Twitter Digest: March 19, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: March 17, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. Milton Friedman obfuscated "central planning." Capitalists don't own the term. Capitalist monopolists, directors/executives centrally plan. #

  3. Does economic democracy come from free ballots or privately loaded wallets? Anarcho-capitalists say the wallet is sacred, the ballot theft. #

  4. Still, Qaddaffi is wicked. "Sarkozy's Libyan surprise" Capitalist-Zionism #

  5. Libya resolution: UN security council air strikes vote - live
    • UN security council expec... (cont) . #

  6. Qaddaffi was a fool to be so bloody against protesters who would have remained peaceful. Live Security Council re/ Libya #

  7. Russia & China have not vetoed a no-fly zone over Libya. Security Council vote: Voting for the resolution: Per... (cont) . #

  8. The Russians raised valid points re/ the Security Council Libyan no-fly zone resolution. They will object if utmost care isn't exercised. #

  9. Qaddaffi needs to stop, announce to the world that he is ceasing all hostilities effective immediately, and then get out of Libya ASAP. #

  10. RT @stacyherbert: @bicyclemark Bob Gates: . "no-fly zone begins with an attack on Libya to destroy the air defenses." #

  11. Before attacking anything, it would be improper for UN-sanctioned no-fly enforcers to fail to give Qaddaffi a chance to come to his senses. #

  12. The no-fly resolution apparently authorizes destroying tanks/equipment used to even threaten Benghazi civilians. #

  13. With brains, Qaddaffi could have avoided this. He could have lived up to socialist ideals rather than making himself a king by another name. #

  14. @GreeGreece If Qaddaffi doesn't back down, there's no hope for him. He really misplayed his hand so far — terrible misjudgment! #

  15. Focus on Qaddaffi being centrally responsible. Violent reactions to violence is less than perfect, but we know where the greater sin lies. #

  16. A declaration of war isn't required for the US to begin enforcing constitutionally legal/required international/UN treaty obligations. #

  17. RT @rallaf: I will believe #NATO protects civilians the day it imposes #NFZ on #Israel and keeps Palestinians safe from Israeli bombs. #

  18. RT @GreeGreece: RT @euthenics: RTVideo: 'Water used to cool #Fukushima flowing back to sea - effects hard to predict' #

  19. RT @HirokoTabuchi: US Flights Over Plant...Crucial Data Worst contamination hasn't spewed beyond J-gov's 30km radius. #

  20. Obama must issue a clear statement to Qaddaffi that Qaddaffi has the opportunity right now to stop & thereby avoid an attack upon his forces. #

  21. US Chamber of Commerce spent more lobbying 2009 than next 5 combined, more on politics than the Republican, Democratic National Committees. #

  22. More than half of the US Chamber of Commerce's budget comes from 16 companies. So, those companies lobby through the Chamber. #

  23. The info about the US Chamber of Commerce in my last 2 tweets came from Bill McKibben, founder of #

  24. . "The idea that businesses don't have an effect— businesses are made up of people. If w... (cont) . #

  25. Rush Limbaugh is one of the dumbest people I have ever encountered! "Recycling is a Meaningless Scam": Rush Limbaugh. . #

  26. Rush Limbaugh doesn't comprehend the negative impacts of plastic waste to the environment. He's stuck compartmentalizing — can't connect. #

  27. "Rush Limbaugh is one of the dumbest people I have ever encountered!" Is that mean of me to say? I'm not sayin... (cont) . #

  28. Watch: Julian Assange goes into detail about the Guardian's (& New York Times') breach of contract with WikiLeaks. #

  29. Vermont: Leading the way: Single-payer healthcare. Is Vermont now or becoming the most progressive state in the nation? . #

  30. Maybe you thought single-payer is dead. It's just getting started! "Single-payer supporters dominate public hearing" #

  31. "King Hamad related...Bahrainis were receiving training from Hizbollah in Lebanon, but admitted he had no definitive proof." Typical #

  32. Obama vetoes Security Council resolution, Zionist settlements illegal, gets this: "Israeli MK: Obama can go to hell" #

  33. RT @Linawaheeb: Dimona plant: "404 - File or directory not found. The resource yo... (cont) . #

  34. China, Israel, Germany, & others question nuclear energy & say they're going to switch to safe alternatives. So, what about it America? #

  35. To many, Blacks weren't men. Black Tea Partier Herman Cain said the Founders "set the bar high when they said all men were created equal." #

  36. Terry Eagleton: "The evil are precisely those who don't enjoy an orgy." Jesus would enjoy an orgy, or he's evil? Terry, you're a moron. #

  37. Jean-Bertrand Aristide is still the rightful president of Haiti whether anyone else thinks so or not. #

  38. "Jean-Bertrand Aristide exile ends with rapturous welcome home to Haiti" #

  39. If a president momentarily focuses on other than the current crisis, the opposite party whines. It happened with Bush, now Obama. #

  40. Wisc. Judge Blocks Controversial Union Law . #

  41. Regardless of the desires of any worldly empire, every government that kills peaceful, legitimate dissenters must fall. #

  42. Bashar Assad, if you know what's good for you, you better order your security forces to stop killing peaceful protesters. #

  43. If Qaddaffi ordered a ceasefire & forces continue hitting civilians, he's lost control of his forces & is open to France hitting them hard. #

  44. @lostpets: "ANTI-union law." How about "utterly evil anti-worker law"? #

  45. The AP reports "snipers kill 46 Yemeni protesters." I'm a pacifist & anti-death penalty; but If murderous dictators are killed, I'll sleep. #

  46. Before attacking, Obama must positively substantiate that Qaddaffi's forces have been aggressively (not defensively) violating the ceasefire. #

  47. It would be very evil to warn Qaddaffi, as Obama did (properly; consistent with my call yesterday), then hit Qaddaffi based upon lies. Verify! #

  48. RT @avinunu: The worst form of anti-Semitism is to fall for lie that Zionist racism & apartheid really represent Jews and Jewish values. #

  49. " - Milwaukee" It is unfair, & it is class warfare. . #

  50. I keep seeing leftist posts saying a majority of Americans now "support gay marriage," but "Q. Do you thin... (cont) . #

  51. If New Hampshire cuts cigarette taxes "it would mean more than $21 million costs": Anarcho-capitalists at work being dumb. #

  52. Yesterday, a wild story went viral that Bakersfield, CA had a radiation spike. The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization says no. #

  53. "Testing finds no health threat along West Coast" . #Bakersfield #radiation #Japan #

  54. "What Happened at My First Orgy"? If you stayed & participated willingly, you turned into a slut if you weren't one already. Repent. #

  55. Qaddaffi doesn't understand that he needs to order & follow through on an immediate, full, extremely rapid retreat while pleading with Obama. #

  56. UN forces will be able to bomb tanks & use military to enforce the arms embargo against the Qaddaffis. He's history. #

  57. If Qaddaffi is still offensively bombing/shelling/shooting civilians, he's not only shooting himself in both feet but straight in the head. #

  58. Teddy Borawski, chief oil & gas geologist, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, equated GASLAND w/ Nazi propaganda. #

  59. "...the whole world knows there is something terribly wrong with Hydraulic Fracturing...except...." #

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