Twitter Digest: March 27, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: March 23, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. Nuclear Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Israeli-American Existential Gaming @alanauthor @wearewideawake @GreeGreece @CineversityTV #

  3. @ChangeInLibya How well does Google do at translating this site you suggested? #

  4. You're not pacifists. If you thought it humanitarian, how would you react? Consistency? @WSWS_Updates "Obama and Libya . #

  5. RT @fredabrahams: @HRW: Free all detained journalists in #Libya #

  6. Bomb Iran under "Responsibility to Protect" law? Framing: "If Obama can bomb Libya, a President Palin can bomb Iran without Congress's OK." #

  7. "Congress...never authorized or debated...intervention in Libya." It should have thought about that before creating the UN Security Council. #

  8. "Congress...never authorized or debated...intervention in Libya." It should have thought about that before the US signed the UN Charter. #

  9. "Congress...never authorized or debated...intervention in Libya." The US is Constitutionally obligated to abide by the UN Charter it signed. #

  10. "Congress...never authorized or debated...intervention in Libya." Want to go back to the even worse old days before the Security Council? #

  11. "Congress...never authorized or debated...intervention in Libya." If the Security Council isn't working right, reform it. #

  12. "Congress...never...debated...intervention in Libya." Kill the Security Council with no replacement, & there won't be policing of nations. #

  13. "Congress...never...debated...intervention in Libya." I'm all for the nations becoming righteous so they don't need policing. You start. #

  14. Dennis Kucinich, read the Constitution: "Treaties made...under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land." #

  15. US Constitution: "Treaties made...under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land." The UN Charter applies! #

  16. Constitution: "Treaties made...under the Authority of the United States...supreme Law of the Land." The Libyan No-Fly Resolution is binding. #

  17. If the US Congress as a body is silent in the face of the binding Security Council No-Fly Resolution, then it is ascent. #

  18. If the US Congress doesn't agree with the binding Security Council No-Fly Resolution, then it must withdraw from, or change, the UN. #

  19. How many "liberals" who are complaining that the US is bound under the UN Charter by the US Constitution want to pull out of the UN? #

  20. @kama0046

    I don't accept the premise of your question "so much...... (YouTube #

  21. @kama0046

    Secondly, I'm not pro-war. I'm a total pacifist who cal... (YouTube #

  22. @kama0046

    As for the Libyan adults, they are just that, not children. The... (YouTube #

  23. @kama0046

    You are mistaken that there is no humanitarian aspect. You'... (YouTube #

  24. He should be skipping Israel & going right to Gaza — by boat. That would impress me! "Bob Dylan to perform in Israel" #

  25. "Andrew Wilkie,...member of parliament from Tasmania,...would like to see whistleblower legislation passed" @WikiLeaks #

  26. Oust Saleh; form a gov. council; draft electoral laws/constitution; & hold a referendum followed by parliamentary/presidential elections. #

  27. "Saleh...has now lost support from every power base in the nation [Yemen]." . He's still speaking egotistically. #

  28. Not that I backed massive airstrikes, but what are all the critics going to say when Obama actually pulls back from Libya? #

  29. If Hamas had the brains, it would do a unilateral ceasefire, hold to it, then wave the Responsibility to Protect under the UNSC's nose. #

  30. Hamas should show the utmost patience right now as the Egyptian people are forming a new government that will control the Rafah crossing. #

  31. Rasmussen Reports: "Voters continue to blame the current economic problems on the recession which began under the Bush administration." Duh. #

  32. It's hilarious. I keep getting tons of notifications from Twitter that I have new followers, but the total barely budges. #

  33. New follower: 5 Tweets, 1,624 Followers. I have 10,770 Tweets & only 858 Followers. Are you sending out checks? Your last tweet was in Jan. #

  34. Who are the morons behind the massive biofuels campaign? They aren't environmentalists but shortsighted, greedy capitalist planet-rapers. #

  35. So, President Obama needs to come out now saying that Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) will NOT BE denationalized by the West. #

  36. S. 510, H.R. 2751 Food Safety Modernization Act: Response: Vermont Resolution for Food Sovereignty . #

  37. Constitutional amendment: Initiative & Referendum: Sufficient petition signatures triggers direct popular vote on applicable proposed law. #

  38. A constitutional amendment for initiatives & referendums should also allow for constitutional amendments via initiatives & referendums. #

  39. Constitutional amendment: Recall: Sufficient petition signatures triggers direct popular vote (plebiscite) on removal of public official. #

