The Superrich are Waging Class Warfare Against Everyone Else: "Austerity in Greece Meant to Break Workers' Resistance" | TheRealNews

"Leo Panitch: Greece will default on its debt, banks want to make Greek people pay a heavy price"

Via: YouTube - Austerity in Greece Meant to Break Workers' Resistance.

The planned pattern is old, clear, and established. The latest iteration:

  1. Lower taxes on the rich
  2. Reduce regulations
  3. Increase military spending
  4. Start imperial wars
  5. Crash the system
  6. Bail out the rich
  7. Look the other way concerning huge fraud
  8. Cause deficits
  9. Debauch the currency
  10. Blame the poor
  11. Ignore protesters
  12. Increase police-state apparatus and operations
  13. Inflict austerity to break the middle and lower classes
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