Twitter Digest: March 23, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: March 20, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. Yemeni police violently suppress anti-Saleh demonstrations #

  3. Response to: "Obama on presidential war-making powers - Glenn Greenwald -" @ggreenwald #

  4. I liked a YouTube video — 2011 0318 NaderEllsberg Pt1 #

  5. I liked a YouTube video — Ralph Nader & Daniel Ellsberg: We Need Courage & Mobilizatio... #

  6. I liked a YouTube video — Caldicott: UN lies about nuclear threat #

  7. @Naija50 "US tunnel vision on Libya while whole region on fire" #

  8. Proper questions: RT @GreeGreece @shortorlong: 8 years ago, the U.S. invaded Iraq #

  9. I liked a YouTube video — Repression, Resistance and the CIA in Libya #

  10. Comment: The market didn't shift from coal to oil primarily because oil was l... (YouTube #

  11. I liked a YouTube video — Modern History Of Libya #

  12. Learn about the OK City & 7/7 bombings & CCTV issues (same for 9/11): #

  13. Comment: I hit the like button on the comment that says, "The music is d... (YouTube #

  14. I favorited a YouTube video — Papantonio: Republicans Say Let's Kill Immigrants Like W... #

  15. @mentaluphoria

    If you hadn't commented this way, I would have. I was think... (YouTube #

  16. David Attenborough's speech on the environment & human population growth: #

  17. I liked a YouTube video — GOPer Hypothetically, CAIR Is A Terrorist Organization #

  18. Comment: I like Dennis Kucinich on many issues; but even though I'm anti-war,... (YouTube #

  19. If Qaddaffi hadn't ordered an instant crackdown, he would have faced only peaceful protesters. The U.S. DID NOT make him start being violent. #

  20. On a US-Constitutional Declaration of War & UN Security Council Resolution 1973, Libyan No-Fly Zone via @AddToAny #

  21. @Neanderthalcouzin

    Yes, there is a tendency by millions to lump this Libya... (YouTube #

  22. @aaronsande

    See my reply to Neanderthalcouzin above. (YouTube #

  23. I favorited a YouTube video — Michael Moore Goes to Norway & Visits a Prison of the Fu... #

  24. Little to no rape, looting in Japan but New Orleans, Haiti? Solution? Not genetics, & Manning's a Birther. #

  25. "Potential GOP candidates face 'birther' question" #

  26. I kept running into: "Jews dominated the Black slave trade in America." I went looking & ran into, uh-oh, David Duke: . #

  27. Libya: UN Security Council Responsibility to Protect (RtoP, R2P): Glenn Greenwald, Kucinich Aren't Up On @ggreenwald #

  28. Link to David Duke documenting Jews' claims of heavy Jewish involvement in slave trading. Lose 7 Twitter followers in 2 hours. Truth haters. #

  29. RT @jricole: Top Ten Ways that Libya 2011 is Not Iraq 2003 All true. #

  30. Qaddaffi, Libya needs you to quit. Check your ego. "Is Muammar Qaddaffi a target? PM and military split over war aims" #

  31. Good: Yemeni Generals and Officials Defect After Killing of 35 Protesters @democracynow #

  32. Abdullah, Khalifa, and Saleh must go. #

  33. @GreeGreece "At Prince Charles Hospital - wife is giving kidney to daughter - 8 hour day." Bless you all. #

  34. "Government is not the solution.... Government is the problem." Stupid! Bad government is the problem. Good government is the solution. #

  35. RT @ECESG: About 40 media outlets submitted requests to participate in the "Freedom Flotilla II" #

  36. RT @arabist: FT - Brotherhood will be left behind: Rather confident argument that MB stands to lose from democracy #

  37. "JONES: ISRAEL-BASHERS ARE 'SCUM'" Ted Pike's Christian Patriotism? Confusion. Alex Jones' Zionism? Also confusion. #

  38. I liked a YouTube video — Top army commanders defect in Yemen . #

  39. I liked a YouTube video — Yemen ambassador calls on President Saleh to resign . #

  40. Yemeni President Saleh is history. He needs to see the writing on the wall. He needs to get out, now. Obama, tell him to go, now. #

  41. Assad is running scared in Syria. He's seen Qaddaffi's fate, so he's backpedaling from the hardline — lying that his forces didn't murder. #

  42. I liked a YouTube video — Media Trying To Minimize Abu Ghraib By Equating It With Murd... . #

  43. Dennis has a right to his opinion, but he's wrong about the UN Charter/Securi... (YouTube .) #

  44. Benghazi, w/ 700+ thousand people, was going to be hit by Qaddaffi & hit e... (YouTube #

  45. Drawing a parallel between the huge and numerous lies in the lead up to the i... (YouTube #

  46. Dennis has it backwards. The US Constitution states that treaties are the &qu... (YouTube #

  47. Gilbert Achar has given the best analysis I've heard. He's right that a huge ... (YouTube #

  48. I favorited a YouTube video — Libyan No Fly Zone Necessary But Intervention Has Imperi... #

  49. Stop funding evil Zionism. Christian Palestinian Arab stabbed 10 times. Orthodox-Jew Zionists' violent extremism #

  50. Stop funding Zionism. US: Ethnicity-based deed restrictions, illegal. Apartheid Israel: Housing discrimination, legal. #

