Tom Ferguson is absolutely right that the US needs a massive jobs program -- bigger than the New Deal

Barack Obama just doesn't get it yet. He has to fight and fight hard for a New Deal 2.0+ rather than sucking up and being bought off. He's already done huge damage by caving on healthcare (not even forcing Senate hearings on single-payer), caving on finance reform, and falling for the utterly stupid Afghanistan surge.

He needs to forget nuclear energy, offshore drilling, and all this austerity garbage.

We can have abundant clean and renewable energy, peace, and economic prosperity if the "leadership" will start being smart.

  • Nationalize the Federal Reserve.
  • Switch to tax- and interest-free United States Notes.
  • Push through single-payer.
  • Slash the Pentagon (I'm for ending it all together).
  • Put everyone to work via public employment (we hire ourselves, since the government is the people's).
  • Continue the full-employment program via high-skills public training and jobs, especially in clean energy.

Here's some more Tom Ferguson (about European-bankster bailouts):

Paul Jay's warning is correct. The people of the world may end up "looking for scalps, not haircuts" on the part of the banksters.

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