Twitter Digest: March 29, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: March 27, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. NATO won't do a no-fly zone over the West Bank or Gaza. Israel has nuclear weapons, the stealthy means to deliver them, & a Masada complex. #

  3. Avigdor Lieberman wants Syria & Iran treated as Qaddaffi. That's easy for a nuclear-weapons state to say. #

  4. Sarkozy warns Arab [anti-democratic] rulers about Libya [RtoP] precedent He's more measured than Avigdor Lieberman. #

  5. Microsoft Shuts off [says it was a bug they've fixed] HTTPS in Hotmail for Over a Dozen Countries #

  6. : Obama's War On Libya Unconstitutional By Michael Boldin #

  7. : Land Grabs: What's In The Contracts? And An Indian Land Grab In Ethiopia By Duncan Green #

  8. Qaddaffi to Chad's President, Idriss Deby, lie for me, bro. #

  9. US Jesuits will pay $166.1 million to 500 victims in 5 states for sexual, psychological abuse. Some were as young as 8 (probably younger). #

  10. Militant Libyans who knew Qaddaffi would be violent rode in on waves of much less violent (nearly non-violent) protesters in Tunisia & Egypt. #

  11. SWAT evil! Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio: 'If I have to use a SWAT team, I am going to use a SWAT team." #

  12. SWAT evil! Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio: "If I have to u... (YouTube .) #

  13. Shady [if true, that's putting it mildly] Dealings Helped [kleptocrat] Qaddafi [family] Build Fortune and Regime Libya #

  14. 2 [gangster] Qaddafis Fought Over Business [Coca-Cola bottling company], [@WikiLeaks] Cables Show #Libya #WikiLeaks #

  15. Zionism, Anti-Semitism, Jewishness, and the Holocaust Industry: Report Says Assange Cited Jewish Conspiracy - #

  16. 99%? Hardly. Alex Jones is wrong on first-principles. How off-point/losing is that?: RT @HipHopCSS: "LOSER Alex is onpoint 99% of the time" #

  17. "Muatassim [Qaddaffi], ...demanded $1.2 billion in 2008 from...Libya's national oil corporation, reportedly to establish his own militia." #

  18. "Khamis [Qaddaffi], commander of a special-forces group that 'effectively serves as a regime protection unit.'" #

  19. The FDA is dishonest business: "money grab: replacing old tried and true drugs, with monopoly priced prescription[s]" #

  20. RT @GreeGreece: Desperate Assad tries to blunt uprising with new promises of reform #

  21. Double-dip: Gas & food prices spike; real estate slumps; construction falls; & government doesn't hire, re-regulate, & soak the rich. #

  22. "How Is...Central...Planning...Federal Reserve Does Different From...Planning That Communist China Does?" The Chinese do it better? #

  23. A world safe for democracy and safe for laissez-faire capitalism can't exist as one. #

  24. Aren't pacifists, will shoot you if you take "their property," & never met a humanitarian military-mission they didn't hate. Who are they? #

  25. Al Jazeera showed Iraqi videos as Yemeni, wasn't at Parliamentary vote, & issued false reports re/ numerous defections? . #

  26. Mercenaries 'loot, rape, kill' in Ivory Coast #

  27. Crisis caused by most reckless avaricious bankers private sector ever produced, not teachers, nurses, & firefighters #

  28. "Saving not necessary prior to investment" is one of the hardest things to get through thick skulls! #

  29. "...left can look at Germany and note the interventionist approach...state owned development bank whilst the right...." #

  30. "...given such large losses and red faces we really should now be living in a post-neoclassical world. Yet we are not." #

  31. "...over-exposed to...minor US congressmen...under-exposed to...the people who actually control Europe." #

  32. Taibbi was out of his depth: "The Ultimate 9/11 'Truth' Showdown: David Ray Griffin vs. Matt Taibbi" #

  33. All those people hanging around those blown-up tanks, etc., should be warned ... (YouTube #

  34. Most important words: "Rather than stand down, his forces continued their advance...." Obama Speech on Libya (full text) . #

  35. Some people say religion is dying. Some say the world is going to Hell. Is there a positive correlation, like smoking tobacco & lung cancer? #

  36. Hey, Tea Party, let's get rid of Obamacare & kill Violet. You know you hate her:... #

  37. "Facebook Linked to Narcissism?" Well, of course it is but not for everyone. Some are there solely to network for goodness' sake. #

  38. US Supreme Court cowardly not to hear Troy Davis case: "Davis' new evidence casts...doubt on his conviction" #

  39. If Obama doesn't give Miranda Rights to domestic-terrorism suspects, he should lose cases on technical grounds. #

  40. Global-warming denial isn't so much anti-science as it is anti-leftist. Money winks. #

  41. The largest lender to the US gov. is Americans. We own 42.1% of the national debt in the form of Treasury bills. . #

  42. Quick read: "Urgent leak investigation needed." Glenn Greenwald can say gotcha to the US government. #

  43. The "richest 20 percent hold 84 percent of the wealth" in the US. There really shouldn't be a "richest" percentage. #

  44. Why don't Democratic politicians out do FDR on the economy & unemployment? Ans: The love of money before, during, & after their elections! #

  45. Generally, cutting the deficit, taxes on the rich & corporations, wages & benefits, & regulations will not create jobs. #

  46. Apparently, the only thing that will cure the people of laissez-faire capitalism is a double-dip severely exacerbated by deficit-hawk cuts. #

  47. GE made $14.2 billion, paid no taxes, got $3.2 billion in tax credits, & wants 15,000 unionized employees to take cuts. #

  48. Is there a Society for the Protection of Union Members? They're an endangered species. Maybe we should just go for full-blown socialism. #

  49. $38 billion from Qaddaffi-asset freezing? RT @BlackListedNews: "Libyan Rebels Have Already Established A New Central Bank Of Libya" #

  50. RT @PomedWire: Syria: President Assad's Cabinet Resigns — . #

  51. RT @freegazaorg: "Swiss President announces plans to break Gaza siege | Window Into Palestine" #

  52. RT @PomedWire: Bahrain: Parliament Accepts Resignation of Shiite Opposition Members . #

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