Total-Garbage Reporting: "Greece faces general strike, more cuts planned" - AP

ATHENS, Greece AP — Workers across Greece walked off the job Tuesday at the start of a 48-hour general strike as lawmakers debate a new round of austerity reforms, which must be passed if the country is to get crucial bailout funds.

Via: Greece faces general strike, more cuts planned - Yahoo! News.

That's total-garbage reporting. The so-called bailout funds are absolutely crucial not to take! Fraudsters (such as Goldman Sachs) got Greece into the mess and should be held accountable, not the general-Greek population.

"We don't owe any money, it's the others who stole it," said 69-year-old demonstrator Antonis Vrahas. "We're resisting for a better society for the sake of our children and grandchildren."

Now he has it right.

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