On "The Romance of Birthright Israel | The Nation" and more, much more

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On "The Romance of Birthright Israel | The Nation" and more, much more

It's telling that the chief financial backers of "Birthright" are casino, hedge-fund, liquor, oil, diamond, and real estate, etc., magnates. People should be aware that Slim-Fast and Seagram's founders support rabid Zionism, apartheid Israel, racism, ethnic bigotry, etc. What is BDS if it doesn't take this into account?

They exploit teenage/twenty-something sexual drives too. If you are of Jewish ethnic extraction but are a Christian, you can't participate. If you are interested in the Palestinian-Arabs' side of the story, you are also not welcome. This is nothing short of selective continued brainwashing with cheap psychological tricks. It encourages sexual promiscuity/depravity (anti-Biblical even though they lean on scripture to "support" political-Zionist Israel), drunkenness, and militarism or violence to get/take what you want and to keep it.

The idea is to use emotions to override ethics. It's very anti-intelligence. The idea is to just ignore morality. Morality for these political Zionists is to be racist hedonists and not give a damn about any others who don't like other than to kill or transfer (cleans) those others (Arabs and other non-Jews) so as not to have to deal with ethics and morality, etc. It's pure evil.

I'm glad to see The Nation being more anti-Zionist. It's good to read a Jew admitting that Israel is an ethnocracy rather than a democracy with equal rights for Arabs. How good it was to also read that the secular hypocritically point to the Bible to support "Israel's" right to steal land by even violence.

"Shachar pointed to tin shacks—Bedouin villages—and jovially detailed the government's Bedouin home-demolition campaign, saying the IDF needed to 'kick them away.'" That's in stark contrast to the lying Zionist on Facebook who messaged me that Israel never expelled or expels anyone.

Just as with the Zionist troll on Facebook, this article makes clear that the Zionists lump all Arabs together as lying terrorists. However, I've known plenty of Arabs who have been anything but those things.

"With the relentless siege of Gaza, the interminable occupation, the ever-expanding settlements, the onslaught of anti-Arab Knesset legislation, Israel has earned its new status as an international pariah." This is exactly correct. The Zionists, as I told the Facebook troll, are making "Israel" to stink among the nations, just as the real Israel (Jacob) said of his sons who slaughtered a whole village for the offense done by one prince. Those two sons of Jacob were actually more justified than are the current political Zionists.

Dehumanizing the Arabs is their way of not dealing with the evil they, the Zionists, have done and are doing.

Here's the back-and-forth I had over the last several days with the Zionist troll on Facebook (I posted it as a Note on Facebook):

Reply to a Zionist Troll

by Tom Usher on Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 2:03am

Meni Grander,

In direct reply to your message to me ("tom go to hell,be shame you r terorist"):

I don't like political Zionism. It's evil. I know it by its fruit — land theft, ethnic cleansing, murder, terrorism, lies, ....

You don't have the courage to see those around you and yourself for what you all are — what you all have done and are doing.

You're wrong. You're doing wrong. Zionism is a bad thing! It's based on a pack of lies. Wake up!

Meni Grander's reply:

Your answer is due to your being ignorant,no historical understanding,and if your jewish,so its very unfortunat. Your knoledge sources,are dishonest as so you knoledge about "sionisim" mr your side is the evil......you in the side of the snack whit two-headed snake one head is fanatic,anti demokratik,terorist and cold-blooded killer and atoher haed is playing poor,lier, minipolitiev,distorts the riality,and fake history.........we didt stoll no lend, jews were here for 20000 yrs....stop whit this arabic cheap propoganda,we not killing nobady,exept terrorist murderers,as ben ladan.....I bet that in your eays he his also peace activist..........go to lern bit more, or come too here (altough you are not welcom here) but come here and I will show you how is bad and how is good!

16 hours ago

Meni Grander's reply:

And I tell you what we are? We are normal people how wants to leave anormal lives,raise children in normal state next to normal nighbers! Opps its sound like what you r doing tere at peonix, that you probably know,taken from somone else......

a few seconds ago

Tom Usher's reply:

You are a land-thief apologizer who knows nothing about my positions and their bases.

