Twitter Digest: March 17, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: March 15, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. I'm having a difficult time thinking the US is being pacifistic about Libya. It's holding off or delaying for a hidden reason. #

  3. Is the US holding back on Libya to slow or stop the general momentum of the Arab Movement? #

  4. The US hasn't supplied Libyan rebels with shoulder-fired anti-aircraft & anti-tank weapons. Obama isn't suddenly anti-war. What's happening? #

  5. Does the US want the Libyan rebels nearly defeated without the US so the US can dictate the terms for aiding the rebels' counteroffensive? #

  6. Is the US holding back so when it does start supplying the Libyan rebels, it won't appear to be for oil but to prevent a bloodbath? #

  7. The US isn't informing novice Libyan rebels of Qaddaffi's troop movements/locations. Rebels were surprised to be flanked — it's fundamental. #

  8. The absolute monarch Saudi King Abdullah sent troops to prop up the monarchical dictator, Khalifa, against the vast majority of Bahrainis. #

  9. The Zionists' settlements are as investment banksters' ill-gotten gains. They received their rewards now at the loss of their souls. #

  10. A message from Netanyahu's office says construction will take place in settlements "Israel expects to hold on to in any final peace deal." #

  11. Banksters keep stolen money. Zionists keep stolen land. "Israel approves 500 new homes in [illegal] settlements" . #

  12. @wearewideawake Eileen's Heart Speaking Truth to Evil: "From Hiroshima to Fukushima to US!" by Eileen Fleming #

  13. RT @LVworldview: "Gen Khalifa Belqasim Haftar.... #Libya quot; His return a precondition for US military aid? #

  14. Elitism & righteousness are diametrically opposed: Infantilization of Arabs has colonial/elitist genealogy #

  15. "Transparency is not just a campaign promise. It's fundamental to a healthy democracy. By getting rid of trans... (cont) . #

  16. Priority Problems: College Major-League Sports = Greedy Capitalism. "Crime and Punishment in American College Sports" #

  17. Satan's favorite entity: The Pentagon: "The defense budget: Ignorance is not bliss," by Winslow T. Wheeler. #

  18. RT @adamcurry: Saif al-Qaddaffi "wants money back from Sarkozy" campaign . Libyans want oil money back from the Qaddaffis. #

  19. RT @propal: ERASING A LAND AND ITS PEOPLE . A land with a people (Palestinians) for a people (Zionists) with no souls #

  20. Assange said the web...gave authorities their best ever opportunity to monitor and catch dissidents. I'm a dissident, and I'm right here. #

  21. Truth: Assange: "cables released by WikiLeaks...key...fomenting unrest...forcing...US not to back...Mubarak." #

  22. "immediate wake of Gates' visit...Gulf Cooperation Council...sent...Saudi troops into Bahrain to...put down...protests" #

  23. US Energy Sec. Steven Chu says we should go ahead with all the planned nuclear plants. He's bought off! Make him change, or get rid of him. #

  24. If France has recognized the Libyan rebels as the only right government in Libya and wants Qaddaffi gone, where's the Mutual Defense Treaty? #

  25. People are retweeting that there's been a radiation spike in Bakersfield. Is there any official confirmation or denial? . #

  26. Japan: 5,000+ dead, 14,000+ unaccounted. Reactor 3 to be water cannoned, fill cooling pond, means no containment. Live: #

  27. WikiLeaks: Japanese Warned Reactors Wouldn't Withstand Large Earthquake . #

  28. 1 way to surpluses & no National Debt: End wars, slash Pentagon, & turn bottom dark blue on left to dark red on right. #

  29. Japan, Nuclear, & US: What is the US EPA doing to monitor radiation in the air in the US? . & . #

  30. Encrypted pedophile forum w/ 70,000 members busted. 230 children in protection. Pedophiles want the "right" to have sex w/ children. #

  31. Plan: Get reactor 3's core under water w/ water-canon truck; bring in power lines to run equipment; construct containment & clean-up. #

  32. What would happen if they bombed the reactor cores with liquid nitrogen? #

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