Twitter Digest: May 8, 2011

  1. The more I read about it, the more it appears Osama bin Laden may have been gunned down unarmed and that there was hardly a "firefight." #

  2. Chalmers Johnson's widow speaks: Celebrating "the Death of Someone Is Peculiar, Even If It's Osama bin Laden" . #

  3. David Koch says Barack Obama deserves "zero credit" for the death of Osama bin Laden. David, he gave the order to kill him and they did. #

  4. "Did Bolling Call For the Waterboarding of President Obama?" Yes, he did. Will the Secret Service pay him a visit? #

  5. Even More Than This: "David Barton's Historical Hallucinations" #

  6. If trickle-down were going to work, it would have. The super-rich are doing "better and better" while the rest are sliding down, down, down. #

  7. If you can't stand my tweets, get out of the kitchen. #

  8. Stop King Coal from causing death and disease from mercury from coal-fired power plants. Americans, do this: . #

  9. "Fallujah, Iraq 2004 - Misrata, Libya 2011" #

  10. There is ecosocialism. The main problem with "The Ecosocialist Critique of Capitalism vs. Real World Socialism... (cont) . #

  11. In "The Ecosocialist Critique of Capitalism vs. Real World Socialism," by Edwin G. Dolan, he just dismisses th... (cont) . #

  12. Hillary Clinton has power over issuing a permit for extending the Keystone XL pipeline. Tell her not to. . #

  13. Charles "Koch glorifies Warren G. Harding and his successor Calvin Coolidge for producing "one of the most pro... (cont) . #

  14. I liked a @YouTube video Troy Davis 2011 — No Man is an Island #

  15. Gas prices are up. Oil company profits are way up. Oil company production is deliberately down. Stupid people think the answer is drilling. #

  16. "Coffey got arrested...will never get to use his taser to abuse...torture people as a police officer...again — maybe." #

  17. Bin Laden's Assassination, Zionism, American Nationalism, Arab Spring, Egypt, Palestine, Pakistan, International Law... #

  18. Super-rich anarcho-capitalists want members of the middle & lower classes stupidly to be against themselves & for those super-rich. #

  19. The super-rich anarcho-capitalists have not been acting as Henry Ford when he paid his workers enough to be middle-class car buyers. #

  20. Henry Ford believed in trickle-down. He did it. The Koch Brothers, DeVos family, & Walton family, however, kill their employees/customers. #

  21. The super-rich will get richer and richer until no one else can buy their crap. #

  22. The super-rich will get richer & richer until no one can breathe the air, drink the water, or live on the soil or grow a thing in it. #

  23. I like public property. The more of it, the better. I don't like privatization. "Why Is One US City Strippin... (cont) . #

  24. "Israel persecutes whistleblowers," by Steven Katsineris. "It's wonderful that WikiLeaks and Julian Assange ar... (cont) . #

  25. It's the Zionist version. Many British nationalists are actually Zionists. #

  26. The EU agreed on sanctions on 14 or so Syrians but not on Bashar al-Assad. The EU is obviously up to some kind of bankster evil. #

  27. US CIA Predator-Drone People: Nothing more than cold-blooded killers bound for the Hell of your own making #

  28. Does this include Chechnya and Tibet? Of course it doesn't. You didn't think Russian and Chinese leaders aren'... (cont) . #

  29. I agree: "In respect of the recent use of deadly force against Osama bin Laden, the United States of Americ... (cont) . #

  30. With what Conservatives & Lib Dems have done, I don't blame The Scottish National Party planning a referendum on secession. #

  31. Are the Russians & Chinese prepared to say Qaddaffi may flout UNSC Resolution 1973 via his continued attacks on civilians, even in Tunisia? #

  32. How do Russian & Chinese leaders ans. to the fact that to uphold UNSC Res. 1973, it becomes necessary to have a no-drive policy on Qaddaffi? #

  33. It is telling of Zionist double-slowness upstairs that they haven't called for the same actions against Assad taken against Qaddaffi. #

  34. "English Defense League" Zionists -"anti-Zionist" #

  35. "The rights of Israel: Israel's "lawfare" against the Palestinian people is rooted in a ficticious narrativ... (cont) . #

  36. "We might ask ourselves how we would be reacting if Iraqi commandos landed at George W. Bush's compound, assas... (cont) . #

  37. RT @GreeGreece: BBC BUSTED! THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN PULLED FROM GOOGLE (WTC 7 is visible behind Jane's head) #


  39. RT @CineversityTV: Capitalism tweeps: I am capitalism. I am the reason 10,000 images enter your brain each day & 99% of them are ads. #

  40. "Muslim Clerics Barred From Flight, On Their Way To Anti-Prejudice Conference." — Alan Colmes #

  41. I liked a @YouTube video . US financial meltdown-On the Edge with Max Keiser-04-15-2011-(P #

  42. I liked a @YouTube video S&P downgrades US debt outlook-On the Edge with Max Keiser-04-2 #

  43. I liked a @YouTube video Global oil supply-On the Edge with Max Keiser-05-06-2011-(Part1 #

  44. I liked a @YouTube video Global oil supply-On the Edge with Max Keiser-05-06-2011-(Part2 #

  45. Poverty posts record gain in US #

  46. Birgitta Jonsdottir on George Galloway's "The Real Deal" #

  47. Strip out Max Keiser's golden-calf-mammon worship & weak-atheist attack & it's a semi-good video: #

  48. May 1, I tweeted: "Physical Silver Investors Are Being Hoodwinked by the Futures Market" .... (cont) . #

  49. I wasn't kidding when I said Max Keiser is a Mammon worshiper: #

  50. The super-rich are not benefactors. They are kleptocrats. #

  51. Greek debt-crisis scam caused by Goldman Sachs #

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