Twitter Digest: March 4, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: March 2, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. What Is a Brownfield? via @Eco_Evaluator #

  3. Israel: Ilan Baruch quits. Says blaming anti-occupation views on anti-Semitism is artificial. How right that is! #

  4. @oyeniyib: "@TomUsher Huffing and puffing! Empty threat!" To what are you referring? In future, please be specific. Thank you. #

  5. Egypt's "New PM [Essam Sharaf] may deliver oath of office in Tahrir" Ahmed Rehab says he's agreed. It's fitting. #

  6. New PM of Egypt, Essam Sharaf (Wikipedia): This article is bound to grow now. #

  7. The better Egypt does at being an open society and offering freedom of religion, etc., the better Arabs will do around the world. #

  8. RT @CineversityTV: "@TomUsher every American should know & #GMO #GE #SM #GM #

  9. May God bless the Egyptian people with a truly wonderful government: No torture, no lies, no politicians with greed in their hearts.... #

  10. The [Israel settlement] veto and the case for impeaching President Obama - Alan Hart I had come to the same conclusion. #

  11. Egypt taking longer is a mistake. Hold elections while issues are hot & fresh & before fascists create & exploit loopholes. Prioritize. #

  12. @GreeGreece "Republicans Would Rather Destroy Schools Than Raise Taxes" Their greedy bosses want to privatize to own for-profit schools. #

  13. If Hugo Chavez loses a free & fair election, he will step down in a peaceful transition. Why then is his support for Qaddaffi unconditional? #

  14. Harvard's warmongering, false-propaganda: Harvard is letting ROTC back since repeal of DADT. DADT had nothing to do w/ why ROTC was banned. #

  15. Shame on the students at Harvard today who are cowards relative to those who stood against ROTC on Harvard's campus during the Vietnam War. #

  16. Polluted mind: Northwestern U. Bailey "too early to say" he has regrets allowing sex toy used on naked woman by fiance before 100+ students. #

  17. Charles Koch defends Gov. Walker when they both know the real problem isn't union workers but finance-capitalism's deregulation & bailouts. #

  18. Deregulation caused this depression. To those attacking unionism, returning to the pre-progressive era is backwards. Improve, don't regress. #

  19. Gov. Kasich twists issues for the rich. Don't undercut public-employee unions, but banksterism & crony capitalism that caused the crash. #

  20. Wisconsin: 1st state to allow public-employee collective bargaining; Birthplace: American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees. #

  21. Ohio should follow the leader, not drag everybody backwards. #

  22. Former CIA Algiers-station chief sentenced in US court to 65 months 4 sexually assaulting woman (Algerian?) at US embassy & 4 cocaine use. #

  23. Egypt: Supreme Council: Constitutional referendum for competitive parliamentary & presidential elections will be March 19. Vote & amend. #

  24. Why does Jordan have a king with the power to appoint the Prime Minister & Cabinet? Is he better than an informed people? Inform them. #

  25. "Al Qaeda" is calling for an Islamic Egypt. The last thing Egypt needs is anti-freedom of religion & a bull's-eye painted on its forehead. #

  26. Thousands rally in Iraq on Friday in anti-government demonstrations. What was all that "clear and hold" talk? May we say, "Told you so"? #

  27. Iraq's government is lousy. George W. Bush brought "freedom" the way any fascist does. Bush wouldn't know freedom if it hit him in the head. #

  28. RT @tbithewire: JON STEWART: Teachers Don't Work As Hard As Wall Street...At Ruining The World Economy #

  29. RT @avinunu: It seems that LSE's "liberal education" just did not work its magic on Said al-Islam Qaddaffi. #

  30. To Republicans, if Obama should be impeached over DOMA, Bush should have been for the knowing use of the Yellowcake Forgery & much more. #

  31. Obama is right to say to Qaddaffi, "Step down from power and leave." He needed openly to say that to Mubarak and still does to many more. #

  32. RT @NafeezAhmed: "Hypocrisy of US-UK-EU stance on Libya"..... Needed: 1) the people to control their oil & 2) Qaddaffi gone. #

  33. On Qaddaffi: "The no longer Qaddaffi or the Islamists and monarchists." Libya has many choices. #

  34. @dilbertgeg I tried twice to give your comment a thumbs up. So far, YouTube i... (YouTube #

  35. To Netanyahu: All Jews were not responsible for murdering Jesus just as all Jews are not responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. #

  36. I favorited a YouTube video — Nut Country - JFK and Dallas #

  37. Among other questions, what happens to the hyper-deadly drug cartels in Mexico if drugs are legalized in both the US and Mexico? #

  38. "Are some in public service in the first place for the benefits they anticipate once in the private sector?" You think? #

  39. President Obama must go on record now clearly stating that the US will not press the Libyan people to privatize their oil industry. #

  40. US planes land relief supplies in Tunisia. That is the highest & best use of the US military. Make peace. Save people. More love, less fear. #

  41. Instead of always yakking about what al Qaeda might do, focus on being the opposite of every legitimate complaint they have about you. #

  42. @ElBaradei: You say, w/ amendments, elections under defects. Solution: New constitution first. [Run on holding a constitutional convention.] #

  43. North Sudan is taking advantage of uprisings by attacking Abyei. It's not really about herding but oil. Abyei wants to be with the South. #

  44. RT @wikileaks: WikiLeaks: What's An F-16 Worth? About 80,000 Tons of Chicken #

  45. @SenJohnMcCain, the Arab League & African Union have said they are considering imposing a no-fly zone over Libya. Why does it have to be us? #

  46. Fathi Turbel, Benghazi City Council member, has been a lawyer for victims of the Abu Salim prison massacre by Qaddaffi. #

  47. PM Erdogan, Turkey, You've taken positive stands re/ Zionist oppression & lies about Iran. Boost press freedom. Work w/ Kurds & Armenians. #

  48. 27 North Koreans boat drifted into southern waters. North Korean officials did not show up to take them home. So, give them a nice meal. #

  49. The mood sweeping predominately Arab states is not going to be contained to those states. Sentiments will leak heavily into even China. #

  50. RT @GreeGreece: "The national security state is intended to protect the gains made through free market policies" #

  51. Hillary Clinton re/ Al-Jazeera shows she's thinking for a change: "real news...instead of...commercials...arguments between talking heads" #

  52. The US gov. says Qaddaffi must go, but Bradley Manning is in prison for blowing the whistle on US war crimes in Iraq+. Where's his pardon? #

  53. If Barack Obama had the spirit of truth coursing through him, he'd immediately order Bradley Manning's release. #

  54. RT @counterwording: "hey, have you heard the interview of Daniel Ellsberg on Bradley Manning ? . #freemanning quot; Sure have. #

  55. RT @soulsupply: "Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car." RT @MyParable #

  56. In case you missed it: @ggreenwald The worsening journalistic disgrace at Wired Bradley Manning Julian Assange WikiLeaks #

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