Twitter Digest: March 8, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: March 4, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. The man who said, " cannot love your enemy. Kill your enemy....,&q... (YouTube #

  3. @birgittaj "...what will remain secret should be decided on in a transparent manner." That's a great, short way of expressing it. I like it! #

  4. I liked a YouTube video — FIREWALL in Defense of the Nation State #

  5. I "liked" that video, "FIREWALL in Defense of the Nation State," but I'm not pro-nuclear power & we can have infrastructure w/o debt. #

  6. Saudi Arabia bans protests. Says it's not allowed under sharia. Protest sharia. Sharia doesn't allow freedom of religion. #

  7. Sharia only claims it allows freedom of religion. Real freedom of religion allows all religions to proselytize and all people to convert. #

  8. Some want the Austrian or British w/ gold, but the American School of Economics w/ United States Notes is better. #

  9. When one engages in fraud to get another to borrow from him, does the borrower owe on the loan? Ireland is still caving in to banksters. #

  10. Cuba & China are one-party dictatorships. China has "Most-Favored Nation" status while US trade with Cuba has been embargoed since 1962. #

  11. Gov. Scott Walker & Wisconsin Republicans haven't much looked at the Bank of North Dakota. Wisconsin Democrats, consult w/ Ellen Brown ASAP. #

  12. "Chuck Lorre" equals "Chaim Levine" in transliterated Hebrew, and the Jewish ADL calls Charlie Sheen a borderline anti-Semite for saying it? #

  13. Mohamed El-Kassas, Youth Coalition, Jan. 25 Revolution, explains meeting w/ Egypt's Supreme Military Council, Feb. 28. #

  14. Four US warplanes to return Egyptians from Tunisia. Just keep doing humanitarian work. Ramp it up. #

  15. Under the US Constitution, the US Supreme Court decision concerning Westboro Baptist Church's free political speech was correct. #

  16. "Texas group rallies for secession" A state secede? The US is a federation, not a confederation. The South lost the Civil War. Now what? #

  17. I hate toll roads. Freeways, not toll roads, are still the way to go. #

  18. On media licensed because of limited bandwidth (FOX), bring back the Fairness Doctrine: Equal time for opposing views. #

  19. On the claim the Middle East only loves strongmen, note the reception of the Egyptian military's, so far, adroit redressing of grievances. #

  20. Adroit redressing of grievances IS strength. #

  21. You may not like Huckabee's politics (I don't like much), but give him a break. He meant Indonesia, not Kenya. Who's immune to such slips? #

  22. I liked a YouTube video — If The Righteous Scarcely Be Saved... #

  23. I liked a YouTube video — On the Edge with Max Keiser-Global insurrection-02-25-2011-(... #

  24. I liked a YouTube video — On the Edge with Max Keiser-Global insurrection-02-25-2011-(... #

  25. I liked a YouTube video — On the Edge with Max Keiser-Global insurrection-02-25-2011-(... #

  26. I liked a YouTube video — Obama budget-On the edge with Max Keiser-03-04-2011(Part1) #

  27. I liked a YouTube video — Obama budget- On the edge with Max Keiser-03-04-2011(Part2) #

  28. I liked a YouTube video — Keiser Report: Fed's Reign of Terror (E123) #

  29. I liked a YouTube video — Keiser Report: Fox News Boo Fail (E124) #

  30. Federal Reserve Notes are continuing to be turned into garbage. United States... (YouTube #

  31. Comment: We do not need austerity measures/pain in the US. Austerity is a far... (YouTube #

  32. I favorited a YouTube video — Keiser Report: Taste of Freedom (E126) #

  33. Comment: Anthony Shadid of the New York Times gave an excellent analysis of t... (YouTube #

  34. I liked a YouTube video — 101 East - The right to pray . #

  35. This isn't what "socialist-leaning" is supposed to look like: "suitcase stuffed with banknotes" Saadi Qaddaffi Libya #

  36. This isn't what "socialist-leaning" is supposed to look like: "Libya 'tortured' Bulgarian medics" Saadi Qaddaffi Libya #

  37. Usher Raymond, Give "your" money to Amnesty International, and give Libya's money back to the Libyan people. Peace. #

  38. Libya forced via sanctions to cut socialism. "Free-market" capitalism can't out compete market socialism w/o coercion. #

  39. Comment: There is not "freedom of religion" in Indonesia. There are... (YouTube .) #

  40. Comment: Saif al-Islam Qaddaffi is living under a rock or just plain lying thr... (YouTube .) #

  41. On CIA agent Raymond Davis in Pakistan, the NYT & others should never (at US CIA/State Dept. request or otherwise) have denied Davis is CIA. #

  42. I liked a YouTube video — Libya: A state of terror . #

  43. I liked a YouTube video — Canada's 'Avatar' forest . #

  44. Public employees in Ohio DO NOT make more than private employees for comparable work. #

  45. Privatization is not more cost effective than public ownership and management. #

  46. Privatization is a scam to get public-tax funded property for pennies on the dollar and to add a layer of cost for profits to the few. #

  47. Privatization is a scam, a goal of those who conspired to, and did, crash the economy. They'd be bailed out but would bankrupt states, etc. #

