Twitter Digest: March 12, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: March 8, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. Homeland Security Chair Peter King ignores poison-gas dangers, but Greenpeace shouldn't use "terrorist" fear-mongering. #

  3. Costco, 1 of the largest seafood retailers in the U.S., will no longer sell 12 red-list species: orange roughy, shark, Atlantic halibut.... #

  4. Comment: It is certainly strange to think that Natural Law isn't that men and... (YouTube #

  5. Comment: It's a sin to bring into the world people who will end up in prison ... (YouTube #

  6. Koch doesn't admit his culpability in fed. funding cuts to cancer research - his pet cause ONLY BECAUSE he's had cancer. #

  7. @ShanMoots09 Your reply is not helpful. I asked why there is a break. It's a ... (YouTube #

  8. In their next several state elections, Wisconsinites need to sweep out anti-progressives. Wisconsin needs a state bank like North Dakota's. #

  9. Zionist US Rep. Peter T. King (R-NY) wants hearings on Muslim radicalization. He says he backed the IRA as analogous to the terrorist Irgun. #

  10. US Rep. Peter T. King (R-NY) wants hearings on Muslim radicalization. He says the Irgun was legit. This was the Irgun: #

  11. Here's where I read US Rep. Peter T. King (R-NY) says the ultra-terrorist/Zionist Irgun was legit. #

  12. The US is the only "Western democracy" with capital punishment. Why are Americans more barbarous? It's not good. It's a shame, not justice. #

  13. Forbes World's Greediest / Most Hoarding People on the Planet List is out: #

  14. New York City comptroller says NYC employees paid 17% less than private sector. #

  15. Wu Bangguo says China will never be a multi-party democracy or accept Western reforms. US leaders were wrong (or lying) about opening China. #

  16. The US granting China "Most-Favored Nation" (trading-partner) status without insisting on democratic rights in China was a huge mistake. #

  17. The Chinese in China, under their one-party dictators, aren't even allowed to know their own history: Egyptize them. #

  18. Hu Jintao is the Mubarak of China. #

  19. "Socialism with Chinese characteristics" means socialism under rat dictators who live like billionaires while other Chinese starve. #

  20. Stupid polls done in China by Western pollsters claim the Chinese are happy about their gov. They don't know any better — no freedom. #

  21. Qaddaffi will leave. #

  22. ElBaradei is wasting political capital. Focus on forming a party for parliamentary & presidential elections. Organize NOW & start campaigns. #

  23. The Egyptian military wants to get out of its current role as soon as possible. That's good! ElBaradei, form your New Constitution Party. #

  24. If Egypt doesn't bring freedom of religion, Egypt will fail miserably. #

  25. @GreeGreece Actually, US trade agreements have been for global corporatism (Bankster Empire) & to Hell w/ nation-states, including the US. #

  26. The Egyptian military doesn't understand its job — policing. Cover the beats in squads. The world is watching. . #

  27. With the recent anti-revolutionary, anti-freedom-of-religion violence in Egypt, I hope Mr. ElBaradei begins to see the reason for rushing! #

  28. Mubarak & his son are not dead. They are far from impoverished. Their networks exist & are plotting against everything Mr. ElBaradei is for. #

  29. RT @CynthiaY29: BBC staff "arrested, tortured in Libya by Qaddaffi forces" The Guardian #

  30. Qaddaffi CAN'T WIN. The West is cutting off ammo but will supply the rebels. Russia, China, etc., won't help him. He must leave (or die?). #

  31. The Arab League & African Union haven't acted because NATO & the EU are discussing NATO options, but Qaddaffi hasn't infinite steam. #

  32. Russia has joined the US and EU in cutting off weapons and ammo to Qaddaffi. He'll run out. He'll start rationing big time soon. #

  33. The global bankers are going to freeze Qaddaffi out. How will he pay for weapons and ammo? Who will risk selling / running to him? #

  34. Wisconsin Republicans aid & abet kleptocrats. The Washington House passes a public-employee collective-bargaining bill. . #

  35. Watch this through Jeffery Sachs' portion: . #

  36. I favorited a YouTube video — Ian Murphy Interview Blogger That Pranked Called Wiscons... . #

  37. I liked a YouTube video — Ian Murphy Interview Blogger That Pranked Called Wisconsin's... . #

  38. Comment: Jeffery Sachs helped rape Russia for the neoliberals after the fall ... (YouTube .) #

  39. Pathetic twister US Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) said, "Our data shows there is greater biodiversity after mountaintop mining than before." #

