Twitter Digest: April 11, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: April 5, 2011 #

  2. It is calculating: "How France won the hearts of the Arab Street" #

  3. I like the clever ending. RT @AnnieMachon "If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide...." #

  4. Let's make the US wake up. It can benefit more by allowing the people of Libya & elsewhere to have a real say. #

  5. Palestine: How strong is the correlation between support for Apartheid South Africa and support for the Zionist Project? #

  6. Goldstone didn't judge whether Israel attacked to stop rockets. There was a 5-month lull & no rockets for a month before Israel invaded. #

  7. Wikipedia/Zionist claims: "List of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel, 2008" There was no proof about the "tunnel." #

  8. Cuba? Cuba has been under economic and trade sanctions for decades. If those ha (@YouTube #

  9. Wayne Root says the US has been the greatest nation for 200 years. Military Key (@YouTube #

  10. A very solid critique: "Holder, Obama and the Cowardly Shame of Guantánamo and the 9/11 Trial" | Andy Worthington #

  11. Right On! "Holder, Obama and the Cowardly Shame of Guantánamo and the 9/11 Trial" | Andy Worthington #

  12. I'm not seeing anyone's Tweets on Friendfeed (since Monday?). Is Twitter blocking Friendfeed, or is it just a... #

  13. Wayne Root says the US has been the greatest nation for 200 years. Military K... (YouTube #

  14. I liked a @YouTube video Zeitgeist Refuted Final Cut (Full Movie) #

  15. @shaktiidp

    The founder of your movement is lying about the founder of mine. (@YouTube #

  16. @ResistDeception

    That's a very interesting way of putting it.

    You se (@YouTube #

  17. @GnosticMedia

    That's no more relevant than December 25th and the Roman (@YouTube #

  18. @zohoe

    "...the infamous Taxil Hoax and its use here throws the schola (@YouTube #

  19. @thewaterwillcome

    You're lumping all socialism together the way various (@YouTube #

  20. I liked a @YouTube video Mordechai Vanunu Addresses Israel's Intent RE: Solitary Confine #

  21. I liked a YouTube video — Zeitgeist Refuted Final Cut (Full Movie) #

  22. I favorited a YouTube video — Zeitgeist Refuted Final Cut (Full Movie) #

  23. @shaktiidp

    The founder of your movement is lying about the founder of min... (YouTube #

  24. @ResistDeception

    That's a very interesting way of putting it.

    You ... (YouTube #

  25. @GnosticMedia

    That's no more relevant than December 25th and the Roma... (YouTube #

  26. @zohoe

    "...the infamous Taxil Hoax and its use here throws the scho... (YouTube #

  27. @thewaterwillcome

    You're lumping all socialism together the way vario... (YouTube #

  28. I liked a YouTube video — Mordechai Vanunu Addresses Israel's Intent RE: Solitary Conf... #

  29. Jesus-Myth: Ananda Marga, PROUT, Zeitgeist, Shiva v. Christian Commons #

  30. @thewaterwillcome

    Look, I know what is meant by you by "free market ca (@YouTube #

  31. The private firms buy the "state." Is that the fault of the principle (@YouTube #

  32. Why do people need capitalism in a non-capitalist-free society? That's the (@YouTube #

  33. Has Donald Trump lost more marbles? "I'm only interested in Libya if we get the oil," he said. He's an honest Dick Cheney & twice as dumb. #

  34. "insurgent groups like al Qaeda were evident...when gunmen...[killed] close to 60 people." Does that mean al Qaeda or like al Qaeda? Tricky! #

  35. John Avlon at The Daily Beast actually said Keith Olbermann & Glenn Beck were ideological extremes of left and right. Wow, is he sheltered. #

  36. @thewaterwillcome

    Look, I know what is meant by you by "free market ... (YouTube #

  37. The private firms buy the "state." Is that the fault of the princip... (YouTube #

  38. 10 children murdered, 18 wounded in Brazil by 24-yr-old allegedly w/ AIDS who committed suicide. Why murder children & make things worse? #

  39. Highway fossil-fuel & particulate pollution damages mice brains — memory loss.... Where are the electric & hydrogen cars, trucks, & busses? #

  40. Radioactive seafood is Hell for Japan. It's insane the world hasn't declared war on nuclear, oil, gas, & coal. They're killing the world. #

  41. 35,000 murdered in Mexico's drug violence in 4 years, but FBI Director Mueller says he "would not call it a full-scale war." Should it be? #

  42. Should drugs be legalized & controlled? Would it increase or decrease use? It would reduce the murders & defund the pathological killers. #

  43. Serpent drug cartels are murdering about 1,000 people a month in Mexico. Who's laundering the drug cartels' money? Where are they banking? #

  44. Don't tell me the drug cartel's money isn't traceable. Don't tell me you don't know who they are or can't break into their wire transfers. #

  45. Greece, Ireland, & Portugal have ignored Iceland's demonstration that a total cave in to neoliberal predators is not necessary. Kickbacks? #

  46. On political prisoners (Ai Weiwei, et al.), the US gave China America's jobs. Shut up about multi-party democracy, etc., & buy their stuff. #

  47. Chinese activist Zhao Lianhai: "As to how we will be handled after we have voiced these criticisms, this is something we can't consider." #

  48. English transcript of Chinese activist Zhao Lianhai's video: "We will not be silent." #

  49. "Hamas...violence against media...will only erode its own legitimacy—both domestically and internationally." #

  50. "it is not world socialism to be feared. It fascism that we must recognize and confront" CHINA SYNDROME #

  51. "... the Democratic Party itself is, at its heart, a business party. That's why the White House is so standoff... (cont) . #

  52. RT @wearewideawake: "@TomUsher ...please HELP me understand how to utilize TWITTER most effectively" If you... (cont) . #

