Twitter Digest: April 29, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: April 25, 2011 #

  2. A Little News of WikiLeaks via @AddToAny #

  3. Secular Political-Economic Platform Planks via @AddToAny #

  4. I'd rather have a President who takes a principled stand against the superrich and sees it through to the end rather than caves in. #

  5. April 27, 1805, in the First Barbary War, American Marines and mercenaries captured Derna, "the shores of Tripoli." #

  6. Is the government of Mexico going to declare total war on the Zetas? Should drugs be legalized & regulated in the US to cut off the Zetas? #

  7. Obama just changed the sanctions on Libya so rebels can sell oil for weapons and ammo, etc. Little-by-little, the Qaddaffi-regime is dying. #

  8. Is there any doubt that Syria's Assad is following in Qaddaffi's footsteps? Is RtoP only selective? Assad is a universally illegal dictator. #

  9. Either apply RtoP always or never. #

  10. Certain negative critics of NATO v. Qaddaffi may back illegal-dictator impunity. World Peace will be great, but it'll take a global village. #

  11. Putin and Chavez are speaking stupidly about Qaddaffi. There is zero doubt Qaddaffi started it by illegally attacking unarmed civilians. #

  12. Let me give you the "new world rules" for "safety at nuclear plants." Shut them all down forever. Go 100% clean, sustainable alternatives. #

  13. Rebels can use oil money for weapons, Western military-trainers are on the ground, & experienced soldiers are at the rebel front...ticktock. #

  14. US Defense Secretary Gates is full of it. The US fought Germany & Japan at the same time. It can handle Afghanistan, Libya, & Syria. Geesh! #

  15. I'm not advocating attacking every illegal dictator who starts killing civilians. Just don't lie that it's beyond US-military capability. #

  16. There's zero doubt the US could park an aircraft carrier task force off Syria & hit Assad's tanks & such — even destroy Syria's military. #

  17. Why do we need Defense Secretary Bob Gates lying that the US couldn't make it all but impossible for Assad to cling to power? #

  18. Defense Secretary Bob Gates is against universal application of the RtoP. He knows that the US would have to apply it against the Zionists. #

  19. Syrian human-rights organization Sawasiah says that Assad has murdered at least 400 civilians since the recent protests began. #

  20. Brit. For. Sec. Hague & US Def. Sec. Gates spin Russia & China on Arab uprisings. Can Russia & China back the slaughter of civilians? No! #

  21. RT @GreeGreece: "I think Britain and Russia had something to do with defeating Hitler which the casualty figur... (cont) . #

  22. RT @jawnita: "Still highlight of my day. Tirade against me on Xtian website, how I have 'hard heart toward th... (cont) . #

  23. My Take: "President Obamas Long Form Birth Certificate | The White House" via @AddToAny #

  24. Reasons to move Gen. David Petraeus to the CIA include bringing more military capabilities to the CIA & increasing DIA/CIA integration. #

  25. @ChromeDeck

    1) I want to add a column: "My tweets retweeted." They don't all show up in the Mentions column... (cont) . #

  26. @CineversityTV: Thanks for retweeting me. I'm not seeing them in TweetDeck Chrome because there's no "@TomUshe... (cont) . #

  27. "RT @GreeGreece: RT @cdashiell: We need one of the five corporatist Republican Supreme Court justices to be ra... (cont) . #

  28. The worst thing about taxes other than they exist is that the rich don't pay enough. #

  29. Donald Trump said about Obama's "long-form" birth certificate: "I hope that it's true so we can get on to muc... (cont) . #

  30. Once in a blue moon, World Net Daily has some right things to say. The moon isn't blue. "Trump Adviser: Eve... (cont) . #

  31. Joseph Farah: "...regarding Obama's eligibility.... It would be a big mistake for everyone to jump to a conclu... (cont) . #

  32. If the rich are not ashamed of what they are saying, why are they afraid to disclose how much they spend on political ads and lobbying? #

  33. Wow, tough on Trump, but Trump did the risk analysis going in, didn't he? No. He'd be a dangerous President. #

  34. General Electric made $14.2 billion in 2010 & paid zero US corporate income taxes for 2010. It actually got $3.2 billion from the treasury. #

  35. I stand by true-Christian morality and the heterosexual, monogamous, faithful concept of family. At the sam... (cont) . #

  36. I liked a @YouTube video The Truth About GOP Hero Ayn Rand #

  37. I favorited a @YouTube video The Truth About GOP Hero Ayn Rand #

  38. The person Ayn Rand hated most is Jesus, the best person who ever lived I know (@YouTube #

  39. Thank you, Jesus! #

  40. My Answer: "AlterNet: One More Reason Religion Is So Messed Up: Respected Theologian Defends Genocide and Infanticide" #

  41. "What is the Chernobyl death toll?" by Jim Green. Chernobyl estimated deaths: George Monbiot v. Dr Helen Caldicott. #

  42. "Did You Fall for It? America's Outrage Over TSA Naked Body Scanners Was Right-Wing PR to Prevent Workers fro... (cont) . #

  43. David Barton doesn't know anything about Jesus's message. His comprehension of the Gospel message is nonexistent. . #

  44. CDC (US Center for Disease Control) predicts smoking bans in every state by 2020. . #

  45. "Smoking States and Tobacco Producing States" "Smoking has been on a long term decline in the U.S." #

  46. This being the last Friday in April: Happy Arbor Day USA. #

  47. I liked a @YouTube video The GOP Meets the Main Street Movement #

  48. The RLCC can't endorse candidates for secular political office, but it can supp (@YouTube #

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