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To date, Iceland is the only country to have shifted distinctly to the left after the financial crisis.

via Iceland's loud 'No!': Can't pay, won't pay | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal.

Iceland's the only one to turn to the left, and it's doing the best of all those that crashed. What's that tell you? It tells you that the common people should not be bailing out the banksters. The people's government should be funding Main Street, not Wall Street.

The Wall Street investment banksters set the whole crash up as a means to further scam the people of the world. Throw off their evil yoke! Don't be a Tea Party sucker!

Those who are leading the Tea Party (the Koch brothers, et al.) have changed the focus from the Wall Street scammers to the phony deficit issue.

Pay attention. When Roosevelt listen temporarily to the deficit hawks, the economy slipped again. When he went back to what he had been doing before listening to them, the economy started picking up again. That's what's going to happen now.

The economy is going to get worse due to the deficit hawks in Congress and Obama's going along with them rather than fighting for the common people.

FDR fought for the people just enough to keep them from having a total revolution against the powers that be. Think about it. Think about what's going to happen since we don't have an FDR this time.

Well, I said it many, many times. It has to get a whole lot worse before it gets a whole lot better.

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