Right On! "Holder, Obama and the Cowardly Shame of Guantánamo and the 9/11 Trial" | Andy Worthington

I was going to blog on this myself, but Andy Worthington told me he was going to; so I decided to wait since I was confident he'd do a great job and I could promote his post. Andy has exceeded my expectations.

Holder, Obama and the Cowardly Shame of Guantánamo and the 9/11 Trial | Andy Worthington.

Here's my lead-in I posted on my Facebook Wall:

Have you read Andy Worthington's critique on Barack Obama's caving into the torture-lovers? Do it. Tweet it. Digg it. Like it. Share it.... Obama does not deserve your vote! Choose a shepherd who's not pathetically weak in the face of such evil. The results of waterboarding-torture will very likely NOT be ruled inadmissible by the military commission(s). For crying out loud, those men will be tried by the likes of the Star Chamber. Stand up! America is still sliding into the cesspool. Pull it out. Clean it up.

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