Gordon Duff, pro- or anti-WikiLeaks regarding Israel? "False Flag Anti-Semite Spammers Tied to Spy/Terror Groups"

Few Americans, Jewish or not, had been aware, until Wikileaks, that Israel had been closely allied with the nations it claimed were ready to "push Israel into the sea."  With the exception of Syria, every "enemy" on Israel's borders had a repressive government that either cooperated with Tel Aviv or as with Mubarak in Egypt, took direct orders.

Via: False Flag Anti-Semite Spammers Tied to Spy/Terror Groups.

That's directly from Gordon Duff, who attacked and attacked and attacked WikiLeaks and Julian Assange as a Zionist organization and agent, respectively.

However, the WikiLeak's revelations about Israel's "secret" deals with so many Arab nations, particularly of the dictatorial and Sunni-dominated variety, work to undermine those colluders.

When I refused to jump on the Veterans Today bandwagon condemning WikiLeaks and Assange as Zionist and when I asked for any evidence from Gordon Duff, he questioned my religious convictions and suggested I'm a Zionist shill. Then he deleted some of my more telling comments concerning the "journalism" there on Veterans Today.

Can you figure out Gordon Duff? He seems to be all over the map. Can anyone point me to where he's spelled out his core beliefs?

I'm not denying him the right to change about WikiLeaks. If he's true to the form I've seen so far though, he'll turn right around and denounce WikiLeaks again as Zionist, as if he never wrote the linked article.

I'm simply telling people to be aware of Gordon Duff's apparent inconsistencies, not that we haven't all suffered from our own.


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