Robert Fisk: 'We will never cease our struggle until we bring down Assad' - Robert Fisk, Commentators - The Independent

Syria's Assad is worse than Osama bin Laden. Osama was against both Assad and the Saudi Royal dictators.

Osama was not perfect, not even close; but he wasn't given a trial because there was no evidence against him linking him to 9/11 or even the earlier African bombings, etc. Who knows what "evidence" the CIA/DIA (one and the same) will plant in Osama's computers now?

Who knows what evidence against the US Osama would have revealed had he been given a fair and open trial?

Those who are gleeful that Osama was summarily murdered, are extremely ignorant, shortsighted, and duped by the greediest, stealthiest Empire humanity has ever known.

The America of the Bill of Rights is dead. We now have a Secretary of State in Hillary Clinton who says that a one-size-fits-all American foreign policy is a bad idea. Well, no it isn't.

Wake up. Righteousness is the best policy.

Then they shot into the crowds, firing also with tank-mounted machine guns into homes on both sides of the main streets.

None of the Syrian adults would give their names or have their photographs taken but they spoke with fury of what had happened to them six days ago. Several claimed that their protests against the Assad government started two months ago – an intriguing assertion which suggests the first rural protests in Syria may have begun weeks before the world knew what was happening – but that the protesters, all Sunnis, had been protected because of the intercession of the respected Sheikh of the town's mosque, Osama Akeri.

But last Wednesday morning, armed men seized the sheikh from his home and the Sunni Muslims of the city poured on to the streets. "We were shouting 'independence – give us freedom and independence' and they came in tanks and opened fire, the shabiha shooting at the men at the front; everyone started running but they went on shooting at us from the tanks and people fell everywhere," one man said.

"The tanks completely surrounded the town. People were running away into the fields, the babies screaming, trying to get to Lebanon."

via Robert Fisk: 'We will never cease our struggle until we bring down Assad' - Robert Fisk, Commentators - The Independent.

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