The people who have encouraged you to go into the world to approach people such as me the way you have are morons. You follow ethical idiots who are only making matters worse for you.

Your positions are indefensible, and every right-minded person in the world knows it.

The political-Zionism of Theodor Herzl was dead on arrival. He was a blatant racist, and anyone who has read the entries in his diary knows it full well.

Of the two of us, you are the one with the most to learn about the evil foundations of political-Zionism, not I.

Become honest in looking at the utter wickedness of the Zionist Project.

Jesus said to bless them who curse you, so I bless you here with truth. Can you accept truth, or are you the seed of Satan?
Sunday at 11:22pm • Like

Phoenix? I haven't been in or lived in Phoenix since 2004. What's that tell you about where this Zionist got his information to come troll at me? Facebook clearly says I live in the State of Washington, not Arizona. The Mossad isn't as good as people think. They're only going to get worse and worse too.

Meni Grander:

Let's start it, you made me laugh, that you have developed a fantasy that someone sends me correspondence if fools like you.ill do it only for love of my contry ,And the name of justice of the state of coming life,Unlike the people you support them, here no one says one threshold to say, and everyone says and does as he pleases.So to the point and do not live in dreams of people who are sent by the government.If you believe in Jesus, then certainly you know the old roots, so you must know that the Jews were ever here.The real thieves of the land, settled here after the expulsion of Jews from Spain by King Herod.Instead of deported Jews, Herod sat with them a descendant of an Arab who came from Syria and called them Falstenim the name with an ancient life here 3,000 years before ,So the real thief is with that did not exist and all originated in Syria.But, we live in reality and want only one thing to let us live where we should be.Sad to see, believing Christian who supports the dark, supports people with no civil rights without women's rights, supports and executes terrorist attacks directed against civilians only, how Christianity gets it?Conclusion is probably that you just an anti-Semite, probably a member of the Nazi or other.You're so influenced by Arab Mhfrofognda and her lies. I appeal to you I'm just amazed at how people can be mindless and invent virtual reality,To justify their hatred.You'll learn a little more about Zionism, the Declaration of the State of Israel, and you'll learn a little about the Koran Charter of palastian.You say that Herzl racist? How do you define yourself?Our only problem is that we did it!! Where our neighbors have failed. Which is primarily what is upsetting themI bless you, too, that your mind open and be more realistic, because you do not

מתוך תערוכת רוק אנד רול - וואלה! אופנה
מתוך תערוכת רוק אנד רול

Tom Usher:

You curse me and call me a fool while you deny that you have been encouraged to troll. Do you consider yourself bright? Your government has no influence over you? Its propaganda has had zero influence on you? If you think that way, you're living in denial. Of course, I know you are.

If you truly love your country, then you're talking about your nation of people (the tribes). However, your country's policies and practices of stealing land via all manner of wicked devices are bringing your people into ill-repute in the world at large. If you truly love your people, you'll explain to them the error of their ways so that they don't stink among the nations, as Israel (Jacob) said of his own sons. Did you know that?

"...and everyone says and does as he pleases." Yes, and that's not a good thing. Only it's not even true. Have you seen the video of the American Jew being harassed, beaten, and arrested for saying in public in Israel that he thinks the policies and practices of your government are wrong towards the Palestinians?

"If you believe in Jesus, then certainly you know the old roots, so you must know that the Jews were ever here." Ah, you show your ignorance. I believe in Jesus and know that the Jews were not always there. Even Abraham came from the outside. If this is an indication of the extent of your knowledge, you are extremely ignorant.

"The real thieves of the land, settled here after the expulsion of Jews from Spain by King Herod.Instead of deported Jews, Herod sat with them a descendant of an Arab who came from Syria and called them Falstenim the name with an ancient life here 3,000 years before ,So the real thief is with that did not exist and all originated in Syria." What gibberish is this? Are you Sephardic (second class in Israel after the Ashkenazi)? The land of Palestine was inhabited from long before the Jews even came into existence. Who do you think Malchizedek was? Do you think he was a Jew?

