"Here Is Germany" [A US Anti-German, WWII-Propaganda "Documentary"] - YouTube

Understand that this is a major hit-piece by the US propaganda machine at the time. It is "masterful" spin not that there isn't any truth to it.

The same thing I said in posting the last video applies to this one as well: "I'm posting this not because I endorse it. Frankly, there's a great deal in it that I have never attempted to either verify or debunk."

What I do know is that Germany's side at the time is not given. You always want to hear both or all sides. Hearing only one side, such as nothing but the US-propaganda version, has always led to being a dupe. What with all the blatant twisting still going on, I don't think things will change any time soon in that regard, which is very, very sad. Heaven help us.

Here are the video notes from YouTube:

A 1945 propaganda documentary film directed by Frank Capra. Like its companion film, Know Your Enemy: Japan, the film is a full-length exploration of why one of the two major Axis countries started World War II and what had to be done to keep them from "doing it again".
Adolf Hitler Max Amann Martin Bormann Walter Buch Walter Darré Otto Dietrich Sepp Dietrich Hans Frank Josef Goebbels Hermann Göring Jakob Grimminger Rudolf Hess Reinhard Heydrich Konstantin Hierl Heinrich Himmler
Directed by:
Frank Capra
Produced by:
Office of War Information
Written by:
Frank Capra

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