  48. Trashing the American worker is trashing America. Making the bottom weaker to give more to the rich weakens America across-the-board. #

  49. Dennis Kucinich explains the privatization scam by the Plutocrats, Part 1 #

  50. Kucinich explains: Anti-collective bargaining, anti-democratic scam, Part 2 #

  51. The American School of Economics, not Austrian School, shows better-cared-for workers out produce under-benefited, under-cared-for workers. #

  52. There is no such thing as a jobless recovery today. If it's jobless, it's fake. Only finance capitalism (which is fake) is under "recovery." #

  53. Kucinich explains: Scam by the superrich to destroy US democracy, Part 3 #

  54. Wall Street scam artists, conmen, want to privatize Social Security for one reason only, to take your money and to Hell with you and yours. #

  55. To Hell with "Wall Street." To Hell with finance capitalism. All the money should be, should have been, going into "Main Street." #

  56. I favorited a YouTube video — Dennis Kucinich Stands Up For Working Class People Of Th... . #

  57. Kucinich explains: Scam by Trade Agreements, unemployment, etc., Part 4 #

  58. Dennis Kucinich is smarter than every Republican & Barack Obama. #

  59. I opposed every Trade Agreement that did not require other countries to come up to US standards rather than the US going down to theirs. #

  60. Had the US demanded that other countries rise to US standards for all Trade Agreements with the US, the world would be vastly better now. #

  61. Return to the American School of Economics. Renegotiate Trade Agreements. Nationalize the Federal Reserve. Switch to United States Notes. #

  62. At least slash the Pentagon. Claw back bankster-bailout funds. Move to full public employment through free high-skills training & jobs. #

  63. Put more into 100% clean, renewable, free energy as into the Manhattan Project, Marshall Plan, TVA, & NASA combined & in 2011 dollars. #

  64. Morris' scathing analysis of Zionism vs. Arabism / Worldism #

  65. H.R.6550 - National Emergency Employment Defense Act of 2010: Legislation that would have ended the current depression. #

  66. I liked a YouTube video — Dennis Kucinich at the 2010 American Monetary Institute's Co... #

  67. I liked a YouTube video — US Navy Chief Oceanographer: I Was Formerly a Climate Skeptic #

  68. I liked a YouTube video — Climate Change Impacts on National Security: Admiral David T... #

  69. I liked a YouTube video — Government as the Solution, not the Problem . #

  70. I liked a YouTube video — Going From Commercialization to Mass Production . #

  71. Comment: Why is there a sudden break from the helicopter on the field to it i... (YouTube #

  72. Erin McFarlane envies public-worker pensions & foolishly wants them destroyed. Soak the banksters & klepto-corporatists, not civil servants. #

  73. The Tea Party is duped by Austrian School economists, who lack conclusive data. The American School / American System bests the Austrians. #

  74. Tea Party members complain of public workers because 401(k)'s were a bad idea. Blame investment banksters. Liberals yelled correct warnings. #

  75. The Tea Party blames liberals for pension disasters. De-regulator-types caused ALL the problems. Liberals correctly warned from the start. #

  76. Wall Street's rise isn't. It's a bubble. It has no foundation in the real economy. It's the Fed buying toxic junk - accounting gimmickry. #

  77. All of the toxic junk the Fed is buying has to be absorbed by taxes. The superrich are ripping off the poorer people. It has ever been so. #

  78. The only quick way out is to nationalize the Fed and issue tax-and-interest-free United States Notes directly into full public-employment. #

  79. 401(k)'s were, and remain, a Wall Street scam. Traditional pensions should never have been dumped for the stupid, evil system of 401(k)'s. #

  80. The whole 401(k) and IRA system should be rolled tax-free into Social Security for the sake of everyone. #

  81. End the Austrian School caused depression. Nationalize the Fed. Issue tax-&-interest-free United States Notes for full public-employment. #

  82. "Making the Most Out of Less" This was caused by deregulation. Wake the Hell up! Regulation is essential. #

  83. The Humphrey–Hawkins Full Employment Act says to the Federal government to create a "reservoir of public employment." So, do it. #

  84. Post-Keynesians say government should invest where Austrian economists say do nothing. Post-Keynesianism is vastly better economics. #

  85. "tens of thousands of felonies – monthly – institutions...No one senior in...Justice Department...upset" #

  86. Liars (Scott Walker et al.) about public employees don't ever press to get stolen trillions back from bailed-out banksters (their bosses). #

  87. "In an apples-to-apples comparison, state and local government employees receive less compensation than their private sector counterparts." #

  88. "Wages...salaries of state...local employees...lower...private sector...with and work experience." Duh! #

  89. "US public sector workers are paid less than their private counterparts" http://bilbo.economicoutlook.n.....g/?p=13665 Right! #

  90. I favorited a YouTube video — @katiecouric: Inside Job #

  91. Important Economic Understanding: Steve Keen Explains the Endogeneity of Credit Money — Post-Keynesianism via @AddToAny #

  92. The best academics Qaddafi's money could buy: #

  93. Land greed [huge illegal distribution] drives Arab fury in Bahrain #

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