  40. Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? #Zionism #Israel #Palestine #Gaza #WikiLeaks #Japan #Racism #Freedom #

  41. Libya: Separate in your mind: 1) Current UN military attacks 2) Longer-term resolution that Qaddaffi committed human-rights crimes & must go. #

  42. Libya: Current UN-military attacks will wind down; but what with Qaddaffi's human-rights violations, will democratic forces remain embargoed? #

  43. Libya: Revolutionaries claim "8,000 people named as government operatives in [Qaddaffi's] secret police files" in the revolutionaries' hands. #

  44. "I intend no modification of my oft-expressed personal wish that all men every where could be free." — Abraham Lincoln #

  45. Libya: How much did it cost the US not to stop the Rwandan genocide? How would America be viewed now if it had and for the right reasons? #

  46. "There is no evidence that Libyan authorities have taken steps to carry out their obligations under resolutions 1970 or 1973." - Ban Ki-moon #

  47. Qaddaffi tanks re-entered Misrata. Qaddaffi is setting himself up for further Security Council actions such as supporting the revolutionaries. #

  48. Assad better end the emergency laws. He says he's releasing all activists taken this month. Still, multi-party, free & fair, is required. #

  49. Solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, etc., can definitely quickly replace oil, gas, coal, and biofuels. All it takes is the decision to do it. #

  50. Yemeni President Saleh makes America's enemies stronger. Removing Saleh for multi-party, free-&-fair elections would improve US security. #

  51. I hate the following expression: "Day of rage." I distance myself from all who use it. Rage is part of the problem. #

  52. Rage, violence, war, vengeance, these are evils to be overcome within. #

  53. On Wednesday, the Egyptian Cabinet outlawed protests and strikes. In the face of everything Egypt has just gone through, that is moronic. #

  54. That the Egyptian Cabinet outlawed protests & strikes is exactly why I said from the outset that the sooner there are elections the better. #

  55. A Christian party in a secular government is oxymoronic, but this Egyptian law is anti-democratic/freedom of religion. #

  56. @mathaba "Qaddaffi never rounded up 5% of this many..." The article mentions 8,000 agents named in secret Qaddaffi files. #

  57. Gaza / Hamas mistaken if it thinks it's forcing Libyan-rebel situation. World doesn't see enough. Who started current cycle of violence? #

  58. Israelis claim they struck in response to a mortar. Did Gazans break the lull this time? It will matter at the UNSC. . #

  59. Gazans are under brutal oppression by Zionists who have zero right to have done what they have vis-a-vis Palestine, but the world is slow. #

  60. Putin called SC Libyan action "medieval...crusade." Russia could lose $10 billion in arms deals & a navy port in Syria. . #

  61. I liked a YouTube video — Inside Story - Syria's 40-year rule challenged . #

  62. I liked a YouTube video — Empire - The Brotherhood . #

  63. Gaza: Vengeance is NOT the answer. Vengeance is sinful. Don't do it! . #

  64. #Gaza #Palestine #Egypt #Tunisia #Libya #Jordan #Syria #Algeria #Yemen #Bahrain #Djibouti #Kuwait #Saudi Arabi... (cont) . #

  65. Does it get any dumber than this? I hope not. This is really lame-brained. Monbiot doesn't even mention geothermal. #

  66. The World Just Got Back 13 Terawatt Hours of Spam-Wasted Electricity!: #

  67. Defamation: New Anti-Semitism Anti-Defamation League, Abe Foxman, Norman Finkelstein, Holocaust Industry, Nazis, Gaza #

  68. Budget Technopocalypse: Proposed Congressional Budgets Slash Funding for Data Transparency via @sunfoundation #

  69. First death in Jordan since protests began . #

  70. More reported killed as Syrian protests spread, Mar 25, 2011 . #

  71. Libyan rebels retake Ajdabiya . #

  72. Donald Trump is a Birther because Obama's relatives might disagree on... . #

  73. Do the Syrian protesters really know Assad? . #

  74. Syrian protesters call for end of Assad regime.... . #

  75. I liked a YouTube video — Maine Governor Orders Removal of Labor History Mural From De... . #

  76. What's with anti-worker governors?

    Middle-and-lower class workers are ... (YouTube .) #

  77. I've never heard Chossudovsky make less sense. Libya is not much like Yug... (YouTube #

  78. I liked a YouTube video — 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism #

  79. I liked a YouTube video — Qatar, Al Jazeera and the Middle East #

  80. I liked a YouTube video — Nuclear reactors safety-On the Edge with Max Keiser-03-25-20... . #

  81. I liked a YouTube video — Nuclear reactors safety-On the Edge with Max Keiser-03-25-20... . #

  82. I favorited a YouTube video — Gaza in Plain Language—Revisited. Honoring the March t... #

  83. I liked a YouTube video — Obama Executive Order On Miranda Rights #

  84. "Natural Flow of History: Hamas Should Rethink Charter," by Ramzy Baroud . "'Erdoðan's mode... (cont) . #

