Alex Jones lets Paul Craig Roberts speak: The US will completely crash unless ....

I don't agree with Alex Jones' sensationalizing. I'm not saying he doesn't believe what he's saying, but I believe the truth is bad enough — the truth Paul Roberts spells out.

I don't want to leave the impression, however, that I think there is nothing to what Alex says in the videos. I am convinced that there is an element of truth in what he's saying. There are powerful international financiers with strong Zionist leanings who definitely put Israel (The Zionist/Jewish Project) first before the American Empire. In fact, they want to assume the mantle and twist it into their own "Jewish" Empire. They want to do that regardless of what other Jews have to say about it, other Jews who know it is long-term, and maybe not even so long-term, folly.

I believe where Paul is right though is in the way that he doesn't give them as much credit for brains and numbers as Alex's theory appears to hold for them.

It is true though that the sinister "genius" with an unlimited ability to create money could steer a huge number of others in ways those others need not know anything about.

What I've seen though about Alex is his penchant for over dramatizing headlines where the actual substance of the body text of the articles doesn't necessarily support Alex's worldview. Sometimes the text states the exact opposite of Alex's assertions. The "Cablegate" spin is just one such example. There are many, many others. I've pointed out a number of them on this site over time. Therefore, I always take what he rattles off with more than a grain of salt until I've had a firsthand opportunity to fact-check him.

Changing the subject a bit, one wonders exactly what the up-and-coming colonels and generals are thinking about now. The de-industrialization of the United States surely must be alarming them for the reasons Paul Roberts has stated.

On a somewhat other note, it is true that we've off-shored many polluting industries; but we would have been better off, the whole world would have been better off, had we changed the industries into non-polluting industries and kept the jobs and exported the concepts and high standards while also retaining them at home. We never should have allowed the lower standards anywhere. We should have insisted upon higher standards everywhere, and the money would have followed for everyone rather than what we have now that is the top getting more and more of a shrinking pie. It was hugely stupid what we did with NAFTA and the rest of the anti-progressive agenda.

Roberts is absolutely right that all of the anti-progressive garbage needs to be reversed as quickly as possible. We must re-regulate and then some. Many of the exact details are itemized on this blog site.

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