Quick Take On Richard Goldstone Fudging His Goldstone Report

Richard Goldstone's hand wringing regarding Hamas not investigating rocket fire DURING Operation Cast Lead is tricky, & Hamas didn't deny the rocket fire.

Also, have Palestinians been positively identified as murderers of the settler family? Goldstone's 4/1/2011 WAPO op-ed more than insinuates it.

Goldstone claims Israel didn't target civilians. Have IDF witnesses also recanted? Regardless, the white phosphorus rain still speaks for itself.

My view of his op-ed is that it is way too short on details for such a huge move. He left the field open for the Zionists to ignore the IDF's use of Palestinian children as human shields for instance. There were many other cases of war crime(s) that were admitted to by Israeli soldiers.

Frankly, the idea that there weren't war crimes is ludicrous on its face — always was.

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