"Climate of Denial: Can science and the truth withstand the merchants of poison?" by Al Gore

I know that cap-and-trade was, and remains, a bad idea and that one person's "Enlightenment" is another person's anti-Christ, but Al Gore is much more correct about the facts of global warming than are his detractors on the subject.

I do like the way he ties all of the various "issues" together. We can't look at Global Warming in a vacuum. We must look at it in a sea of mammon.

Al Gore is also more than fair to Barack Obama on this. Barack Obama has been extremely weak. We all know that. I believe he doesn't have his heart in environmentalism but rather more in money. Barack Obama is no champion of environmentalism.

Anyway, I recommend that you read Al Gore's article in Rolling Stone: Climate of Denial | Rolling Stone Politics.

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