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...polls find that the most common impressions of Christianity are that it's hostile, judgmental and hypocritical. In particular, an incredible 91% of young non-Christians say that Christianity is "anti-homosexual", and significant majorities say that Christianity treats being gay as a bigger sin than anything else. (When right-wing politicians thunder that same-sex marriage is worse than terrorism, it's not hard to see where people have gotten this impression.)

via Goodbye Religion? How Godlessness Is Increasing With Each New Generation | | AlterNet.

The things I most despise about articles such as the one linked to above is that they judge based upon popularity and they defy logic.

Look, Christianity has never been about filling pews regardless of what anyone claiming to have been, or still be, Christian has said about it. Jesus himself said openly, honestly, and directly that "few there be that find it." The "it" there is Christianity and the path to God and God himself (even though the Holy Spirit is not confined to having a penis).

It is completely illogical to judge Christianity by non-Christians claiming Christianity as it is to judge all atheists by the Stalinist purges in Russia and other such atrocities committed by various atheists down through the ages.

The real issues are spiritual versus the mundane and what constitutes the real spirit. The term "real" there is used in a very specific Jesus-Christ context.

I am a Christian. I try not to be coercive. When I fall into coerciveness, I am at that time not being Christian. I then must repent. Jesus was not and is not coercive, in spite of the fact that he prophesied the coming of a universal world leader/ruler who will purge humanity of those who work, and worked (unrepentantly so), iniquity. This is not hypocritical on Jesus's part. It is not illogical.

It is too abstract for the atheists and so-called conservative, Republican self-styled Christians. They aren't Christians. They are Christians in name only. There's a huge difference between just claiming Christianity and truly believing in it.

Christianity is both absolute and relative at the same time. This is too abstract for many to grasp and to reconcile. This is why the language of the revelation of Jesus remains a foreign language to atheists and so many claiming Christianity and other religions. This is why "few there be that find it."

That "few there be that find it" in no way proves anything about the wrongness of Jesus's teachings and works or deeds. Anyone who believes otherwise does not understand logic even in the most mundane sense — and there is divine logic well above it.

The youth are suffering from shorter attention spans. They are being overwhelmed by input. They are being drugged up to supposedly counter act it. How much deep reflection and consideration is going on? It was bad enough before.

Consider these things. There are exceptions, of course; but how deep are they really going?

The linked-article though focuses specifically on homosexuality. Look, as I said, Jesus was not coercive; but that doesn't mean that he held that homosexuality was not iniquitous. He was very specific in stating that various sexual behaviors were errors. He gave a laundry list if you will. There is no doubt that he considered sex out of wedlock to be an error, wrong, iniquitous, harmful, a sin (term it as you will). Why it is such is too abstract for many. They don't dig deep enough (seek) to discover the interrelationships, the cause and effect, of the behavior with eternally wrong outcomes. There is also no doubt that homosexuals were engaging in sex and were not married to each other.

Marrying them to each other though does not remove the error, but many people are not interested in finding out in any profound sense why that is. They are much too interested in a superficial treatment to support their own selfishness (which is evil).

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