Secular Political-Economic Platform Planks

The following are not all "Christian" planks, per se. Christianity would remove all coercion. Hearts are so hardened though that I can't seem to get very many people to even consider the Christian Commons.

This is just a "quick and dirty" list. I've deliberately avoided abortion, homosexuality, drug legalization, and a number of other so-called "social" issues (though everything impacts upon and is impacted by society to some degree).

These measures would nearly immediately end the negative aftereffects of the recent recession (I say it's still on-going):

  1. Slash the Pentagon by at least 75% (that would still keep it at twice the spending of the nearest "rival": China)
  2. Raise taxes on the rich to where they were in 1950 when the US was at the height of its global economic power and the bottom was beginning to be lifted before the huge reverse that began mostly starting under Ronald Reagan
  3. Nationalize the Federal Reserve
  4. Immediately declare all Federal Reserve Notes to be United States Notes (see #6 below)
  5. Amend the US Constitution so that money is issued pegged to real productivity and withdrawn in real-time so that there is no deflation or inflation
  6. Issue debt-and-interest-free United States Notes
  7. Balance the budget (this would be automatic by virtue of the above)
  8. Completely pay off the National Debt using United States Notes
  9. Bailout and level all state and local governments
  10. Institute national single-payer healthcare system
  11. Create a full-employment, public-employment program
  12. Create a high-skills training program for all the unemployed
  13. Fully fund the educational system so that an education through the doctorate level will be less costly to students than public high school is now (if you can do the work, you get the degree)
  14. Build and restore housing to get the foreclosed-upon and homeless into good housing ASAP
  15. Immediately highly regulate the banking sector
  16. Eliminate money-laundering
  17. Move to ban usury (all interest on loans)
  18. End all subsidies for oil, gas, coal, ethanol, and nuclear
  19. Prime the economic pump by making direct public investments in solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, and other such clean, sustainable energy sources
  20. Repair and improve the nation's infrastructure
  21. Enhance the nation's communications and energy grids, including the Internet
  22. Reverse the privatization trend (no privatized prisons, law-enforcement, military, etc.)
  23. Once the poor and lower-middle classes have been lifted way up, move to eliminate all taxes (this would not take very long once the measures above are in place and being enforced)
  24. Prosecute all Bush-administration officials responsible for waterboarding and other torture and for taking the US into wars based upon lies (punishments are a different matter)
  25. Thoroughly investigate the 9/11 cover-up
  26. Prosecute everyone involved in the rampant control-fraud in the financial sector (Goldman Sachs and others)
  27. Ban GMO and cloned "foods"
  28. Clean up the environment, including the oceans
  29. Reduce environmental pollution across-the-board, including light and noise pollution
  30. Remove all untested chemicals from the marketplace
  31. Allow no new chemicals or biological products to be released prior to passing thorough testing
  32. Track all hazardous substances/materials from cradle to grave
  33. Immediately ban land mines and cluster bombs and the like while moving to global disarmament
  34. End financial aid to Apartheid Israel
  35. End all support for nationalistic and anti-democratic regimes
  36. Institute boycott, divestment, and sanction policies and programs against all nationalistic and anti-democratic regimes
  37. Push for these and similar measures at the international level (UN, etc.)
  38. Give the people being held in US prisons around the world fair, civil, jury trials ASAP or release them

What would you add to the list?

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