  40. The Koch Brothers' "Americans for Prosperity" may as well be named "Americans for Plutocracy." #

  41. If the Astroturf Tea Party had spent an ounce of energy not union busting but reining in the Banksters, the depression would be long over. #

  42. Hannity, Limbaugh, & O'Reilly are members of a labor union: American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. #

  43. "The GOP Has Declared War on the Environment"? The GOP has been at war against brains & environmentalism since before Reagan's presidency. #

  44. Clinton raised taxes to 39.6%. He balanced the budget with surpluses. The greedy deregulated, caused a bubble/burst, then the Bush tax-cuts. #

  45. Tea Partiers are being so dumb that if they continue until the 2012 election, they will cause youth to overlook Obama's broken promises. #

  46. Smart people would rather have clean air & water w/ solar, wind, & geothermal than stupid, carcinogenic natural-gas wells & their owners. #

  47. "Regulation Lax as Gas Wells' [Radioactive] Tainted Water Hits Rivers" To Hell with fracking! Stupid, greedy monsters! #

  48. "Paedophile cult leader convicted for 'satanic' rape campaign" Will they scan & biochemically analyze his brain? #

  49. People who are anti-environmentalism are mentally & spiritually ill. There is no other explanation. They are sadists & masochists in one. #

  50. People who are against biodegradable packaging are insane. If you are against biodegradable packaging & for styrofoam, you're sick. #

  51. Raise taxes for surpluses & full employment. It wouldn't be hard or bad but easy & good all the way around if the greedy would repent. #

  52. Excellent start: "Sarah Palin...Michele Bachmann Would Call 18th-Century Philadelphia Freedom Fighters 'Un-American'" . #

  53. Memo to Tea Party: Social battle during American Revolution was money & credit, not getting government out of economy . #

  54. Elitist "merchants came to hate paper's [money] democratizing, socially equalizing tendencies in American society." . #

  55. William Hogeland kindly gave a great reply comment when Nellie asked to be pointed to further reading material. . #

  56. The Architect of the US Capitol wants to send Congress' styrofoam to have it burned for power? Burning styrofoam is terrible! #

  57. In Alabama, union money can't go to election campaigns. Corporate money can. It's not Equal Protection under the Constitution. Overturn it. #

  58. Constitutionally, if unions aren't protected persons, corporations aren't. It's Unequal Protection to recognize corporations but not unions. #

  59. Corporations aren't "persons" by race or creed but money for shares. Therefore, the rich are deemed more "persons" than are union members. #

  60. To the Tea Party: The "better" the superrich do relative to the rest, the worse the rest do in real terms. You're suckers. Conmen have you. #

  61. Unions, workers of the world, change the subject back to banksters, deregulation, & bailouts crashing the econ... (cont) . #

  62. Big Business isn't the solution. Big Business is the problem. #

  63. Making Unionism Far From Over: "Labors Last Stand" | The Nation via @AddToAny #

  64. Manufacturers, wholesalers, & retailers of compact florescent lights should have to recycle them so mercury doesn't end up openly released. #

  65. Hundreds are dead from the Japanese earthquake, but it's not too soon to say it shows the foolishness of nuclear power-plants. #

  66. News about Japanese nuclear power-plants is really bad. People working in some areas of those plants are walking dead. It makes me very sad. #

  67. Fukushima Daiichi plant: Radiation levels 1,000 times normal inside Unit 1's control room. Chernobyl II? OMG! It makes you want to cry. #

  68. The Fukushima Daiichi plant has containment Chernobyl didn't. The 2nd containment could breach if things get too hot. #

  69. When I think of Bahrain and contemplate the "nobility" forcing their rule over others, it makes me wonder about the level of their insanity. #

  70. So, you have the King of Saudi Arabia saying demonstrations are not allowed. Who put him in charge? Who says he's the rightful leader? #

  71. The proper American foreign & domestic policy & practice is righteousness. America shouldn't back leaders who lack consent of the people. #

  72. It's time for Obama to make it clear to Ali Saleh of Yemen that he must go. Cross the "al Qaeda" bridge when you come to it, Barack. #

  73. Egypt should not worry about economic-growth rates or strains on the budget. Focus solely on creating good government. Coffers will swell. #

