Putting People Directly to Work Is "Too Radical" For Congress - COLORLINES

...H.R. 870, "The Humphrey-Hawkins 21st Century Full Employment and Training Act," a bill that would put more than five million unemployed Americans to work, let citizens and local communities determine how best people should be employed, and give the long-term unemployed—people whose job skills are growing rustier by the month—the job training they need to help get back up to speed and employable.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Our deficit-obsessed media and Congress will want to know how much this is going to cost. Well, setting aside the fact that economists have explained that unemployment increases the deficit—and that spending is necessary to create jobs—consider this: H.R. 870 is completely paid for with taxes on the richest financial speculators.

Via: Putting People Directly to Work Is "Too Radical" For Congress - COLORLINES.

It would be very, very easy. It could be done with the stroke of a pen. The only things in the way are greedy serpents, such as the hypocritical-Ayn-Rand loving, Plutocrat Koch Brothers (who take unfair advantage of the decency of others), and the dupes, minions, and sycophants of wicked, mammon-worshiping, sociopathic billionaires.

We wouldn't even need the tax — just United States Notes (see my previous posts on the subject).

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