"Dysfunctional" Too Polite to Describe Tea Party Congress - Rasmussen Reportsâ„¢

There is no need to look too far to find the source of our discontent — our "dysfunction," if you must. It is in the Congress, which the American people mistakenly turned over to fakers and fools last November. Every poll shows that most voters regret that error now, and wish that Congress would tax the wealthy and preserve social insurance. [— Commentary by Joe Conason]

via "Dysfunctional" Too Polite to Describe Tea Party Congress - Rasmussen Reportsâ„¢.

While Joe Conason isn't entirely wrong, he is operating within the very narrow confines established by the mainstream wherein thinking outside their box is not allowed to show up in, well, their mainstream.

Examples concern 1) nationalizing the private Federal Reserve, which the Libertarians are happy and correct in imparting, is neither federal nor is it a reserve and 2) replacing all interest- and tax-baring Federal Reserve Notes with interest- and tax-free United States Notes, which should be immediately used to completely payoff the National Debt (but only to the non-fraudsters/non-banksters). From there, the money supply would be pegged to exactly what is needed to fund everything without inflation or deflation.

As for unemployment, of course the government should hire all the unemployed to do meaningful and needed work.

The depression/Great Recession and the coming appearance, in the form of a double-dip, of no real "recovery" could be completely ended very nearly instantly.

You'd need to plug your ears though because the Koch Brothers and others of their ilk would whine to the heavens that it's not fair to be fair to the poor. Afterall, when they sold their souls, Satan promised them it would never happen. However, we all know that Satan is the liar from the beginning. Let's let Satan be purged via the proverbial Lake of Fire, shall we? Yes, let's. It's good for all, even Satan if he'll accept God as his God and act accordingly forevermore. Amen.

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