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On Thursday in Tel Aviv, the High Court judges ruled that Mordechai Vanunu's petition that he wrote over two months ago must be answered within 30 days:

The Citizenship Revocation Law passed in March enables the courts to revoke the citizenship of those convicted of crimes against the state, including treason.

Mordechai Vanunu

Vanunu was convicted of treason, served 18 years in jail and began his 8th year of open air captivity in April waiting for Israel to allow him his right to leave the state.

In the petition, Vanunu's lawyer Feldman said Vanunu is not able to "find his place in Israeli society" because he is hounded by the media and by the public, who still refer to him as the "nuclear spy".

via 30 Days to a FREE Vanunu! - Arabisto.

Obtaining dual-citizenship would probably help. I should think there are countries that would extend Vanunu citizenship with no further strings attached. That would take away one Zionist excuse — their main one. He would then be free to seek citizenship or residency where ever.

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