Video of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi at Exodus International on Reparative Therapy (in Two Parts)

I may not agree 100% with Joseph Nicolosi, but he is so unfairly heavily censored and his research and work so mischaracterized and deliberately distorted by pro-homosexuality false propagandists that I thought I'd give him a tiny additional bit of exposure via this blog site.

Before any homosexuals become unglued, let me state emphatically that as a Christian, I am opposed to coercion. I do not vote for the government to make homosexual behavior a punishable offense. That is not to say I condone homosexuality. I do not.

By the way, no one has a "right" to have his comment(s) remain public on this site. Comments are a privilege that may be retracted. Immaturity in comments will not be tolerated for long if at all.

The following is from Dr. Joseph Nicolosi on his YouTube channel:

Exodus International - Freedom Conference - Part 1
From: josephnicolosi | Jan 10, 2011
Please visit for articles and more videos by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi.

My name is Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. For many years, I have been assisting men and women —mostly, persons who are still at a crossroads about their sexual identity— to reduce their same-sex attractions and explore their heterosexual potential.

Perhaps you experience same-sex attractions, but you believe you were not destined to be gay. You believe that these feelings do not represent "who you really are."

If this is your belief, then you may be interested in my posted videos and my website, I am a licensed clinical psychologist who shares your vision of humanity. I believe that our bodies tell us who we are, and that our bodies have made us for heterosexuality, gender complementarity, and opposite-sex parenting.

I have helped many men reduce their unwanted same-sex attractions, so that they lose their compelling, life-disrupting power, and assisted them in exploring and developing their heterosexual potential.

In 1992, I and two psychiatrists organized a professional association called NARTH— the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (see Today, NARTH has over 1000 members around the world.

On the NARTH website, see "What Research Shows: NARTH's Response to the American Psychological Association's Claims on Homosexuality." This paper examines over 100 years of professional and scientific literature on the subject of unwanted homosexuality, offering a strong case that for at least some people, sexual orientation and sexual identity can be modified.

Exodus International - Freedom Conference - Part 2
From: josephnicolosi | Jan 10, 2011

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