"Raw-foods club raided by FDA for the second time" SarahBEtvs Channel - YouTube

YouTube Notes:

Raw foods club raided by FDA for the second time, live footage of food being confiscated and interviews with members, Go to NaturalNews.com to find extensive and ongoing coverage of this story. They issued a gag order on the 3 people arrested when released on bail!!!

There have been no illnesses from eating the raw dairy, etc., in the club's 12-year history. You can be certain that this club is under attack by ultra-greedy serpents who don't give a damn that the club's products are healthier than the attackers'.

Something else that struck me when watching the video is that under the US Constitution, the particular things for which the police search and which they seize (if found) must be itemized in the warrant. Those things cannot be vague terms such as "food." If watermelons or coconuts are to be seized, they must be specifically named and they must be directly connected to a suspected crime.

It is not illegal to own and store organic watermelons or coconuts, but the government took those. That's illegal, and the co-op has legal recourse for damages, among other causes.

You will note that one speaker in the video mentions that raw dairy is legal in California, so what were the grounds for the raid? If there were none, then government officials up to the highest person who authorized the raid should be held to account. Frankly, they should all be removed from office.

If a judge authorized a blanket and vague warrant allowing the seizure of legal products, that judge should be subjected to a formal, thorough ethics review by the judicial branch. I would say the judge should also be removed from office.

I'm personally not looking for punishment, but I am looking for the government to stop harassing these people at the whim of giant agribusiness/corporations.

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