Partial Truth, Partial Hogwash: IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT: The United Nations/UFO Deception *Full Documentary* - YouTube

Look, this video is done by Christian gun-nuts, which actually don't exist. What I mean by that is that no Christian has a gun for "self-defense" or to ward off a militant dictatorship. Christians don't fight. They don't fight back. Christians are non-violent, period!

Let me point out a few other things. Christians don't buy anonymous statements or documents. You don't attach your real name, you're not a credible source for Christians. You're a coward who won't put his or her body on the line for the sake of real convictions.

In addition, Albert Pike did not write the supposed letter about three world wars. It was a hoax by Leo Taxil, one of several aspects of his huge hoaxing.

Also, military Keynesianism is a net loss. The military makes some people money, but it drains the world more than it ever adds. It is not productive. Ammunition spends without creating. War is a waste and nothing but.

Let me also add that polluting the environment is a huge error. The Industrial Revolution coupled with greed has caused gigantic problems. Someone with a vested interest in a polluting industry or industries is behind the sentiments expressed in this video.

I'm not saying that the author(s) of the video knows in a highly conscious manner. They/he may. We'd have to dig to find out. Some people are just plain unknowing dupes of the likes of the Koch Brothers and their predecessors.

This is not to say that the greediest of the greedy are not out to dominate the world and humanity. That's always been the case. What's missing from this video is the fact that environmental polluters behind one of the biggest industries in the world right now, if not the biggest, (oil) have trillions of dollars on the line and want to continue dominating. Therefore, they pooh-pooh oil, gas, and coal pollution.

Here's another point, this video selectively quotes the Bible out of its full context. Many of the statements about the anti-Christ and all the antichrists apply just as easily to the oil industry executives for example. They are just as full of lust as are the banksters. They fuel the war machines that the banksters fund often from recycled oil money. Its a cozy relationship on some levels.

You need to understand that Creation Care is not an antichrist endeavor but the exact opposite. It is completely in sync with Jesus's message to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is the Golden Rule. Polluting your neighbors' planet/home is not the Golden Rule. It is against Jesus's teachings and doings. Consider it well before you glom onto this so-called Iron Mountain Report video.

I'm not saying I disagree with everything in this video. Of course the UN is antichrist. It is not Christian. Everyone knows that. However, just because that is true does not mean that Christians are supposed to have a negative knee-jerk reaction to everything that comes out of the UN. There are UN statements and actions that do not, I repeat, do not, contradict Christian tenets. Christians are to discern. Christians are to distance themselves only from anti-Christian statements and deeds.

The UN system being put forth in this video will fail; however, that does not mean that a one-world government is inherently evil. Jesus heads a one-world government. Heaven itself is a one-world, one-universe government under God the father of Jesus who is one with Jesus and the Holy Spirit in spirit. Wrap your mind and soul and heart around that.

Also, this video is anti-Freemasonry, but the US was founded mostly by Freemasons. Nearly all of the leading "Founding Fathers" were Freemasons. So, why would a Christian or Christians be so alarmed at the extension of the same Masonic principles to the whole world? I don't like it, but my point is still valid.

Something that's important to understand about these types of videos (conspiracy theory) is that just because someone is able to write something explaining to a degree what is actually happening does not mean that those who are making things happen are following that writing. A hoax can definitely follow or parallel what is actually happening while couching it all in terms that actually distort what is actually happening.

Here are the last 6 mins of the video:

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