The Alarming Revival of Ayn Rand: The Rights Weirdest Idol of Them All

Her [Ayn Rand's] work illustrates conclusively what a few brave clergymen and a few ink-stained relics like me have been saying for years to anyone who would listen, and to Republicans who refuse to listen — that Christianity and the wolverine capitalism of a John Galt are totally incompatible systems, two mutually exclusive human possibilities. They cancel each other out. Any political party that pretends to integrate them is a party of liars, and doomed.

Hal Crowther

via AlterNet: The Alarming Revival of Ayn Rand: The Rights Weirdest Idol of Them All.

The only thing I disagree with in that quote is that they "cancel each other out." I understand Hal Crowther's point, but Christianity survives "wolverine capitalism." Wolverine capitalism dies. In fact, in Christianity, wolverine capitalism is never anything but dead. It is dead of the Holy Spirit.

Regardless, Hal Crowther's article is excellent.

I might add that Ayn Rand was a rabid Zionist as well and someone who literally lauding a psychopathic/sociopathic serial killer. She admired his indifference.

I'm also glad Hal Crowther hasn't fallen for the semi-recent trend of distancing Nietzsche from Hitler. People have tried to whitewash Nietzsche's Nimrodian humanism that truly is the anti-Christ spirit that also permeated Ayn Rand.

What a sad state of affairs when so much of America actually considers Ayn Rand's "philosophy" for even two seconds as being possibly worthy.

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