  51. Yemen's president Saleh will go. Even Saudi King Abdullah wants him gone now. Obama will end up telling Saleh to go. #

  52. The way for the US to deal with "al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)" is via multi-party democracy & free & fair elections in Yemen. #

  53. Problem w/ neoconservatism: Jeane Kirkpatrick "blessing" US backing authoritarians. Condi Rice sort of broke w/ it. We need consistency! #

  54. @micromilesaway

    Qaddaffi will go. He shouldn't have embarked upon attackin... (YouTube #

  55. Why are "conservative" capitalists against governmental consumer protection? Letting buyers who can't get info beware is a profit center. #

  56. Google search "soak the rich": frantic capitalists spewing false stats about what high rates on the super-rich do. Don't be duped by greed. #

  57. High marginal-tax rates on the super-rich have never been bad for the overall economy but helped to lift all ships with the tide. #

  58. The most important thing to remember about the current economic crash is that it never would have happened if the banks weren't deregulated. #

  59. Soak the rich: . #

  60. The greedy pay to cast doubt on good sharing-plans. Don't fall for fake concerns. Coerce this: the Robin Hood tax. #

  61. "The Robin Hood Tax is justice. The banks can afford it. The systems are in place to coll... (cont) . #

  62. "Former youth pastor faces 60 charges" Homosexual pedophilia is that much more diabolical when "God" is used. . #

  63. WikiLeaks: More cables claim Christian leaders voiced support for Israel's attack on Hezbollah #

  64. Very short: Israel: "colonialism, apartheid and ethnic cleansing" See the comment section too. #

  65. It's difficult to know whether the underlying "facts" are true. "RAF Tornado Pilots Abort Targets to Avoid Civilians" #

  66. The Zionist Organization horned the majority of Arabs out of Palestine to set up a "Jewish" state. "Delegitimize" suggests that was legit. #

  67. (Prophecy: The Zionist Project fails.) Israeli "Military Intelligence monitoring foreign left-wing organizations." #

  68. Will US Share Intelligence w/ Israel's New Left Wing Intelligence Initiative? Zionist agents in the US government will. #

  69. I liked a YouTube video — Cash-for-votes cables are authentic: Assange to NDTV #

  70. "Responsibility to Protect": Land-thieving, ethnic-cleansing, war-criminal Zionists running scared. You know it's good. #

  71. Horse manure! What Hyper-Zionist Frank Gaffney is really afraid of is that there can't be anymore Operation Cast Leads. . #

  72. WikiLeaks, Israel, Lebanon, Hezbollah, etc. It would take a bit to digest all of this, especially for a non-Lebanese. #

  73. "The world of finance hails the invention of the wheel over and over again, often in a slightly more unstable version." — J. K. Galbraith #

  74. Israeli Army Cooperates with Settlers in Attacks on Palestinians No proof an Arab murdered the Jews has been provided. #

  75. A non-violent movement, please: "workers must break with the Democratic Party and build a mass socialist movement" #

  76. Israeli racism: "After Itamar: Exploring the cynical logic that makes everyone a target," by Max Blumenthal Palestine #

  77. "Fogel family was Itamar, Israel." Where's the proof it was Palestinians? Also, it's Itamar, Palestine. #

  78. Obama says the doctrine isn't for US force against all tyrants. Well, is it against ALL massacres of civilians or not? Be specific! #

  79. Obama: It [Responsibility to Protect] "doesn't mean that we can solve every problem in the world." Stop being vacuous. Be consistent. #

  80. If Qaddaffi was stopped from killing civilians protesting for human rights, then NO ruler may kill civilians protesting for human rights. #

  81. The Security Council told Qaddaffi to get out of Misrata. Insanely, he is still there attacking. He will not be allowed to continue. #

  82. Qaddaffi is defying the Security Council that is doing it's designed job. Russia & China will agree that he not be allowed to continue. #

  83. If Qaddaffi doesn't stop & the coalition doesn't hit him directly to end it, will they arm, train, & advise rebels until Qaddaffi is removed? #

  84. I want to be clear. I'm opposed to war. I'm writing about Libya, etc., calling for the UN & US, et al., to be consistently pro-human rights. #

  85. Syrian uprising: Assad's forces attack protesters: Assad must go too! #

  86. @kama0046

    They WERE NOT armed in the streets from the start. Unarmed peopl... (YouTube #

  87. @kama0046

    In addition, the UN Security Council action is definitely not &q... (YouTube #

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