Major French Magazine Acknowledges Auschwitz Gas Chamber Fraud (1995)

16 years later and it's still highly suppressed info. It's even illegal in France and Germany now to tell these absolute facts.

It's been admitted that the exterior entrance and the roof hatches were added after the camp's (Auschwitz) "liberation." Interior walls were torn out after the liberation and to make it look like a large gassing room. Tiny gas traces were found; but in the real delousing rooms, there are still huge traces of the gas. This isn't even a tenth of the suppressed info. It's amazing!

The people who pulled this off are the same ones who claimed there was soap from Jewish fat and lampshades from Jewish skin and shrunken Jewish heads and on and on, all of which turned out to be total lies. People did die; but there was much disease and hunger, especially toward the end of the war.

The people who pulled this off are the same ones who claimed Palestine had no people before they, the Zionists, literally invaded it, terrorized it, and ethnically cleansed it all to steal the land. They are pathological, selfish liars; and I don't mean all Jews. I mean the hardcore Zionists.

Gas chamber fraud acknowledged.

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