Twitter Digest: March 1, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: February 26, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. I do not stand in solidarity with gunmen who bombed Iraq's oil refinery & killed employees (for whatever reason). I stand firmly against it. #

  3. @StuartOswald I'm no Marxist. I'm a pacifist. Jesus was a communist but no Marxist. Think before you write, and clean up your mouth. #

  4. At least 29 people died in demonstrations across Iraq, and what do people say about G. W. Bush having inspired the wave of uprisings? #

  5. The last two questions in Press TV's interview with Noam Chomsky (I think he answered ver... (cont) . #

  6. Beware: "persona management software" creates many user profiles for an evil troll. Profiles appear old & genuine. #

  7. To those who support Qaddaffi because he's a self-styled socialist, what the hell is he doing using hi-tech weapons purchased from the US? #

  8. "Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Algeria, Yemen, Jordan and Libya are rising up not only against their leaders but also western economic tyranny." #

  9. " William Blum has documented, since 1945, the US has destroyed or subverted more than 50 governments, many of them democracies...." #

  10. They will kill Qaddaffi if he doesn't leave. He needs to realize he's not going to win. Also, the West is cutting him off. #

  11. RT @BiancaJagger: "Is interest of US towards Libya motivated by honourable intentions, or are oil fields real reason?" It's a mixed bag. #

  12. @StuartOswald: You confuse Marx with Jesus. Everyone gets things right, even Hitler, Netanyahu, and you. It doesn't mean I "support" you. #

  13. @StuartOswald: You complain about Chavez but support Bush ordering mass murder of men, women, & children of Iraq? That's evil. That's you. #

  14. @StuartOswald: "@TomUsher You are loosing this argument." I'm loosing an argument? Maybe I should tighten it up; but tell me, what argument? #

  15. @StuartOswald: "Who said I support Bush!!!" This is what you wrote: "look across the middle east. Make sure you say a Big Thanks to Bush!" #

  16. @StuartOswald: "Your...Love for...socialism" I'm a Christian, a non-coercive anti-capitalist. The rich tax the poor, or don't you know that? #

  17. It's awful that Qaddaffi didn't give into the reasonable desires of the large majority of Libyans. My eyes well up that so many have died. #

  18. Colonel Ramadan's intel: Qaddaffi preparing 2000 mercenaries Libya's border with Chad to assault oilfields Hope not. #

  19. Racist Qaddaffi "went on record again in 2010 with his rude and fascistic remarks in the former fascist land [I... (cont) . #

  20. "Six killed, 5 wounded in Oman clashes" The primary responsibility always lies with the oppressors, not the oppressed. #

  21. RT @ELFArabiaEeteuK: "@TomUsher #oman only one killed am from oman" Press TV got it wrong? Do you have a link/source? Thanks. #

  22. "Oman unrest enters third day" Doctors said six dead before the report. . #

  23. RT @ELFArabiaEeteuK: "see it in Oman Observer" Wikipedia says Observer "Political alignment Pro-government." Front Web page censors clashes. #

  24. Protests in Oman Spread "Sultan Qaboos gave orders on Sunday to create 50,000 jobs." Why only after protests? #

  25. Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama say Qaddaffi must go. What of rulers not freely & fairly elected in multi-party elections? It's all coercion. #

  26. "Egypt's top prosecutor seized all...funds of...Mubarak banned them from travel abroad." Will he die in Egypt? He asked. #

  27. Qaddaffi said of himself today, "All my people love me." Who are his people, the ones he's killed? He's insane — has been for a long time. #

  28. "Israeli inquiry clears officials in 2002 Gaza raid" When was the last Israeli inquiry that didn't clear Israel of murdering Palestinians? #

  29. Saudi academics, activists, & businessmen call for a "constitutional monarchy." You don't need a monarchy, constitutional or not. #

  30. If the UN must go into Libya, it must not be about oil! The Libyan people, not Western oil companies, must control it. #

  31. Mainstream on Maniac: "Qaddaffi forces mass as world raises pressure on Libya" via @AddToAny #

  32. AP tiptoe headline: "Settlers suspected of harming Palestinian property" Real: Illegal Zionists Destroy Palestinian Cars, Fire Bomb House. #

  33. Settlers suspected [hardly] of smashing windows of Palestinian cars & throwing a fire bomb into a Palestinian house #

  34. "We don't matter who does it." — Hugo Chavez. Concerning Qaddaffi, Hugo, friends tell friends when to give up. #

  35. Qaddaffi has no support from anyone who can supply him in a major, even somewhat sustainable way. Russia, China... are not going to do it. #

  36. Ireland "renegotiate the bailout"? Reverse the bailout! Follow Iceland, and out do them. Stop worrying about what the greedy want. #

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