  85. "Japan...adoption-averse..., with extended families usually stepping in as surrogate parents when there is need." #

  86. "China: Japan crisis won't deter its nuclear growth" That's mighty stupid. #

  87. Do you buy a car with no airbags or seat belts since it's cheaper? Why fight geothermal, wind, & solar if they're safer than nuclear? #

  88. So far, Mubarak has appeared the smartest Middle East Dictator. Will any of the remaining ones prove wise: completely reform & then get out? #

  89. Assad released 260 political prisoners in Syria. Will he stay that course or be stupid, revert, and lash out at unarmed protesters? #

  90. Hamas must stop the tit for tat with the Zionists. It must stop and point to it repeatedly. When Israel does strike, Gazans will have proof. #

  91. "WikiLeaks cable shows US at odds with ElBaradei" It confirms the obvious. ElBaradei is not, and never has been, a stooge of the Empire. #

  92. ElBaradei called the US-led Palestinian/Israeli peace process a "ridiculous joke." I agree. #

  93. Khalifa, send the Saudis home, institute sweeping reforms, create a new & fair constitution, redistribute the wealth, & do land reform. #

  94. Iran's theocracy will not be benefited in its sharia-authoritarianism by multi-party secular democracies springing up throughout the region. #

  95. #Gaza #Palestine #Egypt #Tunisia #Libya #Jordan #Syria #Algeria #Yemen #Bahrain #Djibouti #Kuwait #Saudi Arabi... (cont) . #

  96. The UN Security Council resolutions concerning Libya are not "no-fly zone" only. Critics could bother to read them first. They aren't long. #

  97. Mainstream media are not pinning down Obama. Is the US obligated under the Constitution to abide by the treaty of treaties, the UN Charter? #

  98. Mainstream media, pin down Obama. Does the US have a responsibility to avert bloodbaths world wide or not? If not, where's the line drawn? #

  99. Washington Post: Yemen al Qaeda could be close to launching attack, according to US spy agencies. They could be closer to falling apart too. #

  100. Zionist-US spies are spreading bull about Yemen to prop up the dictator, Saleh. The sooner he's gone, the sooner al Qaeda crashes. #

  101. RT @avinunu: Jordan regime has decided to raise stakes so that any call for real change is considered an act of treason. Sad and foolish. #

  102. Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is dreaming if he thinks he can turn the Arab uprisings into an Islamic-authoritarian movement. #

  103. Say no to Muslim-cleric coercion. Arab uprisings, Islamic-authoritarianism runs contrary to government by the consent of the governed. #

  104. "What's left of Egypt's Left" It appears they should anticipate a parliamentary-coalition government. #

  105. The US is reckless. DU is heavy, so they use it to attack heavy armor; but it's highly toxic for thousands o... (cont) . #

  106. Short attention-spans kill. Deregulating, privatizing bankster-corporatists crashed the economy. They're richer. You paid. Soak the rich. #

  107. If there are any taxes at all for anything, soak the rich. #

  108. Alex Jones says execute those responsible for Japan's nuclear disaster. He's wrong about oil, coal, & Global Warming. Should we execute him? #

  109. It won't be long now before Qaddaffi realizes the jig is up. #

  110. Rapidly & heavily attacking unarmed, peaceful protesters against authoritarianism, Qaddaffi's losing evilly reinforces violence as solution. #

  111. BDS in Australia : Fear And Loathing In Marrickville By Samah Sabawi & Sonja Karkar Israel is sick in the head & heart. #

  112. Ripping Obama for: "our deepest condolences for the deaths of Palestinian civilians in Gaza" but not for the hypocrisy? #

  113. The UN Security Council needs immediately to ban depleted uranium in all UN "Responsibility to Protect" operations! #

  114. Do the Libyan revolutionaries have the ability to obtain and use Geiger counters? They need to measure all around destroyed tanks, etc.! #

  115. If the US & other forces have used radiological weapons, such as depleted uranium, in Libya, they'll need to get in there & clean it up! #

  116. Disgusting: Indian, Chinese, Saudi... Land Grabbing In Ethiopia. Also see my comment #

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