Twitter Digest: April 15, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: April 11, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. My take on takes on: "Great Soul," by Joseph Lelyveld: "Gandhi left his wife for a Jewish bodybuilder" #

  3. If you understand Arabic, watch this. #

  4. There is no way a stalmate can occur in Libya if Qaddaffi's forces keep losing tank after tank & "rebels" keep getting more weapons, etc. #

  5. Either you enforce the "Responsibility to Protect," including on the ground, or you don't do anything anywhere internal to any nation-state. #

  6. You can't pick & choose when to use the RtoP. If the UNSC is the world cop, then protect regardless of wealth, power, control, & ethnicity. #

  7. If the UNSC isn't the world cop, stop firing on Qaddaffi's forces. In other words, make up your minds. Be consistent one way or the other. #

  8. The French have turned over a leaf. Is it new? They've stepped into Côte d'Ivoire on the ground. They want to do that in Libya. To what end? #

  9. Now that the Gulf Cooperation Council has said Saleh must go, he can't possibly survive in power against that and the US/UN. Wake up, Saleh! #

  10. No-fly Gaza is proper, but Hamas must be willing to take hits without retaliating. It will then gain the undeniable moral upper-hand. #

  11. RT @edwardvirtually: "@TomUsher they've tried that repeatedly, sometimes for a year at a time. just makes thei... (cont) . #

  12. RT @edwardvirtually: "@TomUsher you're more of an optimist than i. people knowing about it and being able t... (cont) . #

  13. RT @edwardvirtually: "@TomUsher those in power in the us universally support israel. thus we are never goin... (cont) . #

  14. RT @edwardvirtually: "@TomUsher may you be right." I am, if enough people will believe it. You need to get o... (cont) . #

  15. RT @edwardvirtually: "@TomUsher i forward info about the situation and i will continue to. i'm a cynic from ex... (cont) . #

  16. The deeper the governmental spending cuts during this L-shaped depression, the worse things will get. The Tea Party will be to blame. #

  17. RT @edwardvirtually: "@TomUsher if you think the Zionist love me, you obviously haven't seen some of their twe... (cont) . #

  18. If Barack Obama had enough brains, he'd change to debate to raising taxes on the ultra-rich. He loves bein... (cont) . #

  19. "Ryan's plan has been praised for its boldness. Even some who vehemently disagree with the specifics have cred... (cont) . #

  20. Deregulation of the banking sector coupled with tax cuts for the rich exactly correlate with the crash. Reverse both, and things improve. #

  21. "Hillary...says...arrest of...Gbagbo sends a strong signal to dictators...about...consequences of ignoring the people's will." Not the UNSC? #

  22. Richard Fineberg, a pipeline analyst with Ester, Alaska-based Research Associates: "With the cost, energy an... (cont) . #

  23. RT @edwardvirtually: "@TomUsher the difference is in our level of optimism. which as i said doesn't matter. sp... (cont) . #

  24. RT @GreeGreece: "Hey, birthers, this looks pretty convincing . I put that on my blog back when. I buy it. Drag Trump in. #

  25. Donald, You're Fired! Trump repeats false claims about Obama's birthplace. He wasn't hired. #

  26. Birther Donald Trump, You're Not Hired! President Barack Obama, You're Still Fired! via @AddToAny #

  27. I liked a @YouTube video US States creating their own banks-On the Edge with Max Keiser- #

  28. Stacy Herbert did a particularly effective job in this segment. Unionists and l (@YouTube #

  29. I favorited a YouTube video — Keiser Report: Food Stamp Army (E134) #

  30. I liked a @YouTube video Keiser Report: Virtual Pigs Eat Dirty Cash (E135 ft. Alex Jones #

  31. I favorited a @YouTube video Saudi sacrilege-News Analysis-04-10-2011-(Part1) #

  32. Terror Attack: Deadly metro blast shocks Belarus capital Minsk via @youtube #

  33. I truly hope NATO isn't lying. "Silent Killer: NATO denies depleted uranium bombs blasted Libya" via @youtube #

  34. I truly hope NATO isn't lying. Journalists in Libya should be given proper (@YouTube #

  35. The Egyptian military is being stupid. "Arrest of Egyptian bloggers provokes doubt" via @youtube #

  36. Obama is right. Bush's tax cuts for the rich = stupid. You don't hear him give solutions: Nationalize the Fed, & issue United States Notes. #

  37. Nationalize the Federal Reserve, issue interest-and-tax free United States Notes, and pay off the National Debt right now. #