It's impossible for a real Christian to support the dark. You're on the dark side. Jesus frowns upon you Zionists horning your way into Palestine driving people off their lands and out of their ancestral homes, bulldozing their ancient olive orchards, etc., etc.

You should grow up and realize that I don't support people who suppress women. You think that I have to be pro-Zionist to stand against the suppression of women? That's mighty stupid.

I don't support violence, period. It doesn't matter who's doing it. It's not right when Zionists do it or when Hamas does it.

Your Prime Minister Menachem Begin was a terrorist. Who doesn't know that? He wasn't the only one.

What a stupid thing it is when people such as you throw out the "anti-Semite" idea when your own founder, Herzl, qualified as an anti-Semite (anti-Jew is the proper term) under the typical usage of the Zionists.

I am not one who lumps all descendants of Yudah together. I take everyone one person at a time. There are plenty of things that Jews say with which I whole heartedly agree. Many Jews are anti-Zionists and for the right reasons. I stand with them where they are right. It is not a blanket endorsement of those individuals.

You curse people based upon your unsure assumptions. You say I'm "probably a member of the Nazi or other." Do you realize that that's bearing false witness? Don't you fear God? Even if you don't agree with all of the Torah, at least you could realize that this is a fundamental aspect of truth and justice for all time no matter the dispensational period. You are not to curse people! You are not to wish that they be sent to Hell. However, you do those things without even knowing the person, which makes it twice as evil on your part. Repent!

As for the Arabs and my views, I can't think of any one of my positions that came first to me by way of any Arab, per se. Haven't you read or heard Ilan Pappe or any of the other revisionists or new historians? Even many Zionists admit openly about the ethnic cleansing now. It's not even doubted there in Israel among the truly educated and at least somewhat intellectually honest.

"the Declaration of the State of Israel" I've read it.

You still did not define Jew.

Look, whether you like it or not, the Arabs are our brothers and sisters. Some of them are very fine people. I went to school with both Arabs and Jews and found amazingly admirable qualities among both groups while being able to see that not all Arabs or all Jews are always good and bad or right or wrong.

The political-Zionists never had to do what they did to the Palestinians. Herzl was dead wrong — an ethical midget. Generally speaking, the Jews in the US do not suffer any of the things he claimed Jews would always face without a "Jewish state." A mandatory Jewish state is nonsense.

If you understood Jesus, you'd understand that.
Monday at 9:43am • Like

Meni Grander:

Who do you think Malchizedek was??he was ancient king of jerusalem, but he defently not "palatinian" ther was aAncient people had called them Philistines'but they have nothing common whit this arabs how called them self palastinian today, this poeple were come to here in the 4or 5th sentery from syria,darkside. Jesus frowns upon you Zionists horning your way into Palestine driving people off their lands and out of their ancestral homes, bulldozing their ancient olive orchards, etc., etc.

let me say just, hahahahahaha nobady ever done it Arab in 1948, lost that war they imposed it. Even then, no one shooed them away, never Jews did not expel anyone from his land. It is based on the Arab lie ugly, like they robbed. This is not true, are those who fled the teaching of the Arab Higher Committee at the time, with the aim of regroup.
Even today there are two million Arabs living within Israel, and enjoy prosperity. They are in Jaffa, Haifa, Nazareth and Acre, and Great PlacesAll than you up a myth, lie and cheat Arabic.. .

12 hours ago

Meni Grander:

you mister even dont understand rhe conflict, And remind the United States took the territory from another, so if that's how you're not the legitimate where you are, and you were a little more ruthless, we do not destroyed them, we are willing to accept a Flstenit our side, but on condition that a state will recognize our country, as a Jewish state, Tfsot say there is no need in Yahudittz there are dozens of Arab and Christian, we have to one small country, and where we should be.Never opened a war that forced it upon us, you talking about our government's policies?
So our government policy is like any normal place, is to protect its citizens, and that's what our government is doing

4 minutes ago

Tom Usher:

You are a typical Zionist non-debater who ducks and dodges the other person's points and questions. The point about Malchizedek is that he was not a Jew (which directly refutes your false claim that the Jews were in Palestine since the beginning, which they were not; but you fail to even concede the point that you were wrong — typical and weak), not that he was a Palestinian, per se.

