Juan Cole's "An Open Letter to the Left on Libya" | The Nation

via An Open Letter to the Left on Libya | The Nation.

Before I read that linked article/letter by Juan Cole, I was thinking about the Spanish Civil War vis-a-vis Libya. It doesn't mean the Libyan revolution is necessarily socialist though. I also agree with Juan Cole's assessment regarding the war-for-oil notion. I never felt the Obama administration was focused much on the oil aspect other than the damage Qaddaffi could continue doing with the oil money. I'm sure US oil executives have complained about paying bribes too, not that they aren't used to dealing with the worst of the worst.

All of that said, I don't leave room for wrath in the Pauline sense. I believe Jesus leaves room for God to prune the vine, but God doesn't make mistakes about what spirit is irredeemable. The proverbial Satan does make such mistakes. Of course, Juan Cole isn't a Christian, although he's studied the matter.

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