video — Monsanto Shifts ALL Liability to Farmers #

  6. Comment: I tweeted several hours ago: "Monsanto IS liable for damages no... (YouTube #

  7. "Iranian security forces swept through the homes of opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi and his family, arresting one of his sons." AFP #

  8. "State TV says Egypt's top prosecutor has requested the freezing of the assets of ousted president Hosni Mubarak and his family." AP #

  9. Yusuf al-Qaradawi issued a fatwa against Muammar Qaddaffi calling on soldiers "to rid Libya of him" (kill him)... (cont) . #

  10. Egypt's Tantawi is listening to the wrong people. Block your ears to the plutocrat's puppets, lift the emergen... (cont) . #

  11. @RhodesNews: " @TomUsher Ahmadinejad." 1st video shows his logic. 2nd shows he's mistranslated. #

  12. "Abe Lincoln: Worst President Ever?" There are constitutional provisions for martial law, & not all of the Fou... (cont) . #

  13. @RhodesNews: "@TomUsher Are you fluent in Farsi?" I know people who are & who corrected Zionist mistranslations of Ahmadinejad's statements. #

  14. @RhodesNews: You chopped off my reply; but regardless, you don't know Farsi either, do you? You can't translat... (cont) . #

  15. @RhodesNews: "@TomUsher I get from your tweets that you hate Israel and that you welcome a nuclear Iran." I ha... (cont) . #

  16. RT @Stand4AZ: "@TomUsher Oh I see. 'I'm not an ACTUAL linguist, but I know someone who is.'" You don't spea... (cont) . #

  17. @Stand4AZ @RhodesNews "Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, Lublin Majdanek, Auschwitz: Is 6 million Jews...exaggeration?" #

  18. @RhodesNews You think Obama & Netanyahu are saner then Ahmadinejad? #

  19. @RhodesNews: "you a lunatic...sick hate monger...anti-semite. @TomUsher" You misuse "Semite," I take people one at a time, & you hate truth. #

  20. ElBaradei: Questions of Neoliberal Economics and More, Excerpts from, Commentary by Tom Usher #

  21. How Qaddaffi Lost Libya via @AddToAny #

  22. Ends w/ call to activists to expose complicity/hypocrisy of oil-greedy Western powers supporting Qaddaffi dictatorship . #

  23. Comment @JBGodzillaYou call Obama's veto of the truth that the Zionist &q... (YouTube .) #

  24. Comment @jrponeThere's no doubt that people are in cutthroat competition... (YouTube #

  25. Comment @JbarrtndrsrIt's true advancements are withheld. Also, there're w... (YouTube #

  26. Comment @Boostedstr8sixDid the conspicuousness cure you? Were you incapa... (YouTube #

  27. Comment @707HEALDSBURGNeither video answers my comment. Soros & Obama... (YouTube #

  28. Comment @dilbertgegThe government should issue money to pay for all publi... (YouTube #

  29. Medvedev Rebuffs Gorbachev's Warning of "Egyptian Scenario" in Russia. Who's Right? via @AddToAny #

  30. Reasonable & quick overview of tribal situation: "Libya's Tribal Revolt May Mean Last Nail in Coffin for Qaddafi" #

  31. EU-Russia statement signed by Putin: "in particular we strongly condemn the use of force against civilians in Libya." #

  32. @GreeGreece: I feel that if Sweden gets Assange and then turns him over to the US, there could easily be riots. #

  33. Iran sails ships to Syria. Peres says it shows Iran's nuclear-weapons intention. He flunked logic 101 but has a solid PhD in fear-mongering. #

  34. Which Seaman Recruit informed Admiral Mike Mullen that Iran isn't behind all the Arab uprisings? #

  35. "Day of Rage" is a counter-productive expression. Use "Day of Peace 1," "Day of Peace 2," ... Watch the global reaction when they attack. #

  36. UN may spell out concerns about "possible" military aspects to Iran's nuclear program. That word "possible" also means "possibly not." War? #

  37. IAEA Dir. Gen. Yukiya Amano said Iran "may" be developing a nuclear-armed missile. Who misses Mohamed ElBaradei at the IAEA? Egypt's gain! #

  38. Per the International Organization for Migration: Since Monday, Feb. 21, 30,000+ Tunisians & Egyptians have left Libya for home. #

  39. To the Egyptian military: If you truly wish to promote security, immediately repeal the emergency laws & release the political prisoners. #

  40. Here's some more mainstream reporting on Libya. If the world were to cut him off, how long could he hold out? . #

  41. Libya's UN delegation in Geneva has renounced Qaddaffi's rule and has switched sides to support the Movement seeking Qaddaffi's overthrow. #

  42. The people of Benghazi, Libya have formed a 15-person city council. Stores are open. Police are directing traffic. Where's the chaos? #

  43. If Saudi Arabia is an Absolute Monarchy and the king can just give away $36 billion, doesn't that mean all the nation's wealth is his alone? #

  44. Algeria lifted its 19-year-old "state of emergency." They need to do much more, but it's a start. Are you listening, Egyptian military? #

  45. The US Navy is bigger than the next 13 navies in the world combined. What's off the shores of Tripoli to receive people? Decisiveness! #

  46. France, Britain propose sanctions, arms embargo on Libya; Qaddaffi & sons to face International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity #

  47. "A US-chartered ferry carrying more than 300 evacuees finally pulled out of the Libyan capital bound for the island of Malta." #

  48. AFP is still lying: "Israel..22-day offensive in stop rocket fire...." Rockets went down 5 straight months to 0. #

  49. Zionists attack Gaza. Hamas fires rocket (no warhead). Hits house. No one hurt. Israel bombs Gaza killing people. Blames Hamas. What's new? #

  50. Hamas version: 2 tanks invade Gaza. Hamas fires 2 mortar shells. IDF kills 1, wounds 10. Hamas fires rocket. Israel bombs Gaza, injuring 2. #

  51. Egyptians, Tunisians, Turks, and others are aiding Libyans with drugs, food, doctors, etc. That's the spirit. #

  52. @wikileaks "Wikileaks: Gadhafi family a web of greed, nepotism" #Libya . Spoiled brats is putting it mildly. #

  53. New Arms Race: "Russia will spend $650 billion [for] 600 new warplanes, 100 ships and 1,000 helicopters by 2020" Stupid evil! #

  54. Chavez & Castro often get things right, but they're wrong on Libya. Qaddaffi has not been proper with Libya's oil money vis-a-vis the people. #

  55. PayPal Reinstates Bradley Manning Donations They shouldn't have suspended it. It's right they reinstated it. #

  56. "Qaddafi invokes Phony Al-Qaeda Threat as he Massacres Protesters," by Juan Cole #

  57. @StuartOswald You asked: "Chavez & Castro often get things right..." What the hell have they got right?" That neoliberalism stinks, for one. #

  58. The longer Qaddaffi tries to cling to power, the worse it will end for his sons and for him. Give up before you get your children killed! #

  59. The Egyptian constitutional-reform panel says that to last beyond six months, any emergency laws should be subjected to a referendum. #

  60. Two powerful chiefs of Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh's tribe have turned against him. He needs to see the handwriting on the wall. #

  61. Egypt's El-Bishri said changes "constitute a temporary constitution after which a new constitution for the country can be drafted." #

  62. RT @SultanAlQassemi: Breaking Al Jazeera: Obama says Colonel Qaddaffi must leave now. #Libya [and Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen, Mr. Obama?] #

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