Twitter Digest: March 15, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: March 12, 2011 . via @AddToAny #

  2. Naive, duped by Russian, other propaganda?: "US and Russia: Cold War redux?" — RT . via @AddToAny #

  3. The idea of anti-communitarianism in communism is utter crap. It's like saying anti-communism communism. It'... (cont) . #

  4. "We've Been Warning...For Years! Philip White Nuclear Expert" . #

  5. RT @avinunu: "Bush had...convictions even if you despised.... Obama is a walking, talking, smoking empty suit." His spitty finger's airing. #

  6. Hardly: " Immigration and the Unmentionable Question of Ethnic Interests, by Kevin MacDonald" #

  7. New tsunami reportedly surging towards devastated Japan...authorities warning could strike in minutes. #

  8. Report just updated: Japan reassures public it has not detected a tsunami after another earthquake struck today. #

  9. "Minister: China pollution remains 'very serious'" China, hurry up! Coal is moronic what with clean technologies. . #

  10. Disasters: Oil, Gulf of Mexico+; nuclear, Japan+; fracking, wherever; mountaintop removal, wherever. No disasters: Solar, wind, geothermal. #

  11. Rebels miscalculated: Qaddaffi's support would erode; Tripoli would turn. Plus, Obama hasn't seemed the type to block Qaddaffi before Brega. #

  12. "16 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are Chinese." Welcome to Selfishville. #

  13. "...some of the most dangerous neurotoxins known to man — were improperly dumped in Dzerzhinsk between 1930 an... (cont) . #

  14. "Within 30 miles (48 km) of the nickel smelter there's not a single living tree" #

  15. Truth: " community...helped fortify...Qaddafi's dictatorship...has a great moral responsibility...." #

  16. "Jewish prayer ritual alarms Alaska Airlines crew" Oh, brother! So, it's not just Muslims who spook them? Maybe it's just prayers. #

  17. Libyan revolutionaries reportedly retake Brega. . Apparently, without Brega, they couldn't fuel their power plants. #

  18. Barack Obama, it's time for the dictator, Ali Saleh, to go. Tell him! "Yemeni police...wounded more than 100 in a protesters' camp Sunday" #

  19. Sami Zaid, doctor, Science and Technology Hospital, Sanaa, Yemen, says he's "90% sure it's nerve gas & not tear gas that was used." #

  20. Jewish National Fund (JNF) engages in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine: . #

  21. Did you believe? I didn't, not for a second. Obama rang phony, still does. . #

  22. Committee to Stop FBI Repression Supreme Court Upholds Material Support of Terrorism Law #

  23. I liked a YouTube video — Iceland: The Mouse that Roared (Birgitta Jonsdottir) #

  24. I favorited a YouTube video — Iceland: The Mouse that Roared (Birgitta Jonsdottir) #

  25. Comment: It looks promising. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole thing. T... (YouTube #

  26. I link to left- & right-wing sites when there's food for thought. "Abby Johnson: Three Planned Parenthood Deceptions." #

  27. No to nukes! Too many if's and errors: Letting pumps run out of fuel, closing valves that should have remained open: . #

  28. Let all Iranians see the folly of current nuclear energy. Stop. Put all efforts into solar, wind, and geothermal. It will serve you better. #

  29. My Take: False Liberalism: "Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand," by Chris Hedges via @AddToAny #

  30. Abhorring the treatment of Bradley Manning for leaking war crimes and endorsing Bradley's homosexuality are not one and the same. #

  31. State Dept. Spokesman P.J. Crowley shouldn't have been asked to resign for openly stating Bradley Manning's confinement is unconstitutional. #

  32. I don't like James O'Keefe's tactics, strategy, or end goal, but NPR's Ron Schiller was wrong lumping all Tea Partiers together as racists. #

  33. If James O'Keefe edited video falsely to show Ron Schiller lumping all Tea Partiers together as racists, then "tar and feather" O'Keefe. #

  34. NPR liberals "apologize...promise that it will never happen again - even though "it" didn't happen in the first place." #

  35. "the raw video reveals that he [NPR exec Ron Schiller] is largely recounting the views expressed to him by tw... (cont) . #

  36. GOP governors' evil tax cuts for the rich & corporations putting more of the burden on the non-rich & non-corporations: #

  37. "Cleaning Up Power Plants and Refineries" The EPA's comment period is still open. Join in (via the online subm... (cont) . #

  38. I hope this link works. It supposed to go to a discussion-comment: National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty: . #

  39. I hope this link works. It's supposed to go to a discussion-comment: National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty: . #

  40. US Sen. Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says, "I don't think." True. RT @GreeGreece: Tsunami of Lies About Nuclear . #

  41. Which side are you on? Hamas & LGBT? Nope. "Palestine is a queer issue." Hmmm, Palestine makes strange bedfellows. #

  42. Interesting: Private-residence geothermal drilling, etc. . #

  43. RT @edwardvirtually: can we start demanding geothermal now? #

  44. There are many conflicting reports right now about Fukushima being abandoned. #

  45. Hiroko Tabuchi, Tokyo-based biz, econ & tech reporter, New York Times, tweets that the Fukushima Daiichi plant has not been abandoned. #

  46. RT @maafa: Hundreds shot [with buckshot, apparently not killed] in Bahrain protest - Sydney Morning Herald #

  47. Libyan rebels reportedly have a new/experienced commander who defected from Qaddaffi w/ some 8,000 men & heavy weapons. #

  48. NEWS ADVISORY: Gov't ready to release rice stockpiles wherever needed: farm minister (13:05)
    BREAKING NEWS... (cont) . #

  49. An alternative look at the Japanese nuke problem: "The Amish way of life, for example, ma... (cont) . #

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