There is zero historical evidence in support of your claim that the current Arabs in Palestine all came from Syria in the 4th and 5th centuries AD. The Romans did not remove all the people from the land – Arabs and Jews. It was the Jews who were expelled (and it is still legitimately debated as to the extent). The Arabs and others (and there were others depending upon how one defines "Arab") were allowed to remain and many (most) did. There was never a time in the history of that land when it was devoid of people regardless of ethnicity.

It is a waste of time conversing with you. You are a liar. Zionists terrorists went into villages and murdered men, women, and children to throw a panic into the Palestinians, who of course fled the maniac, sociopathic, land-thieving Irgun and Stern Gang and others. You know it. It's all documented and even admitted to by top Israeli historians. You spread lies because you are liar and the son of the liar from the beginning, Satan. You better repent before it's too late for you.

You are a lying serpent for claiming that Israelis don't steal people's homes from them and bulldoze their olive trees, etc. That is also all well documented, and you know it full well. It has been videoed time and again. You deny the obvious. You are stupid to think that doing so will work. It only makes things worse for your kind – serpents.

Two million Arabs live in Israel because the Zionists didn't chance doing a complete "transfer" at the time. It would have been too much for the other nations to look the other way about. That's all there is to that. The Arabs living in Zionist terror-tory have been at best second-class citizens from the start. Many of them are routinely harassed and plenty of those living in East Jerusalem to this day have their homes, many decades old, taken right out from under them to be possessed by Zionist Jews who had zero right to them. That's theft, plain and simple.

Your argument about the US is irrelevant. I have never supported what the US did to the indigenous peoples here. Those indigenous ones were willing to share the land. I am still of that mind and always have been. You are a dog who is barking up the wrong tree, as we say over here. You are attempting to use the same, old, worn-out, already-refuted propaganda points with me. It doesn't work. You lose.

Why should anyone recognize a state as a "Jewish State" when you can't even define Jew? Regardless of that, is America an Anglo-Saxon State? Anglo-Saxons came here and "conquered," but it is not an Anglo-Saxon State and neither is even England. You are trying to take the world backwards. Ethnic bigotry has no place in the future.

You claim you never started a war, but you attacked Egypt more than once before it fought back. The 1967 War was started by Zionists. Even Menachem Begin admitted it. You either don't know the real history of Israel, or you are a liar. We have clearly seen though that you are a liar.

Your government is to protect its citizens, but you claim Arabs are also its citizens. They are not equally protected, ever! Racist Zionists walk all over those Arabs. Those Arabs are never given the same consideration as Jews. That makes your "state" a racist state and therefore an illegitimate state — an illegal state according to the very International Law that you Zionists claim to lean upon for your supposed legitimacy.

Your Zionist Project never should have been started. It was a terrible idea. Many Jews were against it when the plan was first being designed and discussed. Many prominent, more-intelligent Jews warned that it was a bad idea. It was never necessary.

You claim that you belong there. What kind of nonsense is that? There are almost as many Jews in the US as in Israel. There could have been twice as many here without the Zionist Project working its evil against the people who were already there in Palestine, despite the huge lie that there were no people there. Even the Zionist Congress admits in its historical documents that the Zionists knew that the land was already taken.

I am not interested in hearing more from you because you are too thickheaded and stiff-necked to bow to the truth, who is God.

Monday at 11:38pm 

Meni Grander:

tou r tipical Anti-Semitic,i didnt tell taht we were here firs!!!but defenetly wev been before that people how called them self"palastinian",And unlike them, we do not say that everything Slnhu, we are ready to recognize them and live with them, are those who can not live near us, get that.

