Twitter Digest: April 5, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: April 1, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. "Jewish group disturbed by...survey...[alleged] anti-Semitic...Europe" Stop stealing from, & murdering, Palestinians. . #

  3. 16 years later & it's still suppressed info: "Major French Magazine Acknowledges Auschwitz Gas Chamber Fraud" #

  4. Wow, what an utterly weak & depraved religion people have in mind when they murder others because someone somewhere else burned the Qur'an. #

  5. You can burn a billion Bibles. I'm not going to turn violent against you for it. I'll just shake my head at how dull-minded you are. #

  6. You don't kill the truth, God, by burning the Good News (the Gospel). You kill your own soul. #

  7. The Afghanis who murdered people because some in Florida burned the Qur'an have done a very wicked thing. God is not smiling down upon them. #

  8. Mindlessness: Cut spending; pass a balanced-budget amendment; cut Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid. Wrong! Issue United States Notes. #

  9. Libya: It took awhile, but it's happening. The Qaddaffi family's days as gangster-dictators are fewer than they think. #

  10. Libya: Qaddaffi's nightmare: "More disciplined Libyan opposition force emerging." . #

  11. It won't be long before the democratic revolutionaries in Libya stop having to retreat. They will end up taking and then holding cities. #

  12. In addition, now that there are CIA & Western military advisors involved, Qaddaffi's forces will be subjected to varying surprise-attacks. #

  13. Zionism, Fail: Most American Jews Don't Want to Go Down With Israel #

  14. Libya: I had asked days ago what will critics say when Obama pulls the US military back. US combat will end tomorrow — subject to return. #

  15. The critics have been completely misreading Obama on Libya. #

  16. Libya: The CIA and special ops are the central aspects of US involvement now. #

  17. Libya: The plan also is to arm, train, & advise the revolutionaries. UN thinking: Qaddaffi can't be allowed to flaunt the Security Council. #

  18. @CorrosionX3

    Why did Jacob lie to his dying father, Isaac, by pretending to (@YouTube #

  19. My FB friend, Ysabel Vicente, linked to this: "Macedonia plants three million trees to revive forests." That's good. #

  20. Zionism is failing, has failed: "...despite the difficulty in saying them: For many Israelis, and especiall... (cont) . #

  21. Goldstone's hand wringing re/ Hamas not investigating rocket fire DURING Operation Cast Lead is tricky, & Hamas didn't deny the rocket fire. #

  22. Have Palestinians been positively identified as murderers of the settler family? Goldstone's 4/1/2011 WAPO op-ed more than insinuates it. #

  23. Goldstone claims Israel didn't target civilians. Have IDF witnesses also recanted? The white phosphorus rain still speaks for itself. #

  24. Quick Take On Richard Goldstone Fudging His Goldstone Report #

  25. Jews burn hundreds of New Testaments in Or Yehuda, Israel. So, what do American Christians think, give them more money? #

  26. Oh, sure, George W. Bush was huge on democratic revolutions. Hamas won a free and fair election in all of Palestine that Bush rejected. #

  27. RT @BRQNews: We reap what we sow, not what we hope #LIBYA #FEB17 #PrayforLibya #

  28. RT @8Presstorm8: The Use of "Special Forces" in Libya #

  29. National Provisional Council (Libya) vice chairman Abdel-Hafidh Ghoga said all the "right" things for broad Western support of the "rebels." #

  30. Libya's National Provisional Council says it stands for a constitutional, multi-party, secular (not sharia), parliamentary democracy. #

  31. Under Qaddaffi, dissent & talking politics with non-Libyans are illegal & collective punishment is the law. His Green Book calls Blacks lazy. #

  32. Substantiated? Do you remember this one? "Libya protests: 140 'massacred' as Qaddaffi sends in snipers to crush dissent" #

  33. Confirmed? Remember this? Bloodbath, 300 massacred for defying Qaddaffi, US UN condemn Britain for cozying up to tyrant #

  34. We must stand against the Zionists! BTW, God DID NOT authorize them to do this: Ethnically Cleans Palestine: #

  35. Idiot FDA lawyers claim "there is no 'deeply rooted' historical tradition" of drinking raw milk. via @HealthRanger #

  36. I favorited a @YouTube video Jihan Hafiz On Reporting From Libya #

  37. Reactionary Libya? Mustafa Gheriani looks to the West, not socialism. Sami Bubtaina wants democracy & a private sector. #

