Twitter Digest: April 22, 2011

  1. For every deficit-dollar, raise 2 in taxes on the superrich using the surplus to pay off the National Debt. Maybe they'll cut the military. #

  2. @thewaterwillcome

    You are one of those who when shown he is wrong neverthel (@YouTube #

  3. @mcusa77

    I suspect Morris would concur but with further qualifications/elab (@YouTube .) #

  4. 78 percent oppose cutting spending on Medicare. #

  5. 72 percent support raising taxes on family incomes over $250,000. #

  6. @WordGuru There was nothing sick about the Christians who when to the lions rather than killing others. They were good and brave and true. #

  7. @WordGuru Jesus Christ went to the cross without fighting back. He didn't kill anyone for killing. His way is better then yours. #

  8. Don't listen to privatizers about Medicare and Social Security. They're the ones who started screwing up pensions back in the 1980's. #

  9. There's no doubt Donald Trump isn't an anarcho-capitalist. He once wisely said we should tax the ultra-rich to pay off the National Debt. #

  10. Mainstream news says US plurality approve same-sex marriage. It may only mean "doesn't block civil unions," not "approve" or "marriage." #

  11. They brought the gray wolf back to kill it. #

  12. . "Then and now: The Gulf a year after the oil spill." It still looks very unhealthy. #

  13. "Big Brothers: Thought Control at Koch" People will be fired over political views and sue and win. #

  14. Libya: Why was Benghazi worth saving but Misurata is not? Concerning Misurata, how can the UN arbitrarily not enforce the UNSC resolutions? #

  15. Qaddaffi violates UNSC resolutions. Police tell neighbors to stop beating each other. If they don't, the polic... (cont) . #

  16. "Is 10 years old too young for a sex change?" That article doesn't ask the question: Has he been sexually abused? #

  17. @thewaterwillcome

    If I didn't know, unlike you, that raping a child doe (@YouTube #

  18. I favorited a @YouTube video . Tour de FORCE #

  19. The rich have their think-tank minions commenting on Citizens United v. Federal Election Co... (cont) . #

  20. @WordGuru The Christian men went to the lions with their wives and children. They did not fight and kill the Romans. Didn't you know that? #

  21. Hogwash: " 3 Reasons Not to Sweat Citizens United - Big Government" via @AddToAny #

  22. @WordGuru You're wrong, of course. Jesus's teaching is to the whole world. Those who reject it will suffer whether secular or not. #

  23. The US has ID'd Qaddafi's supply lines to Misrata. Obama doesn't have an aversion to killing, but he hasn't blocked those supply lines. #

  24. Qaddaffi broke the UNSC resolution by attacking civilians. No-drive enforcement became a requirement; otherwise, the UNSC is unreliable. #

  25. "Huckabee criticizes Beck for 'progressive' claim" Mike Huckabee's a Zionist, not a Bircher, but less insane than Beck. . #

  26. Will some multi-billionaire short gold at just the right time to double his money? Will he have had inside inf... (cont) . #

  27. "Gary Nolan, director of a smokers' rights group, said he wouldn't be surprised if the CDC's prediction cam... (cont) . #

  28. Robert "Redford describes Pebble as a disaster-in-the making. But the mining companies maintain they can devel... (cont) . #

  29. "We are not happy about the latest events in Libya, which are pulling the international community into a confl... (cont) . #

  30. Hand it to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, he's vastly wiser than Qaddaffi. Will he though allow multi-party democracy & run or neither? #

  31. If Syria's Assad can keep peace, he'll have set the bar very high for other leaders throughout the Middle East, North Africa, & the world. #

  32. "The United States and other Western countries have expressed muted criticism [of Bahrain, but not Saudi Arabi... (cont) . #

  33. "More than 100 nations have said they recognize Palestine as a state. But full U.N. membership would also requ... (cont) . #

  34. @Angieforliberty I'm not an Obama fan; but still, have you read the following? #

  35. I liked a @YouTube video Mike Norman: 'US debt is a myth!' #

  36. I favorited a @YouTube video Mike Norman: 'US debt is a myth!' #

  37. RT @GreeGreece: Mike Norman: 'US debt is a myth!' Hey Tony, I "Liked" & "Favorited" it & subscribed to him. #

  38. @USABroke Who are you? #

  39. There're tons of economic know-nothings running around like Chicken Little hoping little gold investments will save them rather than crash. #

  40. Don't make me laugh. "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Muammar Gaddafi has consolidated his position in central and west... (cont) . #

  41. Twitter accounts without a link to a real name or site or without a real bio & pop up to make idiotic comments will be immediately blocked. #

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