Eileen's Heart Speaking Truth to Evil: "From Hiroshima to Fukushima to US!" by Eileen Fleming - Salem-News.Com

Today's UN-Holy "Trinity" is a triune of radiological horrors: nuclear bombs, nuclear reactors, and conventional Uranium Weapons (such as Depleted Uranium or DU) that are used in military testing, training, and military combat.


"While Nuclear-Everything is being pushed on America as a "clean" energy alternative sanctified under the guise of reduced carbon emissions, consider if you will just a few effects of ionizing radiation: decreasing fertility rates, miscarriages, genetic mutations, increasing rates of cancers, some forms of heart disease, neuromuscular disease, and thyroid disease, diabetes, and other endocrine-related disorders and many other radiation-induced diseases." [3]

Regarding the President who promised US change we could believe in, we the people are being taxed $184 billion for three new bomb factories at Los Alamos, Oak Ridge and Kansas City of which 100 Billion is to go for new delivery systems for nuclear weapons, such as planes, subs and missiles.


PS: The only 'sin' is selfishness.

From Hiroshima to Fukushima to US! - Salem-News.Com.

Of course, as always, there will be huge cost overruns and budget overrides and not just in money but as capitalist "externalities" — that oh-so-evil euphemism. "Our economic system treats environmental degradation as an externality — a cost that does not enter into the conventional arithmetic that determines how we use our resources." — Barry Commoner

"PS: The only 'sin' is selfishness." Exactly. What ultimately is selfish? We must discover that, avoid being it, and become one with God the perfect. The only good is unselfishness. That's the ultimate rule of existence. The ultimate being is the most unselfish. It is the meaning of real love. Selfish love is false, harmful, hypocritical, an oxymoron.

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