  74. AFP reports Jordan's Prime Minister says Jordan rejects becoming a Constitutional Monarchy. What? It's already a Constitutional Monarchy. #

  75. Qaddaffi wants the opposition to think his mafia family has inexhaustible supplies & will kill until they're killed or the opposition quits. #

  76. Libya's violent war of attrition: Rushing to violence as the means of conflict resolution cost the Democracy Movement much moral ground. #

  77. I oppose US military intervention in Libya. It was an error for the opposition to focus on militancy. I still favor humanitarian assistance. #

  78. Pakistani Assassin Malik Qadri murdered Shahbaz Bhatti for blaspheming the prophet & Islam. It's not in the Qur'an. It's only a tradition. #

  79. Would Netanyahu trade Mordechai Vanunu for Jonathan Pollard? I'd bless that. #

  80. If the world declares no-fly over Libya, would Qaddaffi be stupid enough to blow it off since he remembers Ronald Reagan & fears his ghost? #

  81. The AP says an "intelligence official" claims the US captured rockets coming from Iran to Afghanistan. There's zero proof, just propaganda. #

  82. Are you aware that there has never been one shred of evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program forthcoming from anyone, ever? #

  83. "DOJ wins access to WikiLeaks-related Twitter accounts" DOJ had asked for "correspondence" but now says not "content." #

  84. Bradley Manning is pre-trial in maximum security. You'd think he's Al Capone. Justice delayed is justice denied. Where're the war criminals? #

  85. I'm favorably impressed by the COMMUNIQUE on Libya by the Peace and Security Council of the African Union . #

  86. Oh dear: "Nature's nightmare - 80,000 missing in aftermath of earthquake and tsunami in Japan" #

  87. Rods in place but cooling problems, radiation leaks, then huge explosion? #

  88. Form a League of Arab Multi-Party Democracies (LAMPD) adhering to & entrenching rights enshrined in the US Bill of Rights...? #

  89. Good overview: Egyptian Organization for Human Rights: Suggested immediate Constitutional Amendments #

  90. "Israel may ask U.S. for $20 billion more in security aid, Barak [Ehud Barak] says." Pop that trial balloon instantly. . #

  91. Libya should not return to monarchy. #

  92. Correct your strategy/tactics: ElBaradei Warns of Danger Facing 25 January Egyptian Revolution | Al-Masry Al-Youm: Egypt #

  93. Russian arms exports to Libya #

  94. RT @Reuters: FLASH: Japan's nuclear safety agency: Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant No. 3 reactor's emergency cooling system not functioning #

  95. RT @BiancaJagger: nuclear power is not SAFE RT @breakingnews: abt 140,000 evacuated from area of Japan nuke plants, IAEA reports - Reuters #

  96. Don't fault Trotskyists for pointing out U.S. inconsistencies. RT @WSWS_Updates: Obama backing military options in Libya #

  97. Splintered unions were the capitalist answer to Socialism. Take away unions, and the Tea Party strengthens Socialism. #

  98. Qaddaffi is shooting his wad of ammo while praying rebels aren't supplied well, trained, advised, & made highly disciplined. #

  99. The Koch Bros don't want the people's government telling the Kochs that the Kochs can't release carcinogens into the people's environment. #

  100. W/o deregulation, Stern wouldn't have been possible. "Foreclosure Mill King David Stern Now in Deep Financial Trouble" #

  101. Concerning homeless families wanting to work, why were New Deal work-programs bad except they didn't go far enough? #

  102. RT @CineversityTV: 60,000 activists went to the streets Saturday in #Germany to protest against extending the life of #nuclear plants. #

  103. The WPA (Works Progress Administration, Work Projects Administration) was at least 3x too small & shouldn't have ended. #

  104. "Koch Industries Employs PR Firm To Airbrush Wikipedia, Gets Banned For Unethical 'Sock Puppets'" #

  105. I favorited a YouTube video — Kucinich: "We are Attacking the Victims of this Housing ... #

  106. Homeowners Refinancing Act Republicans Parrot Big Banks: Foreclosure Fraud Settlement A Shakedown #

  107. "Eco-Farming Can Double Food Production," by Devinder Sharma. "International Rice Researc... (cont) . #

  108. This site says that "Japan's Nuclear Safety Board DID NOT Confirm Meltdown" . #

  109. "Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) said Saturday that the reactor could be nearing a meltdow... (cont) . #

  110. Detailed Report: Japan Tsunami: Nuclear crisis worsens . #

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