The Hidden History of Jewish Bolshevism & Freemasonry - YouTube

For those offended at nudity, be forewarned. I actually felt that it dragged on to the point of added/gratuitous perversion, but maybe that was the point.

YouTube Notes:

The Secrets of Communism
Based on the book "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" by Juri Lina

I'm posting this not because I endorse it. Frankly, there's a great deal in it that I have never attempted to either verify or debunk. I'm not even sure how long it will remain available on YouTube. Videos I embed have a tendency to disappear when they are this controversial. I don't like that. I'd rather a counter-video be shown with it.

There is one point in particular where it discusses people being severely torture to death that may have some basis in fact, but to think that such treatment was as widespread as the video suggests is not something I will just readily accept.

I was well aware of the mass starvation. However, I'm not convinced that Lenin was quite as wicked in his intent as this video makes him out to be. It's very easy to say that people in history did unspeakable things just as it is easy to dismiss them out-of-hand.

Over the decades, I have come to the conclusion that "history" is more propaganda (some outright totally false) than fact.

The people who made this video have an axe to grind, as do people who make videos in the exact opposite direction and just as one-sided.

I always prefer when the evils on the various sides are discussed. The Bolsheviks did bad things, but those they overthrew were far from saints themselves.

May the LORD have mercy on us all.

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