Twitter Digest: April 1, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: March 29, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. Must Read: Greed Syndrome Must Be Cured, Special Report: Japan Knew Tsunami / Nuclear #

  3. Don't be stupid. Be smart. Fund geothermal, solar, wind, & tidal & decommission oil, gas, coal, and nuclear. #

  4. Oh, there's no doubt the US and its allies are going to arm the Libyan revolutionaries because stupidly the Qaddaffis have failed to heed. #

  5. "rebels Qaeda links...promised free and fair elections if Qaddaffi is forced from power." Multi-party democracy is anti-al Qaeda. #

  6. "Transitional National Council of the Libyan Republic" is not al Qaeda. Sketchy but: "A vision of a democratic Libya" #

  7. So many political commentators complain that Obama is vague, but they don't do much to pin him down. #

  8. So many political commentators complain that Obama is vague, but they don't ask the right questions and they give up too easily. #

  9. Ask him until he answers: Mr. Obama, where's the line drawn on the who, what, where, why, & when of the UN's "Responsibility to Protect"? #

  10. Indiana's Republican school-voucher plan is a stealthy tax-cuts-for-the-rich/privatization-scheme to end in worse education for the poor. #

  11. Wal-Mart v. Dukes, Scalia: Store managers on their own or told what to do? Ans: They're told they're on their own except for unionization... #

  12. The Facebook page "Third Palestinian Intifada," w/ 350,000 fans, was taken down. The page's creators/commentators had called for violence. #

  13. 56 dead, 98 wounded, 15 executed (shot in the head), Tikrit, Iraq. Ended w/ the 8 or 9 attackers blowing themselves up as suicide bombers. #

  14. The Daily Beast says Harry Reid was wrong: "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican." That was no gaffe. #

  15. Donald Trump, Barack Obama has had a Passport. The US State Department should still have his "certified" birth certificate for it. #

  16. In Connick v. Thompson, the "conservative" US Supreme Court justices protected the corrupt government against the innocent Black man. #

  17. "Court: Exonerated inmate doesn't get $14 million" . #

  18. RT @intifada2 MEMO to the Brave Nations Uniting to Defend Civilians in Libya... Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Palestine #

  19. I oppose both the Zionists' ethnic cleansing of Palestine & ethnic bigotry against Jews. @TimBurt: "Stop anti-Semitism and support Israel." #

  20. I liked a YouTube video — Inside Story: UK march for an alternative . #

  21. I liked a YouTube video — Tensions rise over Bahrain 'land grab' . #

  22. There was a regime loaded with powerful families Qaddaffi helped overthrow. Th... (YouTube .) #

  23. Yemen's Saleh has retracted all of his allegedly proposed concessions and now vows to stay in office until his term is up in 2013. #

  24. Qaddaffi fights on; the US mishandles Bahrain, Yemen, & Palestine; so, Syria's Assad reconsiders & goes mum on reforms. Global leadership? #

  25. Israel amends Citizenship Act against Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness... . #

  26. I liked a YouTube video — 500,000 March in London Protesting Public Spending Cuts and ... #

  27. Death-Row prisoner Troy Davis' sister, Martina Correia, appalled by US Supreme Court ruling... . #

  28. I liked a YouTube video — Florida Governor Orders MANDATORY Drug Testing By Executive ... . #

  29. I liked a YouTube video — Japanese Govt Admits To Meltdown At Nuclear Power Plant . #

  30. I liked a YouTube video — It's Time For Millionaires & Billionaires To Pay Their Fair ... . #

  31. Libya: Qaddaffi-Backing, Right-Wing Socialism Versus the Christian Commons via @AddToAny #

  32. @TimBurt: "There is NO ethnic cleansing..." Zionists have conducted ethnic cleansing. Do you also allege there aren't illegal "settlements"? #

  33. Libya: TIME Magazine journalist missed the point regarding Qaddaffi's confusion: "Bany did, however, tie himsel... (cont) . #

  34. @avinunu Ali, check out what Tim Burt tweeted to me: @TimBurt: "@TomUsher There is NO ethnic cleansing of Pal... (cont) . #

  35. "New technology makes hydrogen more viable car fuel" Charging electric cars from home solar/wind is great though. #

  36. The US is well aware of all of this and is working NOT TO arm, fund, train, or (@YouTube #

  37. It's also wrong to claim that everyone who went to Iraq to fight the US was (@YouTube #

  38. The litigious (not recommended) would sue Google & might prevail. Using leg (@YouTube #

  39. Updated due to Google / YouTube censorship: "Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid?" #

  40. "Soldier, 92, breaks silence over Auschwitz" I felt déjà vu. Would he take independent lie-detector tests? #

  41. Brain scans of conduct disorder show behavior beyond imitation. Wrong. Exposure/abuse/imitation also change the brain. #

  42. Offshore-oil leaks, nuclear meltdowns, toxic coal-slurry-pond breaks, mining disasters, etc., scream: Geothermal, wind, solar, hydrogen...! #

  43. Obama's New Energy Policy: Complete cave-in; utter failure of imagination & can-do. Cutting oil imports by only 1/3 in 10 yrs is pathetic. #

  44. Factor in the cost of converting all spent nuclear fuel to dry-cask storage and how would the total cost of nuclear compare to solar then? #

  45. Tea Party: Why do you falsely believe the US has to run the economy as a household that can't create its own money? United States Notes! #

  46. "Australia school bans homosexuality cure seminar." I'm confused. I thought Roman Catholicism is anti-homosexuality. Why the ban? #

  47. Censored-video embed restored via Vimeo (see end of post): "Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid?" #

  48. Republicans want a Balanced-Budget Amendment (again). That's a waste of time & energy. Nationalize the Fed, and Issue United States Notes! #

  49. Tea Partiers are ignorant. Not the poor or unions but bank deregulation & tax cuts for the rich caused the crash & fiscal pressures. #

  50. Oh, please! Warren Buffett is one of the three (known) riches men. Did you really think he's ethical? Ethical by whose standard? #

  51. Libya & the US action: Rice then Clinton were definitely about Rwanda, not oil. Gates wanted nothing to do with it — old-school/Bush I. #

  52. Sarkozy isn't being Napoleon IV, that authoritarian, or striving for French Empire. He wants Europe on the right side of the Arab uprisings. #

  53. From a purely crass standpoint, Sarkozy is in error. Turkey in the EU makes huge political, military, & economic sense for Europe. #

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