Twitter Digest: May 4, 2011

  1. Monsanto the Greedy, Nature-Destroying Devil: "Great seed robbery," by Vandana Shiva | Deccan Chronicle . #

  2. Libya: "You are the aggressors. We will negotiate with you. Come, France, Italy, U.K., America, come to negoti... (cont) . #

  3. Golden Rule For the Rich, Hell For the Poor via @AddToAny #

  4. A 1612 edition of the King James Version of the Bible says, "printers have persecuted me." Oops, God has a sense of humor. #

  5. Hogwash: "Republican strategist Charlie Black...said Obama's decision to address the birther controversy perso... (cont) . #

  6. US Senate's Deficit-Hawk Gang of Six: Gangster Sicks is more like it via @AddToAny #

  7. Has the Iranian government condemned Assad & his Baath Party murdering over 500 protesters, or are they only worried about Barhraini Shia? #

  8. McDonald's "declined to disclose how many of the jobs were full- versus part-time." How many were minimum wage too? #

  9. "Physical Silver Investors Are Being Hoodwinked by the Futures Market" #

  10. 9/11 Still Needs Investigating Regardless of Claims of Osama bin Laden's Assassination via @AddToAny #

  11. "After intense lobbying, banks won deregulation of commodities markets in the US in 2000, allowing them to dev... (cont) . #

  12. of two minds: "The Housing Bubble Broke the Middle Class" #

  13. "A US Department of Justice test of the CelleBrite UFED used by Michigan police found the device could grab al... (cont) . #

  14. Known all along: "secret operation to run guns across the border to Mexican drug cartels — overseen by U.S. government" #

  15. I favorited a @YouTube video Chris Hedges speech Union Square NYC - April 15th 2011 #

  16. How many warmongering American super-patriots ever read Osama bin Laden's Fatwa against the US and considered the merits of his grievances? #

  17. Hillary Clinton's hypocrisy on Bahrain: "a one-size-fits-all approach...doesn't make sense in such a diverse region at such a fluid time." #

  18. Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton are hypocritical snakes attacking Qaddaffi for exactly the same things being done in Bahrain by the Saudis. #

  19. Haaretz's Cnaan Liphshiz (journalist) from Dutch Zionist group CIDI (Centre for Documentation and Information on Israel) #

  20. I favorited a @YouTube video from @storyofstuff The Story of Citizens United v. FEC (2011) #

  21. We Are Wide - Eye Witness Reporting on Israel Palestine via @AddToAny #

  22. Links in the "We Are Wide Awake" version don't work. These do: #

  23. WARREN MOSLER is post-Keynesian, even a neo-chartalist (I am also, with a number of qualifications). You se... (cont) . #

  24. What do you think historic Ashkenazi discrimination against Moroccan Jews has to do with Mordechai Vanunu? #

  25. Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem states some valid criticisms against UN Secretary Genera... (cont) . #

  26. Palestine; Israel: "Consequently the struggle against censorship and disinformation — the struggle to raise pe... (cont) . #

  27. If sins of fathers are visited on sons, Prince William (the German to be King of England) will lose more than his hair. #

  28. Turkey's "neo-Ottoman nostalgia"? #

  29. Gaza, Palestine, Israel: "Goldstone's cringing retraction of his own conclusions came after an internationa... (cont) . #

  30. Ban Ki-moon agreed to reject an investigation into war crimes by Israel in the 2008 Israeli invasion of Gaza. #

  31. Sam, the split is over unbridled capitalism and you know it. "How Obama and Trump Imprison Voters," By SAM HUSSEINI. . #

  32. King of Bahrain and the Zionist entity: Kissy kissy #

  33. "According to one cable, Rice spoke with UN chief Ban Ki-moon three times on May 4, 2009 to urge him to remov... (cont) . #

  34. Navy SEAL immigrant & bin Laden? "Give me your tired, your poor, your sons willing to blow people's heads off." Really? #

  35. "60% of US Teens Believe Torture Is OK." In my late teens, 2% wouldn't have said that. Neocons, Zionists, & Rupert Murdoch are to blame. #

  36. I liked a @YouTube video Feinstein on torture info #

  37. Written the same: "How Wall Street and the Toxic Philosophy of Ayn Rand Are Destroying Our Retirements," by Les Leopold . #

  38. You can be a militant patriot or a Christian but not both. Fools think otherwise. If you're choosing between the two, choose Christianity. #

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