Meni Grander:

And unlike them, we do not say that everything Slnhu, we are ready to recognize them and live with them, are those who can not live near us, get that???

Meni Grander:

mr I'm not a liar, you're just a man with a twisted imagination, hater chronic, made an accusation. And I'm sorry I had to insult you, you really intelligent person, but you have a sick view, to the brink of madness. I am a soldier in the IDF,I know and sure of the righteousness of my country, you support terrorism, we would never have murdered women and children, when there are wars, unfortunately, dead even innocent people, you and the gang you're protecting, you Htrorstim lovers of blood, you kill children who are sleeping with their parents as you did two months ago, you bombers in buses in restaurants and cafes, are you firing missiles to civilians. Shame on yourself, I hope your kids grow up view/.You do not Nttzri Well, I know great Christians and I know what it is Christian, you're just a bloody anti-Semitic. You defend the journey of terrorists coming out of E Now, if you do not know what his real purpose, it just do a cheap provocation, since Gaza was not missing anything. And Hamas's goal to open the sea, is to more easily smuggle weapons to threaten our citizens.So I'm not even going to apologize that we are defending ourselves, if we want to kill, we have the capacity to destroy the Hflstenim at once, but it's not what we wanted, we run to live in peace.
After all, modern day Hantshmim, hate Israel and what it represents, and instead of hating Jews, if you were there 60 years ago, I'm sure that Hitler was a good character role you'Stupid, the only Arabs in the Middle East have democracy, are within the State of Israel. Maybe you come over here and would go to Galilee, Jaffa, the Golan Heights, and look how they live, I'm sure you replaced with many of them. And they enjoy all rights that we have except to serve, it still did not like a gift.Do not teach me about our history! And teach me about Menachem Begin, my name is Manny short, but I comfort identity card, and the name of Menachem Begin, he was also my godfather my circumcision, I know we started the war in 67, but it happened that the Egyptian army on the border Hannah Nasser threatened our occupation of Tel Aviv, the Egyptians closed the canal and prevented delivery. And we we beat their attack just a few hoursI conclude that you Fante, a liar, maybe you're not really a liar, but you believe the lies you write, that's what makes you Fante. Good luck with Htrorstim you to love, but do not worry you too may one day they Igiotz say thank you that the State of Israel and that now we stand at the front against Islam, but in the end he comes to you and intensity greater than that of 2001. Will continue to live your illusions. This time, not waiting for an answer that could let me crazy.

Tom Usher:

Look, I'm not going to go back-and-forth with you beyond this because you don't think clearly enough. You did make a statement that could only be taken as meaning that the Jews were always there. You also said that the Zionists never started a war. Then you admitted that they did. You think these points don't matter, but they do.

There was a choice: Go to Palestine and takeover or not. Going there to takeover was the wrong choice. It was an unethical, selfish, short-sighted, unnecessary, unjustified, and unjustifiable choice. It would have been better to do the right thing and suffer and die than to take other people's lands, buildings, and livelihoods no matter what racist and ethnically bigoted things you can say about them.

I do not support any terrorism or violence, period. I argue with militant Palestinians even right here on Facebook. I tell them that non-violence is the one and only way. So you see, you don't know what you are talking about regarding me.

If by calling upon the political Zionists to be decent to the Arabs and Muslims, the Muslims then come and persecute me, then that will be on their heads and not yours. So be it. That's Christian regardless of the people you know who call themselves Christian but who think otherwise.

I am not an anti-Jew. Jesus was and remains Jewish. I am not anti-Semitic. I am not anti-Arab either (Arabs are Semites).

You really need to stop with the Hasbara dung.

I hope you find peace. The way to it is via it. War won't get you there, not ultimately. Perhaps though you are an atheist or believe in a God of War, like Mars. My God is not the god of war, ever. You will go to your god, and I will go to mine. You will get what you've dished out. I will receive my standard, which is peace.

Now, we are done with this back-and-forth unless you are interested in converting, which is what you really need to do.

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