Twitter Digest: March 2, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: March 1, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. Limbaugh says public-union workers are bottom-feeding freeloaders. Is it possible to hold a truly intelligent conversation with him? #

  3. Article 75 amended: "Egypt's president is born to two Egyptian parents and cannot be married to a non-Egyptian woman." Sexist & too narrow. #

  4. AT&T wanted privacy rights as a person under FOIA. Unanimously and categorically, the US Supreme Court rejected that. #

  5. Charles Koch criticizes crony capitalism but is a huge crony capitalist: Lobbying & making political donations. #

  6. Poor...never had a chance...presumed to never have deserved w/ kid gloves lest they...go Galt.... #

  7. Walker cut business taxes to kill unions. Obama didn't go at the banksters but hired & works for them. Mammon worshipers get richer/eviler. #

  8. How many of the first-responders who died on 9/11 were public-employee union members? Were they all bottom-feeding freeloaders, Rush? Not 1! #

  9. Searching US citizens and seizing their belongings on US soil without a warrant is unconstitutional, whether at airports, seaports, ... #

  10. Why don't the Koch Brothers go after Goldman Sachs? #

  11. Russia is cool to a no-fly zone over Libya, at least without UN authorization; however, Qaddaffi is violating international human-rights law. #

  12. For the left, is there anything too indirect concerning the Commerce Clause? If not, why isn't free speech absolute when it's hateful? #

  13. Jesus says to bless them who hate you. Bless you, U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Why do they hate me? I love a clean environment more than money. #

  14. General ordered psy-ops on senators to get Afghan War support. George Romney said he was brainwashed by generals to get his Vietnam War OK. #

  15. "Rick Santorum: The Crusades Get A Bad Rap!" Jesus thinks you're crazy, Rick. Turn the other cheek. Don't go on military crusades. Evil! #

  16. RT @FakeSantorum: "@TomUsher People get so touchy about the Crusades - wait 'til I give my views on the Inquisition!" Ha! #

  17. @FakeSantorum Former US Senator Rick Torquemada, er Santorum. #

  18. If there is no right for workers to collectively bargain, then collectively owned corporations have no right to bargain with any entity. #

  19. The US would not get away with seizing Libya's oil reserves. Americans know the Bush/Cheney lies to invade Iraq for oil. Up humanitarianism. #

  20. Sean Hannity claims public-employee members of unions in Wisconsin are not middle class. Sean, which are they then, upper or lower class? #

  21. Bailing out the rich, cutting their taxes, & cutting gov. services for the middle & lower classes never improves overall quality of life. #

  22. Yediot Ahronot (Ynetnews) journo, says Al Jazeera, reports ISRAEL BEHIND AFRICAN MERCENARIES IN LIBYA. . #

  23. Russia disagrees w/ no-fly zone over Libya. Qaddaffi bombs legitimate dissenters. Qaddaffi started doing violence on them, not they on him. #

  24. RT @Jnoubiyeh: Over 16 protesters murdered by #Qaddaffi forces in #Brega today. Death toll expected to rise after air strikes. #

  25. RT @Jnoubiyeh: Al Jazeera: 2 #American warships w/ over 2,000 Marines now positioned right off the coast of #Libya #Feb17 #Qaddaffi #

  26. @Jnoubiyeh: "When US gov. says "all options are on the table," it means invasion/occupation of another sovereign nation [is possible]." #

  27. RT @mathaba: "#mq the problems can be resolved by negotiations, petitions will be heard #Libya #fb" He could have been doing that all along. #

  28. The only way a US/UK, etc., takeover of Libya could happen is with Qaddaffi refusing to give into the Libyan people. Who's fault would it be? #

  29. RT @FRANCE24: 6000 dead since start of unrest (libyan human rights group) #Feb17 #libya #gaddafi #

  30. RT @BikyaMasr: Video: Libyan border crisis: . [If only Qaddaffi had understood how to redress legitimate grievances.] #

  31. RT @3arabawy: Tales of #Libya torture emerge [Is this 100% false propaganda, as Qaddaffi alleges? I seriously doubt it.] #

  32. RT @KenRoth: Zimbabwe at UN Human Rights Council deeply regrets loss of life in Libya & Cote d'Ivoire. Can we apply the principles at home? #

  33. RT @NicRobertsonCNN: #Gadhafi threatened to attack US 6th Fleet. [He has a death wish.] #

  34. Libyan rebels are sending mixed signals on outside intervention to stop Qaddaffi. Unless Qaddaffi's sons want to die, they need to stop him. #

  35. Use the US military to prevent death & make peace, not to inflict death & make war. Qaddaffi will go, but be sure not to steal Libya's oil! #

  36. Title: "Pope exonerates Jews for Jesus' death." Pope (paraphrased): Jews as a whole were not responsible for Jesus' death. [Some Jews were.] #

  37. RT @3arabawy: Qaddaffi: Handed power to the people of Libya since 1977. [Ask him if it included the power to remove him.] #

  38. Benedict, it isn't whether all Jews were responsible for Jesus' death but whether there are Jews spiritually in line with those who were. #

  39. Qaddaffi says he will not surrender. His stupidity and selfishness is getting many people needlessly killed. #

  40. Qaddaffi says he will not surrender. In addition to getting many killed, he's making it harder for Libya to maintain control of its oil. #

  41. The Arab League says it may impose a "no fly" zone on Libya w/ the African Union. That would take the onus off the US. #

  42. RT @kjfhlsghlfugh: "MUST WATCH VIDEO Evidence of LIBYA torture emerges Yes, I saw that. I wonder how much there's been. #

  43. Interesting article on democracy and civil society by Yuliya Tymoshenko, former PM of Ukraine: Egypt Libya #

  44. Any religious group that kills someone for speaking against anti-blasphemy laws must think God is a weakling who can't stand up to debate. #

  45. Never have a religion that kills people for thinking ill of it. Jesus was crucified by those who thought ill of him, yet he forgave them. #

  46. If Muslims go around murdering people just because they speak against Islam, people will come to hate Allah more than anything else. #

  47. The US, has 21,000 on 40 ships in the US Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean, yet Qaddaffi says he'll attack the fleet? How bright is that? #

  48. Saleh of Yemen blames Zionists, & Qaddaffi of Libya blames al Qaeda. The Zionists didn't want Mubarak's fall, & al-Zawahiri doesn't do LSD. #

  49. Iranian diplomat defector said Tuesday, Iran's leaders would "slaughter" Iranian rebels, not surrender. I said that too a few days ago. #

  50. The Iranian regime must change, but it must not be made to do so based upon trumped-up, unsubstantiated claims of a nuclear-weapons program. #

  51. The US doesn't want to go into Libya. Get that! Focus on the campaign for Libya's future: No to dictators, no to neoliberal economics.... #

  52. Syria has agreed to International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors visiting a Syrian nuclear site. That's a smart move. #

  53. Do you think the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) is credible? It appears a bit jittery, not an out right fraud. #

  54. Bob Gates: Arab Democratic Movement a setback for "al Qaeda," Iran. That's the 1st intelligent thing he's said since I can't remember when. #

  55. Israel destroyed 3 Palestinian water wells near Jewish "settlement" outside Hebron. If so, then the Zionists make Qaddaffi look like a saint. #

  56. To the Arab Democracy Movement: If you want your Movement severely compromised & handicapped, follow the foot steps of Iranian theocrats. #

  57. The US knows, the longer Qaddaffi holds out, the more desperate/weakened Libya will be, the more likely it will sell its resources cheaply. #

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