  53. House bill bans EPA greenhouse-gas regulating. "Dirty Air Act"? No, Hot Air Act! You know: Global Warming & Republicans are full of.... #

  54. "Insider trading bust: Trader-attorney duo made over $32 million" Bet they weren't socialists. #

  55. Energy Secretary Chu says use nuclear until alternatives are competitive. Shilling! The more we invest now, the sooner they'll be cheaper. #

  56. Don't be stupid. Don't fund new nuclear-energy plants. Fund clean, sustainable alternatives: No oil, gas, coal, or nuclear. #

  57. Self-fulfilling stupidity: Energy Secretary Chu says not too many clean alternatives will be competitive with fossil fuels within a decade. #

  58. Paul Ryan (R-WI), chairman, House Budget Committee, will you wake up? "...12% of Americans would...decrease...Medicare." Pew Research #

  59. Speaking as a moron, we need better teachers so pay them less and teach to the test. #

  60. "Hawaii appeals court rejects 'birther' appeal" Oh, for Pete's sake, Obama, will you just show the damn thing to shut these people up! #

  61. No military commission for self-admitted terrorist Luis Posada Carriles because he was a terrorist for the CIA & retracted his confession? #

  62. The right to collectively bargain is recognized through international human rights conventions. Article 23 o... (cont) . #

  63. If free-trade agreements are helpful, why do free-trade capitalists say socialist countries inherently fail but put trade sanctions on them? #

  64. The Pentagon is afraid to let US Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) meet privately with Bradley Manning to determine if Manning is being abused. #

  65. RT @avinunu: Israel claiming "Iron Dome" shot down 5th Grad missile! lies to try to sell bogus system. http://... (cont) . #

  66. Canada is being anti-civil liberties toward the Roman Catholic Church & people who freely choose to be members & adhere. #

  67. Stupid Neocons fund the Pentagon but starve the children and trash the kindergarten teachers. Do you want to eat? Kill for Empire. #

  68. Republicans whine about troops not being paid but want to gut unemployment for workers and families trashed by the bankster-caused crash. #

  69. Have you noticed that the "non-lethal weapons" of the police are sadistic rather than tranquilizing? Where's the vaunted science? #

  70. "The recurring theme is monsters, demons and aliens. A lot of them had suicidal thoughts." This is not your gr... (cont) . #

  71. @thewaterwillcome

    "it isnt voluntary socialism if u are forcing ppl wh (@YouTube #

  72. @thewaterwillcome

    "when u say u want to eliminate profits u are not be (@YouTube #

  73. @thewaterwillcome

    "u ask where is this profitlessness allowed" No (@YouTube #

  74. @thewaterwillcome

    "so it is ok for capitalists to be capitalist as lon (@YouTube #

  75. America: Land Of Part-Time Job: Companies To Part-Time Only Policy #

  76. RT @edwardvirtually: nyt mentioning israeli attack incited bus bombing "Israel fought a three-week offensiv... (cont) . #

  77. Wal-Mart — It's Alive! via @theprospect Yes, but you might also realize you were a zygote & be reverent about it. #

  78. Pressure creditor nations to expand & lend rather than debtor nations to contract: "Who adjusts, debtors or creditors?" #

  79. 46% Mississippi Republicans Want Interracial Marriage Ban . Correlation Palin & Apartheid Israel? Incest far behind? #

  80. "Where now for the Goldstone report? Posted by "John Dugard - 06 April 2011 09:47" "In short, there are no ne... (cont) . #

  81. @thewaterwillcome

    Your ideology is laissez-faire capitalism. Everything you (@YouTube #

  82. LOL ending: "The President is a Muslim and I Have Proof" #

  83. RT @ThatGirlCA: Corporations = people. A woman's uterus is the state's. (via @blackmagpie69) Therefore, a corporation is a penis. #

  84. Birgitta Jonsdottir: Why I said NO to Icesave #

  85. "...undergraduate philosophy majors have the highest average scores on the standard tests used for admissio... (cont) . #

  86. "There was simply no room in our household for both Jesus Christ and my father's one true love: Ayn Rand." Sh... (cont) . #

  87. "...if you made them [nuclear-energy industry] bear those costs, if we didn't give them that free ride of limi... (cont) . #

  88. "...there is one thing that money doesn't seem to have bought: an understanding that their fate is bound up wi... (cont) . #

  89. Holy Spirit, please help David Brooks, who thinks Paul Ryan, the Ayn Rand/Koch Brothers-loving sociopath Repub... (cont) . #

  90. I'm sick of the rich. They are taking more and more and leaving less and less. They take without conscience... (cont) . #

  91. Hoovervilles, Obamavilles, same-same: With shelters full, homeless family sent to woods instead, Paducah KY #

  92. Oh, this is right on! I never understood why anyone thought Milton Friedman was smart. He always struck me a... (cont) . #

  93. I liked a @YouTube video Pleased with Draconian Cuts to Gov't, MN Billionaires Thank Leg #

  94. "Though innocent civilians were killed during the "Collateral Murder" incident, ... weapons were found on som... (cont) . #

  95. "If Obama (A Democrat) Does 'it' we simply won't cover it?! And, what do 'you' say?" True. But, Qaddaffi instigated it. #

  96. Gandhi had a German-Jewish bodybuilder lover? "Outrage over reviews of new Gandhi book - The Times of India.... (cont) . #

  97. @GreeGreece You read a great deal of news. Did you ever see anything credible that the Iraqi's were armed during "Collateral Murder"? #

  98. @GreeGreece I was thinking the same thing, and just because it was a war zone doesn't mean all armed Iraqis were hunting Americans. Thanks. #

  99. @GreeGreece: "There is this..."..... When digging three layers in, the underlying gif triggere... (cont) . #

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