  38. Barack Obama said, "Nobody is an environmentalist until you get sick." Then he's not sick. Either way, he's wrong. #

  39. Fracking: Toxic spills, site explosions, carcinogenic water, huge CO2 releases, unknown seismic risks, distractions from clean sustainables. #

  40. Jonathan Tasini, if bloggers knew HuffPo wouldn't pay but you force them to pay, then I want money from everywhere I've written. Fair? #

  41. UNSC members have the legal duty by any means necessary unilaterally to enforce UNSC resolutions. UK/France, is Qaddaffi violating? Peace. #

  42. UK/France, is Qaddaffi violating the UNSC resolutions? Why pick and choose which laws to enforce and against whom? #

  43. Too little, too late: "California utilities and other electricity providers have until the end of 2020 to dra... (cont) . #

  44. People who think oil, coal, & gas are cheaper don't factor in the "externalities." I factor in all the cost... (cont) . #

  45. BrightSource is Zionist. The company should have been 100% Californian. "On Monday, Chu announced a $1.6 billi... (cont) . #

  46. Hillary Clinton didn't tell the Egyptian Military that by cracking down, it can quickly lose its handout from strapped American taxpayers. #

  47. Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton haven't told dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh to leave Yemen. Their failure helps al Qaeda to recruit. #

  48. Obama & Clinton haven't even called on Syria's dictator Bashar Assad to allow multi-party, "free-and-fair" democracy or step down now. #

  49. W/o nationalizing the Fed or issuing United States Notes, the historically low marginal tax-rates for the rich will cause greater problems. #

  50. AP article doesn't say North Dakota style state bank for 5 most populated US states. . Research: "Bank of North Dakota" #

  51. Overview this whole site. I did. Each US state should implement its own State Bank modeled on the "Bank of North Dakota": #

  52. It's not the end-all-be-all, but it's a far cry better than the current mess where the Fed completely ignore... (cont) . #

  53. "The Pentagon says the president's goal to slash another $400 billion from defense spending over the next 12 years...." That's slashing? Ha! #

  54. "According to Obama administration figures, just over $3 trillion of the $14.27 trillion debt can be attribute... (cont) . #

  55. If I were doing to neighbors what Qaddaffi is doing to civilians, King County Sheriff Deputies would be called to stop me under their RtoP. #

  56. AZ Senate passed bill requiring presidential candidates prove born US citizens — claim no proof Obama born citizen, but: #

  57. Crime is caused by hardening hearts, lessened by softening hearts. The US & its prison industry harden — not designed to rehabilitate. #

  58. Anti-litigious? Republican Medicare/tort reform is the poor can't sue the malpracticing rich for full pain & suffering & punitive damages. #

  59. Syria: "Assad blames the violence on a foreign conspiracy and armed gangs rather than true reform-seekers." His forces are the armed gangs. #

  60. This video is generating tough commentary. The world doesn't need scanning & frisking. It needs the truth: . #

  61. "Martin Macpherson, the director of the London-based Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers, said he i... (cont) . #

  62. AP propaganda: "Somalia has been mired in violence since 1991." The Islamic Courts Union had brought much of Somalia to relative peace. #

  63. RT @GreeGreece: Stagnant Wages, Rising Inequality
    By: Ethan Pollack (It's the capitalis... (cont) . #

  64. Re: #

  65. "Nonviolence is dangerous for the occupation. How do I know? Between April 2010 and now, I have been arreste... (cont) . #

  66. Tweeted and shared on Facebook and my blog. (@YouTube #

  67. Apartheid Israel: #

  68. It doesn't take months to learn to fire an anti-tank weapon. The learning curve is not why Libyan revolutionaries haven't been thusly armed. #

  69. "Qaddafi forces are shelling the port and sniping innocent people in the city of Misrata," Libya #

  70. "Qaddafi forces are shelling the port and sniping innocent people in the city of Misrata," Libya. Either th... (cont) . #

  71. I favorited a @YouTube video road map to Isreali apartheid #

  72. @edwardvirtually One of these is gone. Mark my words. Both will be. Peace! #

  73. I like this comment: "Okay I'm anti-war and everything, but for most of human history, we had war without tel... (cont) . #

  74. Pro-war "liberals" aren't talking about consistency in the RtoP. Recognition of the importance of consistency comes before consistent peace. #

  75. Pro-war "liberals" aren't talking about consistency in the RtoP. (@YouTube #

  76. "There is nothing in international law that supports Israel's four-year-long blockade of Gaza or its attack... (cont) . #

