Campaigners seek arrest of former CIA legal chief over Pakistan drone attacks | World news | The Guardian

Campaigners against US drone strikes in Pakistan are calling for the CIA's former legal chief to be arrested and charged with murder for approving attacks that killed hundreds of people.

Amid growing concern around the world over the use of drones, lawyers and relatives of some of those killed are seeking an international arrest warrant for John Rizzo, until recently acting general counsel for the American intelligence agency.

Opponents of drones say the unmanned aircraft are responsible for the deaths of up to 2,500 Pakistanis in 260 attacks since 2004. US officials say the vast majority of those killed are "militants". Earlier this week 48 people were killed in two strikes on tribal regions of Pakistan. The American definition of "militant" has been disputed by relatives and campaigners.

What right in this case does the US have to kill anyone in Pakistan, militant or not? What's a militant, someone who opposes the US killing people in Pakistan and wants to fight back? If the tables were turned, an American being militant against a foreign power murdering Americans in America would be called a patriot by the American government and CIA. Therefore, many of those Pakistani "militants" who fit my description are actually Pakistani patriots.

via Campaigners seek arrest of former CIA legal chief over Pakistan drone attacks | World news | The Guardian.

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