  38. On "How US-UK Create 'Terrorist' States: Yemen as a Case Study," by Tim Coles. Zombie America. #

  39. @CorrosionX3

    Israel didn't give up land. You can't give up land you (@YouTube #

  40. @CorrosionX3

    Muslims persecuted Jews, you say; but Jews have persecuted man (@YouTube #

  41. GM cows produce human-like milk. Will we insist upon large clinical trials before this is unleashed on our human babies? #

  42. This is an interesting read. Let's work on making it no longer true. "Moral bankruptcy in Libya war" #

  43. The point on the monetary costs is quite valid. "Cost not a factor in decision on Libya" #

  44. Ilan Pappe's insight here is brilliant. RT @Mondoweiss Pappe: Zionism & Goldstone Report: incompatible beliefs #

  45. Peace activist Juliano Mer Khamis was shot dead in Jenin, Palestine. Whoever did this did a very wicked thing. #

  46. Fixed: What is the Federal Reserve doing lending money to, & profiting, Qaddaffi's regime (?) during economic sanctions? #

  47. I agree. I think, maybe. I don't know. I'm too old? I did get a good... #

  48. "'Disaster Memory' & Flooding of Fukushima," ANDREW REVKIN. Pinch a Yen now. Spend many Yen later cleaning up. #

  49. "'I'm just one small person': Belleville library yanks homeless man's card" . Hardheartedness is killing humanity. #

  50. Grisha Goryachev plays Panaderos by Esteban Sanlucar #

  51. Broken Justice at Bagram — for Afghans, and for Foreign Prisoners Held by the US | Andy Worthington #

  52. Contrary to the article's claim, men who rape men are definitely usually doing it for sex, and they are defini... (cont) . #

  53. RT @GreeGreece: Yemen crackdown claims more victims #

  54. Obama doesn't care about Manning or war crimes by the US. RT @WLLegal: Manning's treatment violates 5th & 8th Amend #

  55. RT @NetNewsBuzz: Obama's Treasury Dept siding with Big Banksters against Elizabeth Warren & State AGs #

  56. @CorrosionX3

    Where's your admission you were wrong that the Zionists gav (@YouTube #

  57. @CorrosionX3

    Another typical Zionist crap-method: point to the sins of other (@YouTube #

  58. @CorrosionX3

    You want "land smaller than New Jersey."

    "Tho (@YouTube #

  59. @CorrosionX3

    What does your God do to you on account of what you do to other (@YouTube #

  60. BP Deepwater Horizon Dolphin Die-Off, Gulf of Mexico, Texas-Louisiana border, February 2010 through the present: #

  61. BP Deepwater Horizon Dolphin Die-Off Official Cover-Up? #

  62. "EGYPT: Egyptian pacifist Maikel Nabil Sanad arrested for insulting the military" #

  63. @CineversityTV "Fukushima is now the radioactive Deepwater Horizon of the Pacific" #

  64. Libya: "what began as a popular unarmed struggle...has...become a civil war" True, but Qaddaffi should have quit. #

  65. Obama caved in to political pressure. What's new? He's so weak. He's going to use a military tribunal at Guantanamo, not a civilian court. #

  66. Ivory Coast, Cote d'Ivoire: Reuters is reporting that Gbagbo is surrendering. #

  67. "United States Notes," why isn't that a mantra? It's not a mantra because the mainstream media is bankster-controlled corporatism. #

  68. Libya: Who made the conscious decision not to destroy all of Qaddaffi's tanks and why? Even though I'm anti-war, I want to know. #

  69. "Algeria is concerned by a noticeably increased al Qaeda presence in neighboring Libya." Algeria is full of propaganda bull. #

  70. Saleh is not "a rampart against Yemen-based Al Qaeda." He is a boon to al Qaeda. If he were gone & Yemen democratic, al Qaeda would be out. #

  71. The sooner Barack Obama stands up in the open and tells Saleh to go, the better it will be. The US will be welcomed by the new government. #

  72. "BP to resume deepwater drilling in Gulf of Mexico" The reason for that is the national leadership has rocks for brains & stones for hearts. #

  73. Sen. Joe Manchin (Dem-WV): "I will not tell you that we can have everything we want and that there will be no cuts or sacrifice." I could. #

  74. "Libya Uprising: Qaddaffi's Bloody Siege of Misrata" Qaddaffi's forces are reportedly "shooting randomly." #

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