  77. Where did the current round of violence between the Zionist-Israelis and Gazans begin?

    "On 16 March the Israe... (cont) . #

  78. On: "Libya intervention: A legitimate and necessary debate from an anti-imperialist perspective," by Gilbert Achcar #

  79. "The Obama Disaster, at Home and Abroad: A Black Agenda Radio commentary," by Glen Ford I too had said he was a phony. #

  80. @edwardvirtually @GreeGreece "South Africa: Victory for BDS campaign as university cuts Israel ties, Universit... (cont) . #

  81. RT @edwardvirtually: "@TomUsher; They're a bunch of cowards. It's non-binding. They know it won't fly at the UN. #

  82. The US Senate is ZOG: Zionist Occupied Government.

    The UN isn't going to revoke the Goldstone Report. Israe... (cont) . #

  83. Has Evo Morales reconstituted neoliberalism in Bolivia? " reasonable response to the Morales regime's com... (cont) . #

  84. @edwardvirtually "American support for Palestinian state

    "The American people seem to be getting it. Accordin... (cont) . #

  85. Egyptian Army Shooting Civilians, Must be Accountability, Joint Human Rights Report, April 9 Attack, Tahrir Square #

  86. I liked a @YouTube video Sovereign Debt Crisis Excuse to Re-fight Thatcher-Reagan Wars #

  87. Now, that's a man concerning whom picking his brain is likely not a waste o (@YouTube #

  88. Bailout a 'flawed plan' forced on Irish people: . from @the_irish_times #

  89. The more I tell the truth, the more the lie-lovers fall away. #

  90. "75% of Americans oppose taxpayer-backed loans for nuclear power and favor increasing emphasis on renewable energy." — Greenpeace #

  91. Fiscal transparency or fiscal ignorance: The Electronic Government Fund #savethedata via @sunfoundation #

  92. Iceland Independence from International Banks Austerity is unnecessary. Nationalize the Fed. Issue United States Notes. #

  93. Who has your back? Tell companies to stand with you when the government comes knocking. via @eff #

  94. "Fewer than 46% of Americans have jobs." Many of the jobs are low-paying and part-time. I believe things are far worse now than in 1983. #

  95. <46% of Americans have jobs. #

  96. There is no 'safe' exposure to radiation #

  97. "Israel is only a democracy if you are a Jew." — Mordechai Vanunu @wearewideawake #

  98. Egyptian military leader, Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, repent. Obama, Clinton, America, stop funding that abusive military. #

  99. @thewaterwillcome

    You say that I have no right to define freedom. How much (@YouTube #

  100. @CluelessRT

    Geiger counters definitely register battlefield DU contaminatio (@YouTube #

  101. The Depleted Uranium Scandal Geiger counters definitely register battlefield DU contamination. #

  102. @shakagenghis

    What makes you think I haven't read about "science&q (@YouTube #

  103. Well, Qaddaffi wouldn't quit under UNSC RtoP, so now it's regime change for that violation. #

  104. Libya: "Human Rights Watch said it had evidence that Gaddafi's forces were firing cluster munitions into resid... (cont) . #

  105. Don't be a Tea Party sucker. History shows that cutting gov. spending & taxes on the rich during a depression does not lead to recovery. #

  106. "...antibiotic-resistant bacteria in meats.... why they're resistant is directly related to antibiotic use in food animal production." #

  107. Right when antibiotic-resistant bacteria in meats is being reported, Republican Tea Partiers want to cut meat-inspection funding. #

  108. Returning to the Gold Standard is a terrible idea. It's an environmental mining/processing nightmare. The ric... (cont) . #

  109. Libya: "...the state of the opposition is so grave that it could take years to organize, arm and train...." I'... (cont) . #

  110. Libya: "There are "indications" that Qatar has begun to supply some easy-to-use weapons, including shoulder-fi... (cont) . #

  111. More gold investing and a Gold Standard would bring more of this, not less: #

  112. US Senate Investigations Subcommittee Releases Levin-Coburn Report On the Financial Crisis via @AddToAny #

  113. Composition of the SDR's (Special Drawing Rights) basket of currencies: US dollar, euro, yen, and pound. #

  114. "The president also made clear he is no fan of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), the GOP's Budget Committee chairman.

    ... (cont) . #

  115. RT @GreeGreece: RT @CynthiaY29: Restricted Reading: South Carolina Jail Bans All Books Except for the Bible ... (cont) . #

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