Debunking the Big Lie Right-Wingers Use to Justify Black Poverty and Unemployment

...what Kern and other adherents of the "culture of poverty" thesis can't explain is why blacks' economic fortunes advanced so dramatically during the 1990s, retreated again during the Bush years and then were completely devastated in the financial crash of 2008.

Debunking the Big Lie Right-Wingers Use to Justify Black Poverty and Unemployment

In order to buy the cultural story, one would have to believe that African Americans adopted a "culture of success" during the Clinton years, mysteriously abandoned it for a "culture of failure" under Bush and finally settled on a "culture of poverty" shortly after Lehman Brothers crashed.

Debunking the Big Lie Right-Wingers Use to Justify Black Poverty and Unemployment | | AlterNet.

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    I've installed DISQUS's WordPress plugin. I had tried it once before years ago.

    Back then, I had export/import comment issues and ended up with duplicate comments in my WordPress database that I cleaned out myself.

    Apparently though, another table in the database was still holding duplicate info from DISQUS even up to yesterday.

    I followed the instructions over at DISQUS, and fortunately, when I synced the commenting systems here and there, all the DISQUS duplicates disappeared here but not over on DISQUS. DISQUS had imported the duplicates. It was a vicious circle (sort of).

    I considered killing the blog and database table at DISQUS but opted rather to semi-manually delete only all the comments. I uninstalled everything about DISQUS here on the blog right down to cleaning the Options table, which DISQUS didn't do when I ran its uninstaller.

    Early this morning (very early), I reinstalled and then did the export of all the comments here back to DISQUS. Currently, all of those comments are sitting somewhere in DISQUS's database under the status "Queued for import." Yesterday, they imported nearly instantly. Today, it's been many hours. DISQUS is indicating that 0% have been sucked in yet.

    I'm hesitant to do anything because I don't want to trigger the duplicates issue if what I've done so far will have cleaned it up.

    Anyway, this comment will at least test the system a bit in the interim and also serve to let those who look know that I haven't deleted every comment on this blog. They're all still there in the WordPress database. I can see them all via the admin dashboard.

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      Everything is working so far.

      I think I like this system enough that even if there are duplicates, I'll get DISQUS's support involved to get to the bottom of it.

      I did notice that the time-stamp on the duplicates and the text formatting was different. The time-stamp was 14 hours earlier than this blogs time. All the paragraphs were there but without any line spaces between them on a number of the dups.

      I'm already missing the HTML-coding info of the old commenting system though.

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        Okay, DISQUS just finished importing 100%. It synced back to the blog, so the two comments above actually are in the WordPress database too. However, because all of the imported comments are still sitting in DISQUS's database as "deleted" (but can still be called back up), I believe it is clear that I must delete the blog and all comments over on DISQUS.

        Theres a one-button solution for that over there.

        Then, I'll "uninstall" over here again and try to export from here and import over there. If all of this doesn't work, I'll get the support team involved.

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        DISQUS asked me why I'm deleting the blog and all comments from DISQUS. My answer:

        I've had the duplicate-comment problem. I believe deleting and then recreating may help. Syncing got rid of all the duplicates in the WordPress database (it's a long story) but not on DISQUS. I manually deleted all the comments on DISQUS, but exporting from WordPress didn't overwrite those with approved comments.

        I'm trying to fix this myself before bothering you all for help, which I will if this doesn't work.

        After clicking delete, DISQUS said, "Please allow up to 48 hours for this website to be completely removed." Ugh.

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